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Publications in Engineering and manufacturing industries

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Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2012
British Plastics & Rubber Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2014
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2008
Circuits Assembly Trade Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2009
DAAAM International Scientific Book Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2013
Designfax Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2005
Electro Manufacturing Trade Newsletter Sep 1, 2014
Engineering Designer Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
Engineering Structures and Technologies Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2013
Estonian Journal of Engineering Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2013
Industrial Environment Trade Newsletter Aug 1, 2014
Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2006
Industrial Management Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2011
Instrument Business Outlook Trade Newsletter Sep 30, 2008
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Academic Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2009
  • Effect of piston bowl geometry on flow, combustion and emission in DI diesel engine--a CFD approach.
  • New double switching clamping sequences based ADPWM algorithm for direct torque control of induction motor drives.
  • Experimental analysis of oxygen stripping from feed water in a two stage jet cum tray type deaerator.
  • Multi-objective optimization of parallel machine scheduling using Fuzzy Logic and simulated annealing.
  • Tool wear in cutting of Metal Matrix Composites.
  • Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation temperature on the emission and performance of a single cylinder naturally aspirated stationary diesel engine.
  • Setting up a comprehensive CFD model of a small two stroke engine for simulation.
  • Effect of sheet thickness on FLD for (HR Grade).
  • X-ray diffraction analysis on the effect of silica fume and water in blended cement paste.
  • Tensile strength of elephant grass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites.
  • Particulate suspension flow induced by peristaltic waves in a non-uniform channel.
  • Integrated inventory system with the effect of inflation and credit period.
  • Analytical analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer through microchannels.
  • Functional failure analysis of a Pandrol clip.
  • Power quality improvement by suppressing harmonics using power active filters.
  • Comparison of performance and combustion parameters and emissions on a variable compression ratio diesel engine fueled with CsME.
  • Using FACTS devices and energy storage systems for voltage flicker mitigation in electric arc furnaces.
  • Intelligent traveling agent system for air lines reservation.
  • Effects of key parameters on the seismic design of reinforced concrete framed joints.
  • Digital simulation of dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) for voltage sag mitigation.
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    International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2012
    International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2012
    International Journal of Simulation Modelling Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
    Journal of Architecture and Urbanism Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2014
    Journal of Civil Engineering and Management Academic Magazine/Journal Aug 1, 2014
    LD+A Magazine Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 1, 2014
    Leukos Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2013
    Mechanika Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2014
  • Investigation and development of safety measures in the European Uunion railway transport/Saugumo priemonu europos sajungos gelezinkelu transporte...
  • Increasing of the accuracy of vertical angle measurements of geodetic instrumentation/Geodeziniu prietaisu vertikaliu kampu matavimo tikslumo...
  • Experimental study of the tribological behaviour of materials of brake disc and pads/Eksperimentinis stabdziu disku medziagu ir ju kaladeliu...
  • The research of single point incremental forming process for composite mould production/Vieno tasko palaipsnio formavimo proceso tyrimas kompozitu...
  • Effect of friction and wear parameters on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/aluminum-boron carbide-glass spheres polymer composites/Trinities ir dilimo...
  • Back swept angle performance analysis of centrifugal compressor/Iscentrinio kompresoriaus menciu atlenkimo kampo tinkamumo analize.
  • Dynamics study of the operating behavior of hydrodynamic coupling by experimental and numerical simulation/Hidrodinamines jungties eksploatavimo...
  • An improved method for an optimal shakedown design of circular plates/Pagerinta prisitaikanciu apvaliu ploksciu optimalaus projektavimo metodika.
  • Matching up the suspension of electric vehicle with the supporting system of battery pack/Elektromobilio pakabos ir maitinimo elementu tvirtinimo...
  • A study on vibration of tapered rectangular plate under non-uniform temperature field/Kugines staciakampes ploksteles virpesiu, veikiant netolygiai...
  • Numerical study of thermal behaviour of building walls containing a phase change material/Pastatu sienu turinciu medziagu su kintancia fazine busena...
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    Modern Applications News Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2009
    Polymer Engineering and Science Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
  • Effect of TEP content in cooling bath on porous structure, crystalline and mechanical properties of PVDF hollow fiber membranes.
  • Preparation of a novel stabilizer and its thermal-oxidative stabilization effect on polyamide 6.
  • Nanocomposites of silica reinforced polypropylene: correlation between morphology and properties.
  • Effects of THF as cosolvent in the preparation of polydimethylsiloxane/polyethersulfone membrane for gas separation.
  • Design and synthesis of biodegradable copolyester poly([epsilon]-caprolactone-co-D,L-lactide) with four pendent functional groups.
  • Improved tensile strength and thermal stability of thermoplastic carbon fiber fabric composites by heat induced crystallization of in situ...
  • Blends of high density polyethylene and poly(L-lactic acid): mechanical and thermal properties.
  • Continuously extruded micro-textured polypropylene films.
  • Gas environment effect on cavitation damage in stretched polyvinylidene fluoride.
  • Impact of aliphatic amine comonomers on DGEBA epoxy network properties.
  • Conducting polymers obtained from quiescent and stirred solutions: effects on the properties.
  • A highly effective reactive liquid crystal for the improved [beta]-nucleation of isotactic polypropylene.
  • Thermal birefringence in freely quenched multilayered slabs of amorphous polymers: experiment and simulation.
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of fracture of abs polymeric material for different sample's thickness using a new loading device.
  • Preparation of micro/nanocellular polypropylene foam with crystal nucleating agents.
  • Extrusion of poly(ether imide) foams using pressurized C[O.sub.2]: effects of imposition of supercritical conditions and nanosilica modifiers.
  • Shear-induced shish-kebab structures in isotactic polypropylene using acicular precipitated calcium carbonate as whisker.
  • Sources of irreversibilities in a perfectly axisymmetric geometry at low Reynolds numbers.
  • Investigation of the poly(vinyl chloride) extrusion process using a feed throat with a feed pocket.
  • Thoughening of poly(lactic acid) with silicone rubber.
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    Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences: Engineering Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2007
  • Applications of fibre optic temperature measurement/Temperatuuri mootmise fiiberoptiliste meetodite rakendusi.
  • Formation of nanometerscale layers of V-VI ([Bi.sub.2][Te.sub.3]-related) compounds based on amorphous precursors/Amorfsete prekursorite baasil...
  • Seebeck's effect in micromachined thermopiles for infrared detection. A review/ Seebecki efekt infrapunakiirgust detekteerivates mikrovalmendatud...
  • In-situ calibration of inhomogeneous thermocouples by integrated miniature fixed-point cells/Mittehomogeensete termopaaride in situ kalibreerimine...
  • Precise temperature measurement above 1000[degrees]C using thermocouples/ Ule 1000[degrees]C ulatuva temperatuuri tappismootmine termopaaridega.
  • Determination of the time behaviour of thermocouples for sensor speedup and medium supervision/Termopaaride ajalise kaitumise maaramine...
  • On the role of T. J. Seebeck in the discovery of the photoelastic effect in glass/T. J. Seebecki osast klaasi fotoelastsusefekti avastamisel.
  • Thomas Johann Seebeck (1770-1831).
  • Miniaturized thermal generators.
  • To Thomas Johann Seebeck: with respect and gratitude.
  • Smart sensor systems using impedance spectroscopy/ Impedants-spektroskoopiat kasutavad targad Sensorsusteemid.
  • Comparison of turn-on characteristics of thyristor structures based on wide bandgap materials/Laia keelutsooniga materjalidel pohinevate...
  • Application of infrared thermography in civil engineering/Infrapunatermograafia rakendused ehituses.
  • Correlation between hardening depth and thermal parameters based on photothermal measurements/Fototermiliste mootmiste alusel leitud korrelatsioon...
  • Calibration-free temperature measurement by p-n junctions with varied current/Temperatuuri kalibreerimisvaba mootmine muudetava vooluga p-n-siirete...
  • Advanced laser speckle techniques characterize the complex thermomechanical properties of thin multilayered structures/Lasertapp-tehnoloogia...
  • A new instrument for remote sensing of thermal anomalies, based on minimal thermal change detection/Minimaalsete soojusmuutuste detekteerimisel...
  • High-precision measurement of absolute temperatures using thermistors/Absoluutsete temperatuuride korge tapsusega mootmine termistoride abil.
  • Preface.
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    Public Roads Trade Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2014
    Research-Technology Management Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
  • Opening up the automobile: Venkatesh Prasad: as the senior technical leader for vehicle design and infotronics, Venkatesh Prasad has led the creation...
  • The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government, and Social Enterprise Are Teaming Up to Solve Society's Toughest Problems.
  • Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs.
  • Rethinking intellectual property.
  • Questions and answers from IRI's members.
  • Managing under uncertainty.
  • Implications of the America Invents Act for R&D managers: connecting the patent life cycle with the technology development process: the America...
  • Rethinking additive manufacturing and intellectual property protection: additive manufacturing poses significant challenges to traditional...
  • Commercializing university research in diverse settings: moving beyond standardized intellectual property management: more flexible approaches to IP...
  • The challenge of closing open innovation: the intellectual property disassembly problem: disentangling IP at the closure of an open innovation...
  • Patents and the innovation incentive: an interview with Jim Bessen: Jim Bessen talks with James Euchner about the role of patents in encouraging--or...
  • The challenges of intellectual property: creating and managing IP for a new age of innovation.
  • Texas A&M law project helps regional entrepreneurs deal with complexities of IP.
  • High-tech industry faces the immigration issue.
  • June 12--Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, announces that "in the spirit of the open source movement," his firm will let other companies use its...
  • May 20--Wendelstein 7-X, a $1.45-billion fusion reactor based on a 1950s design by Lyman Spitzer, is inaugurated at the Max Planck Institute for...
  • May 14--Thomson Reuters releases its 2014 State of Innovation report.
  • April 21--George Heilmeier, inventor of the liquid crystal display (LCD) and author of Heilmeier's Catechism, dies at the age of 77.
  • Looking to the future, CERN celebrates a milestone.
  • UIDP investigates new university approaches to industry engagement.
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    Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2012
    Security Management Trade Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2007
    The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2014
    The Ohio Journal of Science Academic Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2014
    Town Planning and Architecture Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2012

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