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Nonwovens Industry Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2015
The Fader Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 1, 2015
  • All Def Digital + Samsung #Emerge.
  • Sweetlife L.A.
  • 98th issue release party.
  • Brooklyn baby: on the eve of DIIV's comeback, Zachary Cole Smith returns to the city where he almost ruined his life.
  • Brave new Durban: eight women discuss the future of feminism in South Africa.
  • Little Light: Kehlani has seen things fall apart, and knows how sweet it feels to clean them up. Can she be a leader and take care of herself?
  • Welcome to reality.
  • Leon Bridges: sixties soul for the Snapchat era.
  • Sheer Mag: blown-out rock for scaring off yuppies.
  • Little Simz: a young MC masters the art of not making compromises.
  • Real Lies: party songs for real life.
  • Moses Sumney: nudged by his famous friends, a quiet songwriter pipes up.
  • Empress of: a self-seeking songwriter finds clarity in Mexico.
  • Sneaking onto the red carpet: the unexpected angst of photoshopping yourself next to fashion icons.
  • Cool dad, little woe: Niko Carino helped drake found OVO. Here, he talks about how fatherhood has changed his style and what it's like to dress his...
  • No hands: why Kanye, Kim, and a tiny French brand are repurposing sloppy as a power move.
  • Weird recognize weird: breakout brand VEJAS navigates fashion's genderless future with a little help from its friends.
  • The slippery definition of self-care: how taking care of ourselves has become work.
  • What bosses wear on the internet's frontier: a young editor explains how to dress for success in an industry with no rules.
  • Anti-streetwear: four young designers are making the kind of cult clothes they used to covet.
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