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Brits want manners to be taught in school.

London, October 15 ( ANI ): Three in four people in Britain believe good manners Noun 1. good manners - a courteous manner

personal manner, manner - a way of acting or behaving

niceness, politeness - a courteous manner that respects accepted social usage

urbanity - polished courtesy; elegance of manner
 should be taught in school as part of the national curriculum, a new survey has found.

A survey by supermarket Waitrose found that good manners are becoming a thing of the past with 72 per cent of those polled saying people have become more rude rude - [WPI] 1. Badly written or functionally poor, e.g. a program that is very difficult to use because of gratuitously poor design decisions. Opposite: cuspy.

2. Anything that manipulates a shared resource without regard for its other users in such a way as to cause a
 over the last decade.

It used to be the teaching of the three Rs that was considered the foundation of a good school education, but the poll found that today most people would prefer the four Rs - reading, writing, arithmetic and respect, the Telegraph telegraph, term originally applied to any device or system for distant communication by means of visible or audible signals, now commonly restricted to electrically operated devices. Attempts at long-distance communication date back thousands of years (see signaling).  reported.

The poll was conducted to mark the launch of the book How Rude! Modern Manners Defined, which will be published on Tuesday. ( ANI )


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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Oct 15, 2012
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