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Bylaw amendments adopted at 2011 annual business meeting.

At the joint AMT-CASMET annual convention in Miami, Florida, the delegates to the AMT Annual Business Meeting unanimously adopted each of the amendments to the National Bylaws that had been proposed by the AMT Board of Directors. The full text of the bylaw amendments was published in the March and June 2011 issues of AMT Events.

CCP Program - The most important amendments adopted during the 2011 meeting were revisions to Article III (Members) and Article VIII (Membership and Certification Renewal). Those amendments incorporate formally the Certification Continuation Program (CCP) that applies to all members initially certified after January 1, 2006. Members subject to the CCP must comply on a triennial basis with such criteria as the Board of Directors may establish to demonstrate continued competence in the discipline(s) in which they are certified. Members subject to the CCP must also be current with their renewal dues at the end of the triennial cycle to maintain membership and certification status.

Incorporation of the CCP Program in the Bylaws was accomplished principally by adding three sections to Article VIII, as follows:

Section 6. Certification Continuation Program - Members initially certified after January 1, 2006 are required, in addition to maintaining membership in good standing through annual registration renewal, to comply with the Certification Continuation Program (CCP) every three years. The Board of Directors shall establish the CCP compliance criteria for each membership class to which the program applies.

Section 7. Failure to Comply with CCP - Any registrant initially certified after January 1, 2006 who fails to comply with the CCP criteria established by the Board of Directors, or who fails to maintain membership in good standing at the conclusion of the three-year CCP compliance cycle, shall no longer be considered certified by American Medical Technologists and shall be prohibited from holding himself or herself out to the public as so certified.

Section 8. Recertification - The Board of Directors is empowered to adopt uniform regulations for recertification of individuals whose certification has lapsed due to CCP noncompliance.

Several other technical changes were made to Articles III and VIII as well.

The Board of Directors adopted the CCP Program to promote the continued competency of its member-certificants. Recertification programs such as the CCP reflect current best practices in the credentialing field, and are now required by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which accredits all of AMT's exam-based certification programs.

"Housekeeping" amendments - The delegates also approved several amendments of the "housekeeping" variety. Those included:

* minor stylistic revisions to the Preamble (Article I);

* changing the title of Article III, Section 3 from "Retired, Disabled and Inactive Membership" to "Membership Status," and clarifying that the Board may create additional categories of membership eligible for reduced dues within each membership class; and

* moving the "AMT Standards of Practice" from its previous location following Article IX (which deals with Committees, Departments and Councils) to a more appropriate location immediately following Article XI (which addresses Disciplinary Sanctions).

Future Amendments - The membership is reminded that amendments to the National Bylaws can be proposed not only by the AMT Board of Directors, but also by any state society that follows the procedures specified in Article XII, Section 2 of the Bylaws. A state society can propose amendments if the proposal is: (1) adopted by a majority of members present at a duly called and regularly held meeting of the society; (2) signed by at least ten members present at such meeting; and (3) forwarded to the AMT Office by January 1 of the year in which the proposal will be presented to the delegates at the national convention. If those procedures are carried out, the AMT Office will publish the proposed amendments in AMT Events at least 60 days prior to the annual business meeting.
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Publication:AMT Events
Date:Sep 1, 2011
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