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Businesses and Consumers Experience Sony Convergence Up Close and Personal At PC Expo.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 21, 1999--

Attendees here at PC Expo '99 will have the opportunity to interact first-hand with Sony's next generation of integrated audio, video, computer and communications products.

Sony's PC Expo exhibit puts convergence in context, where consumers and business managers can experience innovative new products in true-to-life settings. Among them: an airplane for the "sky-warrior," a kick-up-your-feet home area for family multimedia enjoyment, and corporate and SOHO Soho (sōhō`, sə–), district of Westminster, London, England, known for its continental restaurants. Once a fashionable quarter, it became popular among writers and artists in the 19th cent.  (small office/home office See SOHO. ) environments for business productivity.

"What makes this PC Expo so special is that visitors to our booth will see, touch, enjoy and experience the benefits of convergence for themselves," explained Dick Komiyama, president of Sony Electronics' Information Technologies Marketing Division. "Different areas of the exhibit have been designed as convergence vignettes to illustrate how products fit in to work, play and travel, providing an experience in context that brings both the fun and functionality of these new technologies to life."

Each lifestyle and workstyle setting highlights cutting-edge convergence products. In the travel vignette, when visitors take their airline seats, they'll experience the compact convenience of Sony's sleek new VAIO (Video Audio Integrated Operation) Sony's trade name for its desktop and laptop PCs. In mid-1998, Sony introduced its 505G series of subnotebooks that were the first in ultra-thin Pentium portables. (R) SuperSlim notebooks, as well as the VAIO CIX (Commercial Internet Exchange Association, Herndon, VA, Pronounced "kicks," it was a membership organization that promoted the development of a level playing field for ISPs.  PictureBook(TM) micronotebook with an "on-board" digital camera.

Then, after coming back down to earth, PC Expo attendees can settle into the digital leisure room equipped with innovations like the VAIO F290 notebook -- the retail industry's first notebook with a whopping 15-inch XGA (EXtended Graphics Array) A screen resolution of 1,024x768 pixels. The term stems from IBM's XGA display standard introduced in 1990, which extended VGA to 132-column text and interlaced 1,024x768x256 resolution. XGA-2 later added non-interlaced 1,024x768x64K.  screen and full digital editing capabilities. Visitors will also experience Sony's newest additions to the VAIO 505 family, the Z series, complete with a dedicated Memory Stick(TM) media slot and i.LINK(R) (IEEE-1394) digital interface for enhanced connectivity.

Ease-of-use, and simple convergence options dominate Sony's digital imaging product area from the new mega-pixel, floppy-based Digital Mavica(R) cameras, to new mini DV Digital Handycam(R) camcorders and backward-forward compatible Digital 8 camcorders.

Also on display is the Memory Stick family of products, demonstrating the fast and easy transfer of digital still images from camera to camcorder to printer to digital photo frame A digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them. Features
Some digital photo frames can only display JPEG pictures. However, others support additional multimedia content.
 to PC. These products include the Cyber-shot(TM) mega-pixel digital camera, the Cyber Frame(TM), Memory Stick digital photo printer and VAIO Slimtop(TM) LCD computer.

The fun and functionality of Sony's VAIO World really converges when budding digital directors begin to make their own movies on new VAIO Digital Studio(TM) PCs, which come complete with all the hardware, software and connectivity needed for non-linear digital video editing.

Meanwhile, for business managers prowling for productivity devices, simulated SOHO and corporate offices feature Sony's never-before demonstrated CPD-L181 18.1-inch Active Matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor) The term typically refers to active matrix screens on laptop computers. Active matrix LCD provides a sharper screen display and broader viewing angle than does passive matrix. See LCD and thin film.

TFT - Thin Film transistor
 liquid crystal display liquid crystal display (LCD)

Optoelectronic device used in displays for watches, calculators, notebook computers, and other electronic devices. Current passed through specific portions of the liquid crystal solution causes the crystals to align, blocking the passage of light.
 (LCD) and the trend-setting line of FD Trinitron(R) virtually-flat monitors.

Other highlighted products include an array of storage devices such Sony's first DVD+RW (DVD+Read Write) A rewritable (re-recordable) DVD disc for both movies and data from the DVD+RW Alliance. DVD+RW media can be read on DVD-Video players and computer DVD-ROM drives.  drive and the versatile new USB USB
 in full Universal Serial Bus

Type of serial bus that allows peripheral devices (disks, modems, printers, digitizers, data gloves, etc.) to be easily connected to a computer.
 and i.LINK CD-Rewritable drives; bright and light LCD projectors; and advanced presentation displays.

Sony Electronics Background: Headquartered in Park Ridge, N.J., Sony Electronics has more than 25,000 employees in manufacturing, engineering, customer service, sales and marketing at more than 100 locations in the U.S. and Mexico. Sony Electronics' annual sales exceed $10.5 billion. You can locate Sony Electronics online at

Note to Editors:: For additional information about Sony products featured at PC Expo, please visit the Sony website and browse the Pre-PC Expo release entitled, "Sony Has Designs on Convergence at PC Expo" at
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