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Canada: Per Capita Pork and Beef Consumption to Rise.

March 10 2010 -- Per capita pork consumption in Canada is expected to rise to 23.2kg in 2010 compared to 22.9kg in 2009, the US government has estimated. Furthermore, Canadian beef consumption is expected to show signs of expansion by late 2010.


Of the three major meats, beef, pork and chicken, over the last decade the share of pork in the Canadian per capita meat consumption is the only one that has declined. In 2000, pork represented 32 percent of total consumption and by 2008 it had dropped to 28 percent.

In addition, per capita pork consumption in 2008 declined 4.8 percent from 2007. The pork industry is battling against consumer perceptions that pork is not easy or fast to prepare and lack of perception that pork is a "healthy" meat. Pork has also made limited inroads in the foodservice market.

Furthermore, the expectation is that the 2009 figure will show a further decline, estimated at 22.9 kilograms per person, primarily due to the recession and overall downturn in meat consumption. Uncertainty about the linkage with H1N1 also pushed pork consumption down. With lower prices consumption is forecast to rise slightly in 2010.


Domestic per-capita beef consumption is expected to stabilize and show signs of expansion by late 2010 prompted by the economic recovery and soft prices.

Per capita beef consumption is expected to be 31kg compared to 30kg in 2009. Although total meat consumption has declined with the recession, beef has been the favoured red-meat for consumption given some effect of H1N1 on consumer perceptions of pork although lower pork prices coupled with shoppers seeking increased value puts downward pressure on beef prices.

In 2008, per capita beef consumption declined to 30.32 kilograms carcass weight basis, a 4.7 percent decrease from 31.7 kilograms in 2007 and the fifth decrease in six years. Beef consumption increased moderately in 2003 after the BSE-related market disruption resulted in additional beef supplies on the Canadian market at reduced prices.
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:Mar 10, 2010
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