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Publications in Forest products industry

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Alternative Transportation Fuels Today Academic Newsletter Mar 12, 2007
Forest Products Journal Trade Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2015
  • Quantifying the natural variation of formaldehyde emissions for wood composite panels.
  • Processing pellets towards low emissions.
  • What is superb wood surface? Defining user preferences and service life expectations.
  • Wood-based panels with improved surface properties.
  • Thermal insulation panels from cellulosic fibres.
  • Bamboo--a functionally graded composite material.
  • Comparison between HB and HDF made from waste leather.
  • Sandwich panels with 100% natural tannin furanic foam core.
  • Advanced tannin based wood preservatives.
  • Use of tree bark as insulation material.
  • Analysis of the deformation of wood during the drying process: an experimental approach.
  • Electron beam irradiation of wood: an experimental parameter study.
  • Estimating processing times of harvesters in thinning operations in Maine.
  • Determining the processed cut stock recovery rate from standing dead beetle-killed lodgepole pine timber.
  • Influence of measurement position, tree diameter, and bulk wood density on models that predict wave propagation velocity in logs according to the...
  • Export performance of the Croatian wood industry and its contribution to the overall Croatian economy.
  • Future development of the Norwegian forest industry, based on industry expectations.
  • Methods to integrate market orientation in technological development: the case of new technologies to produce bioactive substances from wood.
  • Application of near-infrared spectroscopy to determine the juvenile-mature wood transition in black spruce.
  • Comparison among parameters affecting vertical vacuum dyeing of Populus cathayana Rehd.
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    Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2006
    Wood & Wood Products Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2013
    Wood Products Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
    Woodworking Network Trade Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2014

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