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 Combines Canon-Brand Quality and Value with Ready-to-Go Power
 COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Canon Computer Systems, Inc., (CCSI) today unveiled its new high-performance Innova line of lightweight, ultra-slim notebook personal computers configured for the small business and home office (SOHO) markets.
 All three new Windows-compatible Innova notebook models feature 486 Intel processors, advanced power management and a popular built-in trackball design. Entry level models are available with a passive monochrome or dual scan color screen while the higher-end performance offering includes an active matrix color screen and two PCMCIA Type II card slots. A software suite valued at $475 (MSRP) is pre-installed for easy set-up and immediate productivity.
 "Our new notebook line meets the market's demand for 486 processing power and color screens," said Ron Okamoto, CCSI's director of PC marketing. "At the same time, we've satisfied our dealer and SOHO customer requirements for high value and complete product solutions."
 Also CCSI announced today the introduction of nine new desktop models in the Innova line of Canon-brand personal computers.
 Advanced Performance in Ultra-Slim, Easy-to-Upgrade Design
 The powerful Canon Innova notebooks weigh in at an easy-to-tote 7.2 pounds or less (including batteries), yet are feature-packed into a slender 2-inch profile. With full size 9.5-inch screens, 4MB of RAM standard and a built-in graphics accelerator, CCSI's Innova notebooks are perfect for today's memory-intensive graphical user interfaces found in the popular Windows-operating system and applications.
 CCSI's new notebooks offer desktop performance in a mobile package. A removable keyboard cover allows for easy hardware expansion and simplifies user-installed memory upgrades. Also, an innovative FLASH BIOS feature makes future ROM upgrades convenient and quick by loading new instructions from a software diskette rather than requiring a hardware change.
 CCSI's simultaneous external display video interface, Simulscan, enables an external 1024 by 768 resolution monitor and the notebook's LCD screen be used at the same time, an important feature when making presentations to groups. Four hours of battery life and a fast hard disk drive with 120 MB of storage and 16ms access time deliver the advanced features offered in CCSI's new notebooks.
 User-Friendly from Start to Finish
 Right from the box, CCSI's Innova notebooks are ready-to-use, even for novices. An easy-to-read Getting Started booklet and pre-installed Windows software and system drivers help get users up and running in just a few minutes. A toll-free technical support hotline is available from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST) to answer customer questions. For more in-depth advice, an advanced users guide is also included. Plus, all Innova notebooks are backed by a one-year roadside warranty and optional 24-hour replacement service.
 Designed for Comfort and Ready-To-Run Convenience
 Comfortable operation and easy trackball access are important features designed into the Innova notebooks. An ergonomic palm rest makes typing easier during long periods of keyboard use and a 3mm key travel distance offers more tactile feedback for touch typing. By centrally locating the built-in trackball, both right- and left-hand users will find the new design comfortable. An oversized trackball also makes for easier pointer control. The 9.5-inch LCD screen offers brilliant display and resolution for enhanced viewing.
 All of the Innova notebooks come with factory-installed software, including MS-DOS V6.0, MS-Windows V3.1, MS-Works for Windows V2.0. Additionally, both the passive monochrome and color models are configured with FAX/modem software, MicroFax by Phoenix Technologies. The active matrix color notebook is equipped with two PCMCIA slots for adding FAX/modem, networking or flash memory capabilities.
 Powerful Active Matrix Color Notebook: Innova 486TX
 The Innova 486TX model C25/120 offers a brilliant active matrix color LCD screen that displays up to 256 colors and has a maximum resolution of 640 by 480. Equipped with a PCMCIA option that holds either two PCMCIA Type II card slots or one Type III slot, users can easily expand the functionality of their notebooks by simply inserting credit-card size devices such as fax modems, network interface cards and flash memory into industry-standard PCMCIA slots. As part of the unique two-in-one slot design, the Innova 486TX can accommodate the larger format devices such as a 10.5mm hard disk drive which require a Type III slot.
 Powered by an Intel 486SL microprocessor running at 25MHz, the 486TX C25/120 model includes a math coprocessor. 4MB of RAM is standard but can be upgraded to 20MB in just a few seconds. A 3.5-inch high capacity (1.44MB) floppy disk drive is also included. The notebook weighs 7.25 pounds and comes with a rechargeable NIMH battery with a four-hour life under normal conditions.
 Value Notebooks: Innova 486NX with Monochrome and Color Screens
 The Innova 486NX monochrome model M25/120 is powered by an SL-Enhanced Intel 486SX microprocesor running at 25MHz. 4MB of RAM is standard and can be easily expanded to 12MB. Weighing only 5.9 pounds, the Innova M25/120 offers a 3.5-inch high density (1.44MB) internal floppy disk drive. The backlit 9.5-inch VGA LCD screen has a wide viewing angle and supports 64 shades of gray. The M25/120 uses rechargeable NICD batteries which have a four-hour life.
 The entry-level color Innova 486NX, model C25/120, features a dual scan color LCD screen which is noticeably brighter than typical passive color screen offerings. The notebook computer is powered by an SL-Enhanced Intel 486SX microprocessor running at 25MHz. The standard RAM memory configuration is 4MB and is expandable to 12MB. Weighing in at 6.4 pounds, including the rechargeable NIMH battery, the 486NX C25/120 model notebook has a 3.5-inch high density (1.44MB) internal floppy disk drive. Battery life is approximately four hours.
 Both Innova 486NX models are equipped with a 9600/4800 baud send/receive FAX and 2400 baud data modem and have four interface ports: a parallel and serial port, a PS/2 port for adding a mouse, keyboard or key pad and VGA port.
 Sophisticated Power Management
 Advanced power-saving capabilities such as a "No-Reboot" CMOS set-up increases battery life by turning off non-essential components that draw power. Coupled with Advanced Power Management (APM) jointly designed by Intel and Microsoft, CCSI's Innova notebooks deliver excellent battery life.
 Pricing and Availability
 The active color matrix 486TX model and the 486NX color models will begin shipping at the end of September. CCSI is distributing its products through a select number of computer dealers, superstores and mass merchants. Estimated street pricing is as follows:
 -- Innova 486NX model M25/120 -- $1,799
 -- Innova 486NX model C25/120 -- $2,599
 -- Innova 486TX model C25/120 -- $3,749
 About Canon Computer Systems, Inc.
 Founded in April 1992, CCSI markets printers, PCs and notebook computers under the Canon brand name for the small office and home office (SOHO) markets. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CCSI plans to develop and market future products using its proven Bubble Jet, laser and other Canon-developed technologies. The company distributes its products through distributors, computer dealers, superstores and mass merchants. For product information, customers can call 800-848-4123, or fax, 714-438-3099.
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 /CONTACT: Karen Lippe of CCSI, 714-438-3075, or Lisa McLean of Hajjar/Kaufman, 310-821-9916, for CCSI/

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