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Building 19 takes down last link with Spag's; Sign on Route 9 landmark is replaced.

Byline: Elaine Thompson Thompson, city, Canada
Thompson, city (1991 pop. 14,977), central Man., Canada, on the Burntwood River. A mining town, it developed after large nickel deposits were discovered in the area in 1956.

SHREWSBURY - Watching the "Spag's 19" sign being taken down and replaced by a "Building 19" sign evoked e·voke  
tr.v. e·voked, e·vok·ing, e·vokes
1. To summon or call forth: actions that evoked our mistrust.

 a little sadness ... and a lot of nostalgia Nostalgia

village of narrator and family. [Fr. Lit.: Remembrance of Things Past]

Give My Regards to Broadway

singer sends well-wishes to home town. [Am. Pop.

Several people who browsed the sprawling store on Route 9 yesterday said taking down the sign that bore the name of its founder, the late Anthony A. "Spag" Borgatti Jr., was like putting a final nail in his coffin coffin, closed receptacle for a corpse. Its purpose is usually to protect and to aid preservation of the body, although in the past some have believed that it may confine the spirit of the deceased. . Hingham-based discount chain Building 19 bought the store in 2002, four years after Mr. Borgatti's death. The store, which opened in 1934, had been a landmark in the Central Massachusetts retail landscape.

"We're a little sad," said Jim Koontz of Millbury, who shopped for flowers in the garden center with his wife, Eunice.

"We're sorry to see (the sign) disappear. This used to be a unique place with high quality products. Now it's totally different as far as the merchandise," Mrs. Koontz said.

Nancy Sulminski of North Grafton said the new business has a wider variety of merchandise. She said she and her husband are faithful Building 19 shoppers.

"I can't believe this store has really grown like this and the prices are great," Ms. Sulminski said.

Helen Shute of Leicester remarked about how few cars and customers were at the store in the early afternoon. After her first walk through the store in over a year, Ms. Shute said she was so disappointed with the change in merchandise that she likely will not return.

"We used to come here and cars were everywhere. You had to drive around until you found a parking space," Ms. Shute said. "It was wonderful here ... a nice family-oriented business. Now it's a lot of junk junk

Classic Chinese sailing vessel of ancient unknown origin, still in wide use. High-sterned, with a projecting bow, the junk carries up to five masts on which are set square sails consisting of panels of linen or matting flattened by bamboo strips.
. I won't be back."

Bill Shackett of Shrewsbury said he has shopped at the store for more than 40 years. He said Building 19 has stopped carrying a lot of things that Spag's used to sell, including reasonably priced food.

"Personally, I think it stinks. Since Spags died this place has gone downhill," Mr. Shackett said, while shopping for plants. "They should have removed the Spag's sign a long time ago, because if Spags were around he would die."

The main building was not busy yesterday as workers prepared for a big wedding gown gown
A robe or smock worn in operating rooms and other parts of hospitals as a guard against contamination.

 sale Sunday. The store has over 1,000 white and off-white gowns that, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 ads, were originally priced between $300 and $1,200 and will sell for $19.99 to $99.99. The store, like all other Building 19s, will begin opening at 9 a.m. on Sundays, two hours earlier than before.

In addition to the gowns, clothes and furniture occupied most of space in the main store.

Lori Jardarian, the manager, said it's time It's Time was a successful political campaign run by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) under Gough Whitlam at the 1972 election in Australia. Campaigning on the perceived need for change after 23 years of conservative (Liberal Party of Australia) government, Labor put forward a  for the store to be called Building 19. Ms. Jardarian worked at the store for 30 years.

"Granted it's a landmark, historical, but going forward we need people to know this is Building 19," Ms. Jardarian said. She said there are Building 19 faithfuls who shop at all Building 19s.

"Now, they'll see the sign. Hopefully, they'll do the same here," Ms. Jardarian said. "We really do have a lot of great deals and merchandise, so come on down. We need you."


PHOTOG pho·tog  
n. Informal
A person who takes photographs, especially as a profession; a photographer.

CUTLINE: Karl J. Lynch of Whitman replaces the Spag's sign with a Building 19 sign yesterday.
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Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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