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Bright kitchen, dining room replaced old porch.

Bright kitchen, dining room replaced old porch

Two slender, parallel rooms, each about 12 by 22 feet, are the new kitchen and dining room in Nita and Don Miller's house in Davis, California. The two-room addition filled in an open corner where a small screened porch once stood; the old roof was removed and a new centered ridge was run the length of the wing.

Cut into the ceilings of both rooms are 8-foot-long light wells shaped like inverted Ys. Double-glazed translucent skylights and the flared walls of the light wells give bright but diffused light.

The wall dividing the rooms has doors at each end that allow traffic to circulate. It helps to mask the difference in ceiling heights between the adjacent spaces: most of the kitchen is 8 feet high, while the beamed ceiling in the dining room starts at 8 feet above the French doors but rises to 14 feet at the new roof ridge.

Photo: Same chimney shows how addition changed roof line. Skylights in picture at right mark centers of new rooms. French doors from dining room open to trellis-topped deck

Photo: Light wells fill new rooms with daylight. In kitchen, oak-trimmed fluorescent fixtures flank the well; dining room has recessed lights in ceiling
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Date:Jul 1, 1986
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