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 GOLDEN, Colo., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Through its Pure Water 2000 program and Clear Creek Watershed Improvement Initiative (CCWIIN), Coors Brewing Co. today announced participation in a unique partnership effort with an array of state and federal agencies, local governments and citizen groups to improve water quality and stream habitat in the Clear Creek basin.
 Coors has committed $80,000 in funding as well as significant in- kind services such as technical expertise and project coordination for a series of Clear Creek habitat restoration and protection efforts. Key partners in the projects include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Department of Transportation, Colorado Department of Health, Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Clear Creek County, Adams County and the city of Idaho Springs.
 "Environmental responsibility means helping to take care of your backyard resources," said Peter Coors, chief executive officer, Coors Brewing Co. "Clear Creek not only runs through our brewery property, but is a vital water resource for the Denver metro area. It's up to everyone in the watershed to work together in an effort to restore and improve this important resource."
 Clear Creek partnership projects under way or planned include:
 -- Clear Creek County creek path, including stream access for the
 physically challenged and stream habitat improvement work. The
 path will provide nonmotorized travel and recreation between
 Bakerville and the Loveland ski areas.
 -- Stabilization of mine tailings adjacent to Clear Creek below the
 McClelland Tunnel near the town of Dumont. The tailings are a
 source of heavy metals that erode into the creek degrading water
 quality and limiting the creek's aquatic life, including fish
 -- Urban stream restoration in Adams County near Clear Creek's
 confluence with the South Platte River.
 -- Stream bank stabilization and stream restoration near the Argo
 Tunnel at Idaho Springs. In addition, Coors will continue to
 underwrite the publication of a Clear Creek watershed newsletter
 that details projects and volunteer opportunities occurring
 within the basin.
 "Coors is to be commended for its support and involvement in the efforts to restore Clear Creek," said Max Dodson, director, Water Management Division, EPA Region VIII. "Watershed initiatives like those on Clear Creek serve as models of how federal, state, local and private programs can work together in innovative ways to enhance the future of river basins."
 Historical uses of Clear Creek, including gold mining, stream channelization, road building and water diversions have had significant adverse effects on the creek's water quality, water quantity and instream and riparian habitat.
 Coors announced a commitment to Clear Creek in 1991, and through its CCWIIN efforts has worked to maintain a leadership role in the coalition that aims to protect and restore the watershed. Over the past year, the ground swell of interest in improving Clear Creek culminated in the Clear Creek Watershed Forum held in Golden in June, where about 100 participants, including Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, met to discuss the problems and opportunities within the watershed. A follow-up forum will be held Oct. 15 at the Jefferson County Administration Building.
 Coors Pure Water 2000 is a national, grass roots campaign designed to help preserve, protect and clean up America's water resources. To date, Coors Pure Water 2000 has provided nearly $2 million of funding to more than 700 water protection and education projects.
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