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CAB Can Help EMS Transports Decrease Overhead Costs and Increase Revenue.

The percentage of Self-Pay EMS Transports is rising. CAB provides alternatives to full-time employees

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- CAB Receivables Management, a leader in creating cash flow performance solutions for specific industries, has expanded its offerings to the EMS Transport business. Over the past two years Kelly Molony, President of CAB Receivables Management, has been working with management to find specific industries in need of cash flow improvement practices. "Our philosophy is to not rush into an industry without doing research. If we feel we can't implement our services to generate results we are not going to do it," stated Molony.

CAB has a rich tradition in the medical services industry. With over a decade of experience providing Extended Business Office to hospitals, CAB can provide results for EMS Transport companies as well. CAB identified the EMS Transport industry as a perfect expansion of its Extended Business Office product. After reviewing industry trends, technology and recognizing the need for Revenue Cycle solutions, CAB's specific services were needed. CAB is a member of the American Ambulance Association CAB is not a traditional EMS billing company, but rather a complete Extended Business Office operation, offering not only Call Center functions but Electronic Scoring, new Skip Tracing methodology, and automated Medicaid Search/Scrubbing as well. Currently, EMS companies have two options for Self-Pay processing. One option is to outsource the entire billing operation to an EMS billing company, charging 6%-8% on collections, including collections from Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance carriers. The second option is to conduct all collections in-house. With the second option, CAB steps in and makes the revenue cycle run more efficiently by processing all Self-Pay work.

CAB is a full-service receivables management company based in Charleston, South Carolina. CAB dedicates its resources to maximize clients' cash flow. Their accounts receivables solutions include:

-Extended Business Office (EBO)

-Insurance Practice Services (IPS)

-Debt Recovery

For additional information regarding CAB, contact Chuck Hobbs @ 843-693-4539 x2007 or
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 3, 2011
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