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When much of the media is controlled by the rich and powerful, it raises the question: what about the little guy? How do ordinary people get themselves heard?

Give them a camcorder, say members of Undercurrents Undercurrents is:
  • Undercurrents (Music, Art & Event Marketing & Promotion Network), a network of regions promoting music, art and events.
  • Undercurrents
, a group of activists making films they think the mainstream media are either missing or don't don't  

1. Contraction of do not.

2. Nonstandard Contraction of does not.

A statement of what should not be done: a list of the dos and don'ts.
 want to cover.

Most of the output is documentary or animation, and concentrates on social and environmental issues - evidence of a factory illegally polluting pol·lute  
tr.v. pol·lut·ed, pol·lut·ing, pol·lutes
1. To make unfit for or harmful to living things, especially by the addition of waste matter. See Synonyms at contaminate.

 a river, for example, or footage from the front line of a protest against genetically modified genetically modified

(of an organism) having DNA which has been altered for the purpose of improvement or correction of defects

genetically modified genetic adj [food etc] →
 crops. "Our main focus is direct action," says Undercurrents' Paul Paul, 1901–64, king of the Hellenes (1947–64), brother and successor of George II. He married (1938) Princess Frederika of Brunswick. During Paul's reign Greece followed a pro-Western policy, and the Cyprus question was temporarily resolved.  O'Connor. "We're not really into films just showing problems. We are more into films about people doing something."

Its most successful piece is probably Evolving Minds, a film by Melissa Gunasena about dealing with mental health problems. It is now used in seminars by the mental-health charity Mind.

Other footage has appeared on television news and in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit Fahr·en·heit
adj. Abbr. F
Of or relating to a temperature scale that registers the freezing point of water as 32°F and the boiling point as 212°F at one atmosphere of pressure.
 9/11, but the main audience comes from the web or screenings at film events and alternative festivals. Increasingly, however, there is demand from the growing network of digital channels such as Chapters TV, the Community Channel and Free Speech TV, which farms out footage to cable channels all over the US. O'Connor estimates that they can reach an audience of 200,000 in this way. Not quite EastEnders - but enough to get you noticed.

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Date:Apr 11, 2006
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