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CAM software.

Designed to speed processing of large CAD-based measurement files, CAM cam, mechanical device
cam, mechanical device for converting a rotating motion into a reciprocating, or back-and-forth, motion, or for changing a simple motion into a complex one.
2 Measure X1 software includes a proprietary graphics/CAD engine that allows multiple measurement files to refer to a single CAD CAD: see computer-aided design.

(Computer-Aided Design) Using computers to design products. CAD systems are high-speed workstations or desktop computers with CAD software.
 file instead of each file containing all of the CAD part data. A 551 MB file can be opened and rendered in less than 10 sec, as compared to 15 to 30 min for other CAD programs.

FARO Technologies Inc., Lake Mary Lake Mary may refer to:
  • Lake Mary, Florida, a town in Florida
  • Lake Mary Township, Minnesota, a township in Douglas County, Minnesota
  • Lake Mary (Arizona), a reservoir south east of Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Lake Mary, a lake in McLeod County, Minnesota
, FL

Circle 239, or

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Title Annotation:Engineer's Toolbox
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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