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CNET Networks Re-launches ZDNet with Enterprise Buyer-Driven Content and Marketing Solutions.

Business Editors/High-Tech Writers


Using New Proprietary Market Intelligence Feature, ZDNet

Adapts Content to Address Shifting Priorities of Information

Technology Decision Makers

CNET (body) CNET - Centre national d'Etudes des Telecommunications. The French national telecommunications research centre at Lannion.  Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:CNET), the leading global media company informing and connecting the buyers, users, and sellers of technology, today announced the re-launch of its ZDNet Web site ( ZDNet's new enterprise editorial features and marketing solutions are designed to make the technology buying process more efficient and effective than ever for the millions of business decision makers who regularly use the site.

In the last five years, media consumption has shifted radically to the Internet Internet

Publicly accessible computer network connecting many smaller networks from around the world. It grew out of a U.S. Defense Department program called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), established in 1969 with connections between computers at the
. Today, 63 percent of business technology influencers use the Internet for computer-related information, whereas only 34 percent use technology magazines.(1) As these buyers evaluate their high-stakes decisions, no resource serves them better than the Internet, where they can easily find the up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minĀ·ute
Constituting or including the very latest information: an up-to-the-minute news bulletin.

 information, dig deeply into the topics that interest them most, and identify and establish relationships with the companies that can best serve them.

"CNET Networks is using the power of the Internet to redefine Verb 1. redefine - give a new or different definition to; "She redefined his duties"
define, delimit, delimitate, delineate, specify - determine the essential quality of

 media's role in forging relationships between technology companies and the professionals responsible for making critical buying decisions," said Barry Briggs Barry Briggs MBE (born 30 December 1934) from Christchurch, New Zealand is a former Speedway rider.

He won the World Individual title four times - in 1957, 1958, 1964 and 1966[1].
, CNET Networks' chief operating officer Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The officer of a firm responsible for day-to-day management, usually the president or an executive vice-president.
. "Our goal is to give these buyers all the tools they need to make more informed and effective decisions in less time."

In addition to its new look and feel, the most significant changes to the new ZDNet site include "IT Priorities" and the "Power Center." IT Priorities is a proprietary market intelligence program and monthly report that combines user survey information with audience behavior tracking across CNET Networks' enterprise Web sites, which also include,, and TechRepublic TechRepublic is a technology news site run by CNET Networks, and is led by Stephen Howard-Sarin, vice-president of CNET.[1]

TechRepublic's news articles are targeted towards professionals in the IT sector.[2] References

. IT Priorities ensures that the content on ZDNet's site and related newsletters is aligned in real-time 1. real-time - Describes an application which requires a program to respond to stimuli within some small upper limit of response time (typically milli- or microseconds). Process control at a chemical plant is the classic example.  with the core issues driving the decisions of IT professionals within medium to large-sized businesses.

ZDNet's Power Center is the most comprehensive of the marketing solutions now available across CNET Networks' enterprise Web sites. Designed to reflect the utility of the editorial content on these sites, Power Centers are company-sponsored content areas that can be accessed from several locations on the ZDNet site, including a prominent button on the front door. Content included in a Power Center ranges from highly interactive "engagement marketing" programs such as Webcasts, to resources such as whitepapers and case studies. Sybase (Sybase Inc., Dublin, CA, A software company founded in 1984 that specializes in enterprise infrastructure and integration of platforms, databases and applications.  is one of three top enterprise marketers to leverage the new unit.

"Sybase customers rely on our solutions to attain maximum value from their data assets by getting the right information to the right people at the right time," said Pamela Pamela

sweet maidservant who chastely repels disgraceful advances, marries her aristocratic pursuer, and attempts to reform him. [Br. Lit.: Richardson Pamela]

See : Virtuousness
 George George, river, c.345 mi (560 km) long, rising in a lake on the Quebec-Labrador boundary, E Canada. It flows N through Indian Lake (125 sq mi/324 sq km) to Ungava Bay (an arm of Hudson Strait). , senior vice president, Corporate Marketing, Sybase. "ZDNet's Power Center program reflects that business model perfectly, and will help us to more effectively engage in a dialogue with our prospects and offer relevant product information and advice."

Other ZDNet Content Features

Changes to ZDNet also include ZDNet's Tech Update ( and IT Radar. Tech Update is a repository (1) A database of information about applications software that includes author, data elements, inputs, processes, outputs and interrelationships. A repository is used in a CASE or application development system in order to identify objects and business rules for reuse.  of enterprise content and services organized around the proprietary IT Priorities research program. IT Radar, featured on the front door of Tech Update, is a data-driven graphical map that gives a visual snapshot (1) A saved copy of memory including the contents of all memory bytes, hardware registers and status indicators. It is periodically taken in order to restore the system in the event of failure.

(2) A saved copy of a file before it is updated.
 of current enterprise IT Priorities, such as Web services (1) Loosely, any online service delivered over the Web. Such usage appears in articles from non-technical sources, but not in IT-oriented publications, because definition #2 below describes the correct use of the term. , networking upgrades, and enterprise application integration.

Additional Enterprise Marketing Programs

In addition to ZDNet's Power Center, CNET Networks offers a range of engagement marketing programs that combine a depth of product and company information with a level of interactivity that empowers IT professionals to dialogue freely with the people and businesses that can help them make the smartest decisions. Examples include:
-- Interactive Webcasts -- in-depth streaming video seminars that offer strategies, solutions, and case studies to help IT professionals solve their most pressing technology challenges. CNET Networks uses a unique recruitment method to ensure that a qualified, interested audience attends, and marketers are connected directly with participants for follow-up. Webcast are typically generated by CNET Networks editorial and sponsored by the marketer, although CNET Networks uses its recruitment method to market non-editorial vendor Webcasts as well. Leading technology marketers, including Fujitsu and Computer Associates, have had success using the Webcast programs, which are archived in a searchable directory on ZDNet casts/.

-- Sponsored research -- working with CNET Networks' seasoned research team, companies can commission customer research that allows them to interact with their target user base of IT professionals, gathering real-world data that helps them reduce product development costs, test product features, or target their marketing campaigns.

CNET Networks' resource tools allow marketers to reach IT professionals and business decision makers with information that helps them make their decisions as they learn and investigate through stages of the purchase process. Examples include:

-- Whitepapers -- an in-depth in-depth
Detailed; thorough: an in-depth study.


detailed or thorough: an in-depth analysis

 report written by a sponsor that

profiles an industry problem, a company, or a company's

products and services. Marketers can work with CNET Networks

to have their whitepapers promoted in CNET Networks'

directory,, which lists more than 30,000

whitepapers and has an active registered user base of more

than 350,000.

-- Targeted E-mail Newsletters -- CNET Networks' e-mail

newsletters cover high-priority topics for IT professionals,

ranging from networking solutions to enterprise software.

Subscribers have specifically requested this information,

giving marketers an ideal opportunity to reach key segments of

ZDNet's valuable user base in a very contextually relevant

way. ZDNet currently offers 8 e-mail newsletters, which

complement CNET Networks' strong portfolio of over 75

enterprise-focused e-mail newsletters.

Marketers interested in learning more about or participating in CNET Networks' Enterprise Marketing programs should call Elizabeth Harz at 646/472-3939 or e-mail

About CNET Networks, Inc.

CNET Networks, Inc. ( is the leading global media company informing and connecting the buyers, users and sellers of technology. By combining an in-depth knowledge of the technology industry with the power of technology itself, the company offers the most dynamic, relevant, and innovative media-based marketplace for technology around the world. CNET Networks' product portfolio includes top brands CNET, ZDNet, TechRepublic,,, GameSpot,, and mySimon, as well as Computer Shopper Computer Shopper could referr to the following publications:
  • Computer Shopper (UK magazine) - a home computer magazine published in the United Kingdom
  • Computer Shopper (US magazine) - a home computer magazine published in the United States
 magazine, and CNET Channel. With a strong presence in the US, Asia and Europe, CNET Networks has operations in 16 countries.

(1) 2002 Millward Brown Millward Brown is a market research company,[2] with its headquarters based in the UK. Millward Brown was the first company to provide continuous tracking studies, and has researched more ads and more brands than any other research company.  IntelliQuest CIMS CIMS Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (New York University)
CIMS Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (Rochester Institute of Technology)
CIMS Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry
 v9 Business Study
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