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Carbide micro end drills.


Emuge has released a line of solid carbide micro end mills for micro machining Making microminiaturized devices using the same manufacturing techniques employed by the semiconductor industry. See MEMS.  metals. The mills have geometrically optimized cutting edges combined with slim, concave Concave

Property that a curve is below a straight line connecting two end points. If the curve falls above the straight line, it is called convex.
 and tapered necks to provide flexible, high-performance milling for materials from hardened steel The term hardened steel is often used for a medium or high carbon steel that has been given the heat treatments of quenching followed by tempering. This is the most common state for finished articles such as tools and machine parts.  to graphite.

The tools have cutting diameters of 0.2 to 2mm, with effective cutting length-to-diameter ratios of 2.2:1, 5:1 and 10:1.

The tools can be used to mill injection moulds, extrusion dies, and electrodes. They can also be used for high-precision surface structuring of macroscopic macroscopic /mac·ro·scop·ic/ (mak?ro-skop´ik) gross (2).

mac·ro·scop·ic or mac·ro·scop·i·cal
1. Large enough to be perceived or examined by the unaided eye.

 components and micromechanical parts production. Emnge, Booth F-2667,
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Title Annotation:IMTS 08 Hall
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Aug 1, 2008
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