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Calendar of events.

APRIL 2-6: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE 2009 INSTRUCTIONAL COURSES @ Doubletree Hotel at Corporate Woods in Overland Park, Kansas Overland Park is the second most populous city in the U.S. state of Kansas. It is located in Johnson County, a satellite city of Kansas City, and is near Olathe, Lenexa, Prairie Village and Leawood. In 2006, the estimated population is 167,500. . April 2-4: "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Inhalant inhalant /in·hal·ant/ (in-hal´ant)
1. something meant to be inhaled; see inhalation (def. 3).

2. a class of psychoactive substances whose volatile vapors are subject to abuse.
 Allergies/Sensitivites" with James W. Willoughby, Jr., DO and "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Chemical Sensitivities" Diagnosis and Treatment of Chemical Sensitivities" with Kalpana D. Patel, MD. April 4-6: "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Food Sensitivities" with John H. Boyles, Jr., MD and "Practical Nutrition, IV Nutritio and the New Endocrinology" with Alan McDaniel, MD. CONTACT: 316-684-5500;

APRIL 3-5: FAMILY CONSTELLATION TRAINING SEMINARS with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in New Orleans, Louisiana. This training is both for health care practitioners, students, parents, patients and interested teenagers. This workshop is offered with the intent to create health. Dr. Klinghardt uses a modification of Bert Hellinger's family constellation approach. With this work the most destructive forces in the client's health, life and energy field can be removed. Medical interventions which previously were ineffective suddenly work, fast, miraculously and often with laser-like accuracy. Also, AUGUST 21-23 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; DECEMBER 5-6 in Seattle, Washington. CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology Neurobiology

Study of the development and function of the nervous system, with emphasis on how nerve cells generate and control behavior. The major goal of neurobiology is to explain at the molecular level how nerve cells differentiate and develop their
, 303-499-4700;;

APRIL 4: 21st CENTURY NUTRITION with Drs. Jeannette & George Bimbach in Tacoma, Washington. Also, SEPTEMBER 26 in Coeur DAlene, Idaho; OCTOBER 24 in Seattle, Washington. CEUs available. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699;

APRIL 4-5: SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE ON BOTANICAL MEDICINE in Tempe, Arizona. Keynote speaker: Jim Duke, PhD. Conference topics: Herbs for Healthy Aging; Fibromyalgia-Botanicals vs. Drugs; Nervous System Trophorestoratives; Botanicals for Musculoskeletal Spasm; Medicinal Spices; Vitalist vi·tal·ism  
The theory or doctrine that life processes arise from or contain a nonmaterial vital principle and cannot be explained entirely as physical and chemical phenomena.
 Strategies for Withdrawal from Pharmaceuticals; Case Studies in Cervical Cancer and Varicose Ulcers and much more. Preconference intensive on April 3: Neuroendocrine Regulation with Botanicals. 'Lots of outdoor events. CE credits for health professionals. CONTACT: 800-252-0688;

APRIL 6-23: MOUNT EVEREST BASE CAMP South Base Camp and North Base Camp are rudimentary campsites on Mount Everest that are used by mountain climbers during their ascent and descent of the mountain.

Supplies are carried to the camps using porters and animals.
 TREK WILDERNESS & TRAVEL MEDICINE SEMINAR. 16 Category 1 CMEs available. CONTACT: Bio Bio Expeditions, 800-246-7238;

APRIL 16-19: NEURAL THERAPY A AND NEURAL THERAPY B with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD @ Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle). Dr. Klinghardt teaches how to do injections with procaine procaine (prōkān`), anesthetic drug, commonly called novocaine, that gives prolonged relief from pain (see anesthesia). It is used as a local anesthetic and in rectal and other surgery. It is marketed under the trade name Novocain. . CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

APRIL 17-18: ADVANCED NUTRITION PRINCIPLES, NUTRITIONAL INTERVENTIONS & NUTRACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS IN CLINICAL PRACTICE @ Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Offered by the NutraMetrix Educational Institute. Also, JUNE 12-13 @ Embassy Suites Indianapolis Downtown in Indianapolis, Indiana. CONTACT:

APRIL 17-19: CHARLES MRAZ APITHERAPY COURSE & CONFERENCE--CMACC 2009 @ DoubleTree Guest Suites in Tampa, Florida. Apitherapy training (use of bee sting therapy and all beehive products) and conference of the American Apitherapy Society, Inc. CONTACT: 631-470-9446;

APRIL 17-19: MICHAEL MOORE AND AMERICAN HERBALISM herbalism /her·bal·ism/ (er´-) (her´bal-izm) the medical use of preparations containing only plant material.  in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico For the game show, see .
Truth or Consequences is a spa city in Sierra County, New Mexico, United States, and the county seat of Sierra CountyGR6. As of the 2000 census, the population was 7,289. It is commonly known within New Mexico as T or C.
. Workshops on medicinal plants of the Southwest, the importance of wildcrafting, and a celebration of herbalist herb·al·ist
1. One who grows, collects, or specializes in the use of herbs, especially medicinal herbs.

2. See herb doctor.
 Michael Moore. CONTACT:

APRIL 17-19: NORDIC NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE CONFERENCE in Sigtuna, Sweden. A new, fresh forum which will be the foremost seminar for practitioners of integrated medicine. The theme is food as medicine in general, and macro nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals in particular. CONTACT:; +46 23 792 816

APRIL 17-19: NEURAL THERAPY B WITH A NEURAL THERAPY A REFRESHER COURSE with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle). Advanced injection techniques and treatment of the autonomic ganglia. This course features deeper procaine injections, injections with other selected medications, prolotherapy/sclerotherapy, ART testing for injection site and appropriate medications. Non-invasive alternatives will be discussed and demonstrated for each technique. Also, a discussion on the dental contribution to illness and Dr. Klinghardt's heavy metal detoxification program for the central nervous system. CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

APRIL 18: PERSONALIZED METABOLIC NUTRITION SEMINAR with Sylvie Nalezny, MA, CNE in San Francisco, California “San Francisco” redirects here. For other uses, see San Francisco (disambiguation).

The City and County of San Francisco (EN IPA: [sænfrənˈsɪskoʊ] 
. Teaches health professionals the theory and practice of Dr. Harold J. Kristal's Functional Metabolic Typing nutritional system. By correctly identifying the dominant system (the Oxidative or the Autonomic), as well as the relevant sub-type (Fast or Slow Oxidizer, Sympathetic or Parasympathetic parasympathetic /para·sym·pa·thet·ic/ (-sim?pah-thet´ik) see under system.

Of, relating to, or affecting the parasympathetic nervous system.
), practitioners can recommend a diet and supplement regimen specific to each person's metabolic type. Also, MAY 16 in New Jersey, JULY 11 in Portland, Oregon; SEPTEMBER 12 in Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri. It encompasses parts of Jackson, Clay, Cass, and Platte counties and is the anchor city of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, the second largest in Missouri, which includes counties in both Missouri and Kansas. ; OCTOBER 17 in Los Angeles, California. CONTACT: 800-772-0646; fax 415-257-3519;;

APRIL 18: BIOTICS RESEARCH PRODUCTS AND PROTOCOLS SEMINAR with Gray L. Graham in Honolulu, Hawaii. This seminar will give you the product knowledge and the protocols to efficiently and effectively help your clients overcome their health challenges and restore health. CONTACT: 800-636-6913;

APRIL 18-19: APPLIED KINESIOLOGY BASIC COURSE (Session 7 of 8) with Gary Domby, DC in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle). Participants in the course will learn the entire official ICAK-approved procedures and protocols which include accurate muscle testing, nutritional testing, functional neurological testing, correlation of meridian, musculoskeletal, and nutritional imbalances, and how to precisely locate and effectively treat spinal and extremity subluxations and fixations. Sponsored by Biotics Research NW Inc. CONTACT: 503-543-3195;;

APRIL 19: 8th ANNUAL COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE CONFERENCE: A Holistic Approach to Breast Health at SUNY New Paltz in New Paltz, New York New Paltz is both a village and town in the U.S. state of New York. It is also the location of a University College of the State University of New York system.
  • New Paltz (town), New York
  • New Paltz (village), New York
  • SUNY New Paltz
. Presented by Breast Cancer Options. This conference will focus on treating the whole person addressing the value of mind-body & spirit, food as medicine, nutritional supplements, natural hormones and hormone balance, detoxification, risk reduction, environmental links to cancer, and more. CE Credits offered. $35 & $20 for students/ seniors (lunch included). CONTACT: 845-339-4673;

APRIL 20-NOVEMBER 7: COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING COURSE ON ACUPUNCTURE FOR PHYSICIANS. A 300-credit-hour two phase program consisting of multimedia home study (April 20-June 19), face to face training sessions (June 20 to June 27 in San Francisco, California), post-conference home study (June 28 -October 30), and Phase 2 intensive clinical workshops (October 31 to November 7 in San Francisco, California). You can take one Phase at a time or take both. Sponsored by University of California The University of California has a combined student body of more than 191,000 students, over 1,340,000 living alumni, and a combined systemwide and campus endowment of just over $7.3 billion (8th largest in the United States).  Irvine, School of Medicine; Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine; University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine The Pritzker School of Medicine is the M.D. granting unit of the Biological Sciences Division of the University of Chicago. It is located on the University's main campus in the Hyde Park portion of Chicago proper, and matriculated its first class in 1927. ; Tang Center for Herbal Medicine; Oakstone Medical Publishing; and Academy of Pain Research. CONTACT: 415-731-1330 or 888-882-1330; fax 415-566-1066;;

APRIL 23-25: 17th ANNUAL WORLD CONGRESS ON ANTI-AGING MEDICINE & REGENERATIVE BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES @ Gaylord Palms Hotel & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Topics include MRSA MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. See MARSA.  infections; sunlight and vitamin D; immunization facts and accusations; laser treatments; common sense approach to antibiotics; colloidal silver; botox and fillers. CONTACT: 800-558-1267;;

APRIL 24-26: 53rd ANNUAL NW NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANS CONVENTION @ Hilton Seattle Airport & Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. CONTACT:

New York City

City (pop., 2000: 8,008,278), southeastern New York, at the mouth of the Hudson River. The largest city in the U.S.
, New York . Sponsored by The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation and The New York Academy of Sciences The New York Academy of Sciences is the third oldest scientific society in the United States. An independent, non-profit organization with more than 25,000 members in 140 countries, the Academy’s mission is to advance understanding of science and technology. . CONTACT:

APRIL 29-MAY 3: AMERICAN COLLEGE FOR ADVANCEMENT IN MEDICINE (ACAM) SPRING 2009 EDUCATION SUMMIT-The Detox Evolution" in San Diego, California “San Diego” redirects here. For other uses, see San Diego (disambiguation).
San Diego is a coastal Southern California city located in the southwestern corner of the continental United States. As of 2006, the city has a population of 1,256,951.
. Current topics in environmental medicine as well as cutting-edge therapies, research and innovations within the integrative medicine industry. Up to 17 AMA PRA PRA - PRAgmatics.

The language used by COPS for specification of code generators.

["Metalanguages of the Compiler Production System COPS", J. Borowiec, in GI Fachgesprach "Compiler-Compiler", ed W. Henhapl, Tech Hochs Darmstadt 1978, pp. 122-159].
 Category 1 credits. CONTACT: 949-309-3520;

MAY 1-3: INSTITUTE OF WOMEN'S HEALTH AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE presents MENOPAUSE with Tori Hudson, ND in Portland, Oregon. CONTACT: Karen Hudson, 503-222-2322; fax 503-222-0276;;

MAY 1-3: 38,h ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE TODAY @ Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Canada. Topics include orthomolecular treatments for cancer, autism, behavior, eating disorders, insomnia, functional medicine and more. CONTACT: 416-733-2117;; MAY 4-9: FUNDAMENTALS OF THE ECLECTIC TRIPHASIC MEDICAL SYSTEM (Level 1) in Ashland, Oregon. Presented by Donald R. Yance, CN, RH with Chanchal Cabrera MSc, RH. Training in botanical and nutritional medicine in addressing underlying causes that contribute to age-related decline and all major chronic diseases in neurology, endocrinology, immunology, cardiology with major emphasis in oncology. CONTACT: 541-201-9985;

MAY 8-15: INTERNATIONAL POSTGRADUATE COURSE IN ANTHROPOSOPHIC MEDICINE in Petaluma, California. Practical introduction to anthroposophic medicines and therapies, diagnostics and treatment for practitioners and medical students. CONTACT: A. Landman, MD, 734-930-9462; paamdrscourse@anthroposophy anthroposophy

Philosophy based on the view that the human intellect has the ability to contact spiritual worlds. It was formulated in the early 20th century by Rudolf Steiner and was influenced by theosophy.

MAY 9-10: APPLIED KINESIOLOGY BASIC COURSE (Session 8 of 8) with Gary Domby, DC in Beilevue, Washington (near Seattle). Participants in the course will learn the entire official ICAK-approved procedures and protocols. Sponsored by Biotics Research NW Inc. CONTACT: 503-543-3195;;

MAY 12-15: NORTH AMERICAN RESEARCH CONFERENCE FOR COMPLEMENTARY AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE @ Hilton Minneapolis Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The conference will showcase original scientific complementary, alternative and integrative medical research through five keynote and plenary presentations, oral and poster presentations, and innovative scientific sessions. CONTACT:

MAY 15-16: REGENERATIVE MEDICINE in Beijing, China . Presented by the New York Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Chinese Ministry of Health. CONTACT:

MAY 15-16: INTEGRATIVE AND HOLISTIC NURSING: BRINGING HEALING TO YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS @ Schaetzel Center, Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California. Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine will host a one-of-a-kind CEU program for nurses who are interested in expanding their knowledge in mind-body-spirit healing for themselves and their patients. From prevention and early detection to energy medicine and healthy eating, the attendees will learn about the scientifically validated integrative and complementary approaches that promote health and healing and changes in the health care paradigm. 10% discount for those who use promotional code TL2008 on their registration. CONTACT: 858-652-5400;

MAY 15-17: OZONE THERAPY AND UVB UVB ultraviolet B; see ultraviolet.  THERAPY COURSE with Frank Shailenberger MD, HMD See head mounted display.  in Reno, Nevada. A complete Oxygen/Ozone Therapy course from theory to practical application: (i) Ozone Therapy-biochemistry, immunology, physiology, autohemotherapy, intestinal insufflation insufflation /in·suf·fla·tion/ (-sah-fla´shun)
1. the act of blowing a powder, vapor, or gas into a body cavity.

2. finely powdered or liquid drugs carried into the respiratory passages by such devices as aerosols.
, and all protocols (ii) Prolozone Therapy-ozone injections for back & neck pain, herniated discs, degenerative joints, sciatica sciatica (sīăt`ĭkə), severe pain in the leg along the sciatic nerve and its branches. It may be caused by injury or pressure to the base of the nerve in the lower back, or by metabolic, toxic, or infectious disease. , rotator cuff, and more protocols (iii) Ultraviolet Therapy protocols (iv) Energy and Disease-a complete rationale for using ozone and oxygen. Limited to 35 practitioners. CONTACT: 877-543-3398 (+001 250 654 0092 from overseas);

MAY 30-31: THYROID, ADRENALS AND BLOOD SUGAR with Dr. Janet Lang in Seattle, Washington. 12 CEUs. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699; Tisha@

MAY 30-JUNE 1: MEDICINES FROM THE EARTH HERB SYMPOSIUM in Black Mountain, North parolina (near Asheville). Keynote speaker: Dr. Vasant Lad. Symposium topics include Ayurvedic Rejuvenation; Osteoporosis-Beyond Calcium and Vitamin D; Early Botanical Intervention in Declining Cognition; Use of Herbal Anti-inflammatories; Psychoactive Botanicals; Weaning Patients from Hypertensive Medications, Health Maintenance for an Aging Population and much more. Herb walks, medicine making and food preparation demonstrations-Preconference intensive May 29: Women and Natural Medicine-Consciousness and Science with Amanda McQuade Crawford Amanda McQuade Crawford, B.A., MNIMH is an herbalist, and teacher. She received her BA in Medieval History from Vassar College, but later went to England where she could study herbal medicine in a depth that was not possible in the United States where herbal medicine had no legal status. . CE credits for health professionals. CONTACT: 800-252-0688;

MAY 31-DECEMBER 15: COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING COURSE ON HERBAL MEDICINE FOR PHYSICIANS- A 330 credit hour course on the essentials of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese herbal medicine

see herbal medicine.
 consisting of multimedia home study (May 31 to September 25), practical sessions (September 26 to October 3 in San Francisco, California), and post-conference home study (October 4 to December 15). Sponsored by University of California Irvine, School of Medicine; Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine; University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine; Tang Center for Herbal Medicine; Institute for Medical Studies; and Academy of Pain Research. CONTACT: 415-731-1330 or 888-882-1330; fax 415-566-1066;;

JUNE 5-7: PERSONALIZED MEDICINE IN FORM AND FUNCTION: HOW TO USE EPIGENETICS AND POLYMORPHISMS TO DESIGN THE OPTIMIZED DIET FOR YOUR PATIENTS in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Institute for Human Individuality presents a weekend intensive seminar with naturopathic physician, scientist and author, Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. This seminar provides training in personalized nutrition determination using blood grouping, secretor secretor /se·cre·tor/ (se-kre´ter)
1. in genetics, one who secretes the ABH antigens of the ABO blood group in the saliva and other body fluids.

2. the gene determining this trait.
 status, epigenetic epigenetic /epi·ge·net·ic/ (-je-net´ik)
1. pertaining to epigenesis.

2. altering the activity of genes without changing their structure.
 indicators, dermatoglyphics and biometrics. Extensive overview of the latest clinical and laboratory techniques, information systems and pharmacology. Certification will also be offered. CMEs may be available. CONTACT: 877-226-8973 or 203-761-0042;;

JUNE 6-7: NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING with Paul Rosen, DC in Boise, Idaho. 12 CEUs. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699;

JUNE 11-14: AMERICAN HOLISTIC NURSES ASSOCIATION 29th ANNUAL CONFERENCE-Reflective Practice: Creating Sacred Space in Madison, Wisconsin. CONTACT:

JUNE 19-21: AUTONOMIC RESPONSE TESTING II with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in Bellevue Washington (near Seattle). ART I introduced ways of diagnosing and treating the extra-cellular space: the group system. In ART II we will introduce sound methods to diagnose and treat the intracellular environment. Learn how to use muscle testing to detect chronic viral, fungal, mycoplasmal infections, Lyme disease and other microorganisms. You will also learn treatment protocols for cancer, chronic fatigue, MS, FMS FMS - Flexible Manufacturing System (factory automation).  and other chronic diseases. Learn to use ART to select the most appropriate and best tolerated medication-including diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for toxic metals and xenobiotics. CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

JUNE 25-28: 27TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MAN AND HIS ENVIRONMENT-Nutritional and Environmental Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease in Dallas, Texas. This event is jointly sponsored by the American Environmental Health Foundation and the University of North Texas Health Science Center. 24 Category 1 Credits PRA/ AMA; 2A credits, ADA; 28.8 Type 1 Contact Hours, TNA/ANNCC (subject to change) CONTACT: 800-428-2343 or 214-361-9515;

) 19TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE--Scared Synthesis: Science with Heart @ The Westin-Westminster in Westminster, Colorado (between Denver & Boulder). An open forum for scientific and intuitive exploration of integrative healing, applied spirituality and the subtle realms. CONTACT: 303-425-4625; info@issseem. org;

JULY 8-12: 35th ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE NORTH AMERICAN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY -2009 VEGETARIAN SUMMERFEST in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Cutting edge educational sessions and great natural-food vegan meals. CONTACT: 518-568-7970;


JULY 17-19: COLORADO INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE CONFERENCE--FOCUS ON MIND-BODY MEDICINE in Estes Park, Colorado Estes Park is a town in Larimer County, Colorado (USA) on the Big Thompson River. The population was 5,413 at the 2000 census. As of a 2006 census estimate, the population has risen to 6,006. . Keynote Speaker: James S. Gordon, MD, Founder and Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Cutting edge psychotherapies, tools for dealing with trauma/stress/pain, biofeedback, HeartMath, and other workshops. CONTACT: 970-310-3030;

JULY 17-19: INSTITUTE OF WOMEN'S HEALTH AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE presents PRIMARY CARE FOR WOMEN with Tori Hudson, ND in Portland, Oregon. CONTACT: Karen Hudson, 503-222-2322; " fax 503-222-0276; karenh@;

JULY 21-24: AMERICAN BIOLOGICS' 21st INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM--INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE @ Kempinski Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. Limited Space Available. CONTACT: American Biologies, 800-227-4473 or 619-429-8200

JULY 24: QUANTUM MEDICINE @ Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada (part of the 28th ANMA anma (än·mä),
n traditional Japanese massage.
 Convention). Discover the latest breakthroughs in Quantum Medicine that reveal the answers to hidden and underlying causes of common, challenging clinical problems. Pre-register BEFORE MAY 1 and get the 6th edition of Quantum Medicine (e-book) by Dr. Paul Yanick and save $600 on seminar registration. CONTACT: fax 386-663-9075; JULY 24-26: 28th ANNUAL AMERICAN NATUROPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION CONVENTION AND EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR @ Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. ANMA is North America's largest naturopathic medical association. Offers a wide range of topics and products to interest the naturopathic physician and other natural health care practitioners. 23 hours of continuing education. Certification exams offered by ANMCB, ANCB, and AAQM. CEUs available. CONTACT: ANMA, P.O. Box 96273, Las Vegas, Nevada 89193; 702-897-7053;

JULY 25-26: NW HERB FEST @ Wise Acres Herbal Educational Center in Pleasant Hill, Oregon Pleasant Hill is an unincorporated community in Lane County, Oregon, United States. As of the 1990 census, Pleasant Hill had a total population of 2,218. Pleasant Hill was the site of the first white settlement in Lane County when Elijah Bristow settled there in 1846. . Advanced classes such as Epigenetics & Herbal Medicine, Botanical Prevention & Adjuvant Treatment of Malignancy, Treatment of Musculo-Skeletal & Nerve Pain, and Black Salve. CE available for some professions. CONTACT: 541-736-0164;;

JULY 30- AUGUST 1: AROMATHERAPY, CLINICAL PHYTOTHERAPY & ENDOBIOGENIE RETREAT & TRADE SHOW @ Snowbird Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah For ships of the United States Navy of the same name, see .
Salt Lake City is the capital and the most populous city of the U.S. state of Utah. The name of the city is often shortened to Salt Lake, or its initials, S.L.C.
. Sponsored by the Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center. Featuring Mark Blumenthal; Mindy Green, RH; Jean Claude Lapraz, MD; Jean Bokelmann, MD; Kamyar Hedayat, MD; John Black. CONTACT: Belen, 208-478-8400 or 877-470-8400;

AUGUST 3-8: WEEKLONG RETREAT FOR PRACTITIONERS with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in North Seattle, Washington. This 6-day retreat is a time to experience and get a deeper understanding of Dr. Klinghardt's holistic method of true psychosomatic medicine: the "5 Levels of Healing." In this workshop we will address all 5 levels. Neural therapy, Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, Heavy Metal Detoxification and Treatment of Chronic Infections will be included. This week-long retreat is limited to seasoned students of Dr. Klinghardt. CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

AUGUST 28-30: AUTONOMIC RESPONSE TESTING III with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle). Dr. Klinghardt will reveal advanced techniques in bio-energetic testing using techniques that have been developed over the last four years at his private clinic and at his research institute in Germany. The focus of this training is on the biophoton field and the detection of perturbances in the field, their meaning and the most effective and least invasive ways to correct them. The seminar will include the application of autonomic response testing (ART) in anti-aging medicine (biological hormonal and metabolic balancing), dentistry and orthopedics. Learn the most accurate diagnostic procedures for the jaw and teeth, and the latest advances in treating Lyme disease. Dr. Klinghardt will also venture into the more mystical areas of healing and teach how to successfully address deep-seated psychological and spiritual problems. CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

SEPTEMBER 12-13: VITAMINS with Dr. Michael Dobbins in Seattle, Washington. 12 CEUs. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699; Tisha@phytovita.


SEPTEMBER 19: POWER OF PURIFICATION with Dr. Holly Carling in Boise, Idaho. Also, NOVEMBER 14 in Portland, Oregon. CEUs available. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699;


Ashland, Oregon. Presented by Donald R. Yance, CN. RH with Chanchal Cabrera MSc, RH. CONTACT: 541-201-9985;


OCTOBER 3-4: CONTACT REFLEX ANALYSIS with Dick Versendahl, DC in Vancouver, Washington. Contact Reflex Analysis is an analytical, healthcare methodology whereby the CRA See Community Reinvestment Act.  practitioner evaluates his or her patient's overall health status by systematic "energetic" testing. CONTACT: 806-863-5448

OCTOBER 3-4: VACCINATIONS, IMMUNE SUPPORT AND RESPIRATORY HEALTH WITH CHRONIC CONDITIONS with Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN (Content Delivery Network) A system of distributed content on a large intranet or the public Internet in which copies of content are replicated and cached throughout the network.  in Portland, Oregon. 12 CEUs. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699;

OCTOBER 9-11: LYME AND OTHER CHRONIC ILLNESSES in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle). Taught by Dietrich Klinghardt and guest speakers. Lyme disease, chronic mycoplasma infections, herpes and other modern illnesses affect us in multiple ways and are often the cause of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many other illnesses. In this seminar we will focus on the solutions: What are the relevant diagnostic tests and strategies available to measure the body burden of toxins? Which detoxification strategies are safe, effective, reliable and affordable? What can we do to change and improve the future of our lives as we hope to live it? CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

OCTOBER 10-11: FOUNDATIONS OF FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION SEMINAR (Part 1) with Gray L. Graham, in Federal Way, Washington Federal Way is a city in King County, Washington, United States. Federal Way is considered a bedroom community by some people and is located between Seattle and Tacoma. Its western boundary is Puget Sound. . Up to 16 CE credits. This seminar is considered by many to be the ultimate system for integrating nutrition into a wellness practice. Using functional assessment tools, lingual neuro testing, and the all new Nutri-Q software system, you will learn a complete office protocol. Part I includes digestion, mineral balance, hydration, essential fatty acid
    Essential fatty acids, or EFAs, are fatty acids that cannot be constructed within an organism from other components (generally all references are to humans) by any known chemical pathways; and therefore must be obtained from the diet.
     balance, and blood sugar handling. Also, NOVEMBER 7-8 in Vancouver, Washington. CONTACT: 800-636-6913;

    OCTOBER 17: MAKING NUTRITION WORK with Dr. Holly Carling in Anchorage, Alaska. 8 CEUs. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699; Tisha@phytovita. com

    OCTOBER 21-24: 9th COOLEY'S ANEMIA SYMPOSIUM in New York City, New York. This symposium will integrate basic science and clinical research so that both bench researchers and clinicians can develop a mutual understanding of recent progress in thalassemia Thalassemia Definition

    Thalassemia describes a group of inherited disorders characterized by reduced or absent amounts of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein inside the red blood cells.
    . CONTACT:

    OCTOBER 23-25: INSTITUTE OF WOMEN'S HEALTH AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE presents SPECIAL TOPICS with Tori Hudson. ND in Portland, Oregon. CONTACT: Karen Hudson, 503-222-2322; fax 503-222-0276; karenh@instituteofwomenshealth. com;

    OCTOBER 23-25: ADVANCED ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY TECHNIQUES, with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle). Learn three simple, practical and yet powerful tools: Genogram development and its practical application, Bert Heilinger's systemic psychology and constellation work. Dr. Klinghardt's psychokinesiology and brief healing visualizations. We will explore specifics in the treatment of developmental childhood disorders (autism, seizures, dyslexia etc), cancer, chronic fatigue, MCS and chronic pain. There will be many demonstrations, time for hands-on practice and presentation of case studies. CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

    OCTOBER 24: 21st CENTURY NUTRITION: Phase II with Drs. Jeannette & George Birnbach in Seattle, Washington, 12 CEUs. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699;


    NOVEMBER 7 & 10: FALL 2009 SOUTHWEST COLLEGE OF NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE'S NATUROPATHIC DISCOVERY DAY in Tempe, Arizona. An opportunity to learn more about naturopathic medicine and SCNM's program for prospective students, patients, health care practitioners, and health food industry professional. Free. CONTACT: 480-858-9100 or 888-882-7266;

    DECEMBER 5: THE ESSENTIALS OF NUTRITIONAL THERAPY with Dr. Jay Robbins in Olympfa, Washington. 8 CEUs. CONTACT: Tisha, 800-292-6699;

    DECEMBER 11-13: MATRIX THERAPY AND NEURAL THERAPY WITHOUT NEEDLES with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle). What are practical solutions for all of us bombarded daily by chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals like mercury, other toxins, microbes, parasites, viruses, fungi, electromagnetic radiation, microwaves, and more? This workshop focuses on the latest international advances in Energy Medicine, the physics of the body and specific devices that have the potential to accelerate healing. The workshop will also cover solutions for issues of Electrosmog, which greatly disturbs brain function, immune system function and more. CONTACT: Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, 303-499-4700;;

    JANUARY: FOUNDATIONS OF FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION SEMINAR (Part II) with Gray L. Graham in Olympia, Washington. This seminar is considered by many to be the ultimate system for integrating nutrition into a wellness practice. Part II includes cardiovascular/maintenance care nutrition, immune and allergies, and endocrine/female hormone dysfunction. CONTACT: 800-636-6913;
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