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Capitol Hill guide to free food: whoever said "there's no such thing as a free lunch" never worked as a congressional intern. Among the hundreds of receptions held every year, a few annual events hold special appeal for the underpaid, underfed political staffer.

Event: Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party

Sponsor: International Dairy Foods Association

Menu: Ice cream sundaes with Smuckers and Reddi-whip toppings; frozen yogurt; and 5,000 root beer floats

Highlight: Ex-soda jerks turned politicians take turns scooping ice cream

Event: Congressional Pie Reception

Sponsor: National Association of Truck Stop Operators

Menu: Homemade pies trucked in from local truckstops and travel plazas

Highlight: Delicious peach pie without the truck stop ambience

Event: The Hog DogLunch

Sponsor: National Hot Dog and Sausage Council

Menu: "Hot dog and sausage products"

Highlight: Baseball has-beens mingle and munch with the crowd

Event: Congressional Veggie Hot Dog Lunch

Sponsor: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Menu: Vegetarian hot dogs

Highlight: Food served by Playboy Playmates clad in lettuce leaf bikinis

Event: Congressional Soyfoods Luncheon

Sponsor: American Soybean Association

Menu: Soy pasta with high-protein soy sauce, miso chicken with black soybean sauce, and soy smoothies

Highlight: Soy desserts! Lemon-tofu cheesecake and chocolate-dipped tempeh bites
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