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Bravo Zulu: sailors and marines preventing mishaps.

PRAN PRAN Airman, Parachute Rigger Striker (Naval Rating)  KYLE COE See common operating environment.  and ATAN JOHN BERGER VQ-4

Assisting in a low-power engine turn on an E-6B, PRAN Coe noticed sparks coming from the #4 engine cowling. He quickly alerted the plane captain, ATAN John Berger, who then signaled the turn operator to immediately shut down the engine. Upon inspection by the AEs, it was determined that two of four screws on the generator terminal block were not installed properly, causing the terminal board to come in contact with its outer guard.



During a turn-around inspection of OUTLAW 501, Petty Officer Vetter discovered a half-inch crack in the nosewheel steering swivel. He immediately informed his supervisor and Maintenance Control, asking to have the airframes workcenter confirm that the crack was out of limits. AT2 Vetter then wrote the Maintenance Action Form, resulting in the aircraft being quickly brought back into service after the swivel was removed and replaced.


Airman Seth A. Taylor AT3 Kevin M. McGinn ATAN Jason C. Hitchcock HS-6

While preparing to paint tie-down chains one warm afternoon, Petty Officer McGinn, Airman Hitchcock and Airman Taylor noticed that a fellow working party member was holding his chest and having trouble breathing. They persuaded their shipmate to return indoors and seek medical attention. Their quick action helped him get rapid medical treatment, preventing what could have become a serious heat injury.


AD2 Thomas Moranz HSL-42 Det

While deployed on board USS Doyle (FFG-39), Petty Officer Moranz was working on an engine change following an engine over-temperature condition. He noticed small cracks on the deswirl duct vanes, a result of them having been exposed to too much heat. His attention to detail prevented the installation of a bad duct.



During a preflight inspection on a C-9, Airman Carey discovered a loose connection linkage on a movable flap vane. He immediately contacted Maintenance Control and the Airframes workcenter to suspend the functional checkflight until the discrepancy could be corrected. Upon further investigation, the linkage was found to be out of torque specifications.



BZ AE2 Michael Boothe and AE3 Michael Landers HSL-48 Detachment Six

Over the course of three days, AE2 Michael Boothe and AE3 Michael Landers chased an erroneous engine indication malfunction on a SH-60B. Spending more than 54 man-hours troubleshooting this elusive discrepancy, they ultimately discovered a recessed pin on a cannon plug between the Pilot Display Unit (PDU (Protocol Data Unit) The technical name of a frame of data transmitted over the data link layer (layer 2) in a communications network. Ethernet and Token Ring are examples of this layer. ) and Central Display Unit (CDU CDU Christlich-Demokratische Union (German: Christian Democratic Party)
CDU Clasificación Decimal Universal (Spanish)
CDU Control & Display Unit
CDU Control Display Unit
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Date:Mar 22, 2012
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