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Publications in Forest products industry

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Alternative Transportation Fuels Today Academic Newsletter Mar 12, 2007
Forest Products Journal Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
  • New horizons for the forest products industry: 70th International Convention June 27-29, 2016, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Effect of vibration properties of a resonance board on piano timbre.
  • Mechanical properties of Chinese larch (Larix gmelini) dimension lumber.
  • Decline in the pulp and paper industry: effects on backward-linked forest industries and local economies.
  • History of Northeastern US maple syrup price trends.
  • Case study of three high-performing contract loggers with distinct harvest systems: are they thriving, striving, or just surviving?
  • Evaluating the system logistics of a centralized biomass recovery operation in Northern California.
  • Carbon mitigation impacts of increased softwood lumber and structural panel use for nonresidential construction in the United States.
  • Economic impacts of productivity improvements in US forest products industries: a general equilibrium analysis.
  • Diversity of the eastern hardwood resource and how this diversity influences timber utilization.
  • Forest products industry in a digital age: a look at e-commerce and social media.
  • Characteristics of cotton stalk torrefaction catalyzed by magnesium chloride.
  • Prediction of boron content in wood pellet products by near-infrared spectroscopy.
  • Characterization of residue and bio-oil produced by liquefaction of loblolly pine at different reaction times.
  • Synthesis and characterization of bio-based phenol-formaldehyde resol resins from bark autoclave extractives.
  • Exterior decay of wood--plastic composite boards: characterization and magnetic resonance imaging.
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    Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2006
    Wood & Wood Products Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2013
    Wood Products Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
    Woodworking Network Trade Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2015

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