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 HIGHLAND PARK, Mich., Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Chrysler Corporation (NYSE: C) sold 162,910 vehicles in October, a 9-percent increase from October 1992 and the best October sales performance in five years. It was the 21st consecutive monthly increase, measured year to year.
 "The big news for October is the continued growth of our more profitable retail sales over daily rental and commercial fleet sales," said Theodor R. Cunningham, Executive Vice President -- Sales and Marketing and General Manager -- Minivan Operations. "Retail sales in October were the best they've been in seven years. We're fortunate, as the economy slowly comes around, to have the kind of high-value products people want to buy, and are willing to buy, without a lot of added incentives. And now, we're beginning to see the new Dodge Ram truck sales begin to build, with sales for October already nearly 1,000 units ahead of plan," Cunningham said.
 Total car sales for October were 68,514 -- a 13-percent improvement over last year, and the 12th consecutive monthly increase, year to year.
 It was the best monthly performance to date for Chrysler's mid-size sedans, led by Dodge Intrepid with sales of 8,598. Sales of the newest full-size entries -- Chrysler New Yorker and Chrysler LHS -- continued to climb, with New Yorker posting a 52-percent increase over the previous month and LHS sales rising 27 percent. But the October records once again belonged to the ever-popular Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance, with combined sales of 17,205.
 Chrysler trucks hit their ninth consecutive monthly record on sales of 94,396 units -- a 6-percent increase over October 1992. It was the 13th time in the last 14 months that a new truck record has been set, and the 27th consecutive monthly increase, year to year.
 Dodge Ram light truck sales, spurred by the introduction of the all- new 1994 Ram, shot up 49 percent over October 1992 to 9,776 units. Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee enjoyed its best month ever with sales of 22,685, helping to push the Jeep-Eagle Division to its 14th consecutive monthly sales record. Other leaders included Jeep Wrangler with sales of 5,207 and Chrysler Town & Country with sales of 2,469 -- both of which were new October records.
 Total Cars
 1993 1992 Percent Change
 October 1 - 31 68,514 63,127 +12.7
 Jan. 1 - October 31 706,445 557,178 +27.8
 Domestic Cars
 October 1 - 31 64,233 57,529 +15.9
 Jan. 1 - October 31 643,857 505,506 +28.4
 Total Trucks
 October 1 - 31 94,396 92,430 + 6.1
 Jan. 1 - October 31 1,013,927 854,641 +19.6
 Domestic Trucks
 October 1 - 31 94,340 91,848 + 6.7
 Jan. 1 - October 31 1,012,359 850,108 +20.0
 Total Vehicles
 October 1 - 31 162,910 155,557 +8.8
 Jan. 1 - October 31 1,720,372 1,411,819 +22.8
 Selling Days
 October 1 - 31 26 27
 Jan. 1 - October 31 256 258
 All changes are computed on a daily rate basis.
 -0- 11/3/93
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Date:Nov 3, 1993

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