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 IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Top executives of eight corporations announced today they have come together in the newly formed company Gemtec to compete for the Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) five-year, $5 billion consolidated contract to be awarded next year.
 The announcement was made at a community meeting here attended by the executives. The executives represent leading firms in technology development and transfer, environmental remediation and waste management, and government-facility management and operations. Four of the firms, previously announced, are based in Idaho or already have a strong presence in the state.
 Joseph J. Buggy, Gemtec's lead executive, introduced each of the corporate executives, including Michael H. Jordan, chairman of Westinghouse Electric Corporation (NYSE: WX); William J. Agee, chairman of Morrison Knudsen Corporation (MK) (NYSE: MRN); Harold L. Yoh, chairman of Day & Zimmermann, Inc.; Dan R. Bannister, president of DynCorp; William J. Marrazzo, president of Roy F. Weston, Inc.; Larry J. Ybarrondo, president of Scientech, Inc.; Paul J. Jorgensen, chief operating officer of SRI International; and Robert A. Savoie, president of Integrated Resources Group, Inc.
 In introducing the executives, Buggy said that Gemtec has assembled the best possible team for managing the 890-square-mile INEL site to meet the new goals set forth by the Department of Energy.
 "There is no doubt that we have the best team possible for safely and cost-effectively running the INEL and for accomplishing the new mission the Department of Energy has planned for it in terms of technology development and transfer to the private sector," he said. "We have carefully selected companies whose capabilities, commitment and cultures will provide the optimal blend the DOE is seeking to take the INEL from its Cold War mission into the 21st century."
 Jordan said his company is committed to Gemtec because the redefined mission at the site will require a new approach to managing and operating there. Westinghouse is the world's foremost nuclear engineering firm and is a leader in the development of advanced products and services for industrial, commercial and governmental applications. It also owns Scientific Ecology Group, the nation's premier low-level radioactive waste processor, which is also a member of the Gemtec team.
 "Secretary O'Leary is looking for a new spirit of innovation and cooperation with the private sector to cost-effectively manage the facility and efficiently transfer new technology to the public," Jordan said. "This requires a hybrid team approach. That's why we've joined with these other firms to form Gemtec -- a new company that will incorporate the best of Westinghouse's nuclear, environmental and government facilities experience with others who can complement our capabilities, including small companies with entrepreneurial approaches not associated with mature corporations."
 Agee said his company is committed to the Gemtec team because the project reflects the best interests of Idaho and the nation. MK is a Boise, Idaho-based engineering, construction and environmental services company that is designing and implementing an environmental remediation program at the site.
 MK has been a primary contractor at the INEL since 1979.
 "As a native Idahoan, I know how important INEL is to the state's economic health," said Agee. "Morrison Knudsen's remediation program at the site reflects our long-term commitment to the environment.
 "The Gemtec team has very strong ties to Idaho in a number of ways and has its interests at heart. We are ideally suited for transferring INEL technologies to enhance U.S. competitiveness -- a DOE goal and an issue in which we at Morrison Knudsen have been very interested during recent years."
 Ybarrondo, of Scientech, a fast-growing Idaho Falls firm, said his company brings to the team exceptional engineering services with particular expertise in nuclear and industrial safety, environmental services, risk management and systems engineering needed at the DOE site.
 "We joined Gemtec because it so well reflects innovation and entrepreneurial values, and that's what we're about at Scientech," he said. "Scientech was founded in Idaho Falls and is employee-owned. Many of us, including me, were either born and raised in Idaho or have lived here for decades. A number of Scientech's employees have spent many years working at the INEL, which we believe has been a keys?et to the state of Idaho and can be a continuing one in the future."
 Bannister said, "I was particularly impressed by the INEL request for proposal because it is so entrepreneurial in its spirit," he said. "It links the INEL with U.S. industry and industrial competitiveness. That's the kind of visionary thinking we have tried to bring to DynCorp and I can commit to wholeheartedly for the INEL." DynCorp, which is headquartered in Reston, Va., has special expertise in logistics and site support, advanced information processing and networking, and technology transfer.
 As chief operating officer of SRI International, Jorgensen leads one of the largest contract research and consulting firms in the country. He said SRI will bring technology transfer, commercialization and economic development skills to the team to benefit both the INEL and the DOE.
 "This is an exciting challenge to SRI and it closely ties in with our own charter, which is to use our science, technology and knowledge to better society at home and abroad," he said. "We look forward to working in Gemtec as an opportunity to improve national competitiveness and stimulate economic growth and diversity both in Idaho and the United States."
 Yoh, of Day & Zimmermann, Inc., whose PTI division is the current security contractor at the INEL, said, "As the highest-rated contractor on site, we wanted to join with companies that share our values to bring Day & Zimmermann's broader capabilities to strengthen and grow the INEL and the economy of eastern Idaho." Day & Zimmermann is a privately owned engineering consulting, manufacturing and services firm that provides a wide range of technical and professional services to business and industry, institutions, utilities, and government.
 Marrazzo said he is personally committed to bringing his firm's pioneering environmental track record to the Gemtec challenge.
 "Our participation has become a corporate priority that captures the collective excitement, enthusiasm and dedication of our 3,000 people across the country," he said. "We are eager to integrate our multidisciplinary environmental skills and technologies into innovative team-driven contributions that will energize and maximize our nation's industrial competitiveness." Marrazzo's company specializes in nuclear and hazardous waste management and technology development, geosciences engineering, and analytical laboratory services.
 Savoie said that he and his company are solidly committed to the future of the INEL. Integrated Resources specializes in several fields, including strategic planning, regulatory compliance assessments and public outreach.
 "I am personally committed to helping develop the INEL as a leading facility for the U.S. government and for private industry in the fields of science and engineering. I am also committed to developing a close interactive relationship between Gemtec and all INEL stakeholders that is based on confidence, trust and mutual understanding. As a Gemtec team member, IRG will dedicate its finest resources to ensure the INEL remains an internationally acclaimed laboratory," he said.
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