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Calgary Section remained vibrant in 1992.

The Calgary section remains healthy and has had another successful and interesting year. Membership in the Calgary local section currently numbers approximately 340 chemists, chemical engineers and chemical technologists. This represents a modest annual rate of growth and a continuing goal of the executive is to maintain existing membership while attracting new members to the CIC.

Technical Program: A number of interesting and thought-provoking technical presentations were made on topics ranging from "Sense, Nonsense and Science", "The Sense of Smell" and "Beer Brewing" through "The Chemistry of |C.sub.60~ and Other Fullerenes" and "Sulfur Corrosion" to "The Uncertain Atmospheric Laboratory". The technical program also included the section's traditional January Gourmet Dinner and June annual general meeting and barbecue. National Chemistry Week activities included the popular chemistry magic show by Joe Schwarcz. This section sponsored a short course on "Site Decommissioning" in October of this year.

Member Services: In view of the year's gloomy employment outlook for chemists and chemical engineers, a special two evening workshop was offered: Professional Transitions: A Workshop on Occupational Trends. The workshop, aimed at helping members sharpen their job-hunting skills, was very successful and may be repeated in the coming year. The section also initiated an employment network newsletter aimed at providing members with a means of advertising their skills. In addition to circulating this to local members, readers will have noticed that the notices are also being published in ACCN.

Promoting Chemistry: The section has sponsored a number of activities to encourage students to select and commit to the study of chemistry. These include sponsoring a chemistry award at the Calgary Youth Science Fair, sponsoring local high school student training for the Chemistry Olympiad in Vancouver, supporting the University of Calgary's Chemistry Co-op Student Night, supporting University of Calgary chemistry students' travel to the undergraduate chemistry conference in Vancouver, and developing a CIC Chemistry Careers display booth for presentations at local high schools. A number of local members are involved in volunteering for the Calgary Science Network's Science Hot Line, a service providing a link between active scientists and engineers and school teachers at all grade levels.

Professional Status: The section has continued to nominate a number of deserving members for fellowship in the Institute and in six other award categories. In a new venture, many members of the local section have been involved in the creation of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta. The view of the local section executive has been that such a provincial licensing association will be complementary to the activities of the CIC and that the two organizations should work together. To this end, plans for jointly sponsored professional-related events are already underway.

Chemistry in the Third Millennium: On behalf of the Calgary section, Frank Bachelor is working hard to bring a second CIC Congress (CSC and CSChE) to Calgary in the year 2001.
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Title Annotation:Chemical Institute of Canada's Calgary Section
Author:Schramm, Laurier, L.
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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