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African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2015
  • Fate of articles.
  • Why is agricultural research important? Why African Governments need to support it.
  • Drumming up selenium and sulphur in Africa: improving nutrition with Moringa oleifera.
  • Future Food: The Future Forum On World Food Affairs: Africa future food outlook: the role of Sasakawa Africa Association Global--2000-Uganda and K +...
  • Great Lakes University of Kisumu.
  • An essay on reasons, intentions and experience on nutrition as a career and course.
  • Great Lakes University of Kisumu Tropical Institute of Community Health Department of Community Nutrition.
  • The north-south information highway, African scientific productivity, and publication: a plea to African scholars for a new perspective for African...
  • A review of effects of nutrient elements on crop quality.
  • Biocontrol of potato wilt by selective rhizospheric and endophytic bacteria associated with potato plant.
  • The effects of household food practices and diseases prevalence on nutritional status of under-five children in Ruhango District, Rwanda.
  • Bovine in-vitro embryo production and its contribution towards improved food security in Kenya.
  • Intrahousehold allocation, household headship and nutrition of under-fives: a study of western Kenya.
  • Knowledge of recommended dietary cholesterol allowance in an academic community.
  • Changes in some biochemical qualities during drying of pulp pre-conditioned and fermented cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans.
  • Roasting effects on phenolic content and free-radical scavenging activities of pulp pre-conditioned and fermented cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans.
  • Dietary adequacy of rural school children among bambara groundnut growing farmers in Ntchisi district of Malawi.
  • Effect of mulch and different fungicide spray regimes on yield of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in Tanzania.
  • The experiences of HIV-positive mothers breastfeeding exclusively in Swaziland.
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    Agri Marketing Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2015
    Agricultural Research General Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2015
    Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences Academic Magazine/Journal May 27, 2015
  • Modelling pasture-based automatic milking system herds: system fitness of grazeable home-grown forages, land areas and walking distances.
  • Nitrogen removal from milking center wastewater via simultaneous nitrification and denitrification using a biofilm filtration reactor.
  • Molecular phylogenetic diversity and spatial distribution of bacterial communities in cooling stage during swine manure composting.
  • Biocomputational characterization and evolutionary analysis of bubaline Dicer1 enzyme.
  • Molecular analysis of alternative transcripts of the equine cordon-bleu WH2 repeat protein-like 1 (COBLL1) gene.
  • Estimation of pork quality traits using exsanguination blood and postmortem muscle metabolites.
  • Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitor activity on egg albumen fermentation.
  • Effects of inclusion levels of wheat bran and body weight on ileal and fecal digestibility in growing pigs.
  • Effects of dietary corticosterone on yolk colors and eggshell quality in laying hens.
  • Effects of benzoic acid and thymol on growth performance and gut characteristics of weaned piglets.
  • Aerobic stability and effects of yeasts during deterioration of non-fermented and fermented total mixed ration with different moisture levels.
  • Gas exchanges and dehydration in different intensities of conditioning in Tifton 85 bermudagrass: nutritional value during hay storage.
  • Milk yield, composition, and fatty acid profile in dairy cows fed a high-concentrate diet blended with oil mixtures rich in polyunsaturated fatty...
  • Proteomic analysis of bovine pregnancy-specific serum proteins by 2D fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis.
  • Genetic effects of polymorphisms in myogenic regulatory factors on chicken muscle fiber traits.
  • Multiple genes related to muscle identified through a joint analysis of a two-stage genome-wide association study for racing performance of 1,156...
  • Polymorphisms in the Perilipin gene may affect carcass traits of Chinese meat-type chickens.
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    Australian Journal of Soil Research Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2010
    California Agriculture Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2015
    Dairy Today Trade Magazine/Journal Oct 25, 2007
    Feedinfo News Service Trade Newswire Oct 12, 2010
    Marine Fisheries Review Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2014
    Mushroom News Trade Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2011
    Pro Farmer Trade Magazine/Journal Oct 6, 2007
    Quick Frozen Foods International Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2013
    Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2015
    Rural Cooperatives Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2015
    Soil Research Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2015

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