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Brand name directory: a listing of suppliers of brand name ingredients.

We have attempted to make this directory as complete as possible. Any corrections or additions should be sent to:

NUTRACEUTICALS WORLD, 70 Hilltop Road, Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA or by e-mail to

The changes will appear in the next edition of our brand name directory.
Company                                      Brand Name

Acatris Inc                                  SoyLife
Acatris Inc                                  LinumLife
Acatris Inc                                  FenuLife
ADM                                          NutriSoy
ADM                                          Novasoy
ADM                                          Enova
ADM                                          CardioAid
ADM                                          Novatol
AerChem, Inc.                                Xena
AerChem, Inc.                                ProCal C
AerChem, Inc.                                Whey Ad
AerChem, Inc.                                Crystal phorm
Albion Advanced Nutrition                    Ferrochel
Albion Advanced Nutrition                    Calci-K
Albion Advanced Nutrition                    AlbiCal
Albion Advanced Nutrition                    Chelavite
Albion Advanced Nutrition                    Chelazome
Albion Advanced Nutrition                    Creatine MagnaPower
Albion Advanced Nutrition                    DiCalcium Malate
Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD)            QualitySpec Pro
Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD)            LabSpec Pro
Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD)            AgriSpec
Applied Food Sciences                        HealthyRoast Process
Applied Food Sciences                        GCA (green coffee
Applied Food Sciences                        RealCAL
Applied Food Sciences                        Theaflavin Black Tea
Applied Food Sciences                        CDG (calcium d-glucarate)
Applied Food Sciences                        Preventium
Ayush Herbs                                  Amlaplex
Ayush Herbs                                  Livit1
Ayush Herbs                                  Livit2
Ayush Herbs                                  Trifal
Ayush Herbs                                  Arjuna Heart
Ayush Herbs                                  Rento
B & D Nutritional Ingredients                Novasoy
B & D Nutritional Ingredients                Cardio-Aid
B & D Nutritional Ingredients                Enzogenol
B & D Nutritional Ingredients                Betanat
B & D Nutritional Ingredients                SGS
Barrington Nutritionals                      InstaCal
Barrington Nutritionals                      Origanox
Barrington Nutritionals                      PureLo
Barrington Nutritionals                      Mag-Gran
Barrington Nutritionals                      AstaPure
Berkem                                       Svetol
Berkem                                       Cyracos
Berkem                                       Lifenol
Berkem                                       Vitisol
Berkem                                       Grapeol
Bio Serae Laboratoires SA                    NeOpuntia
Bio Serae Laboratoires SA                    Frutologic
Bio Serae Laboratoires SA                    S-Like-Sports
Bio Serae Laboratoires SA                    Resveravine
Bioenergy, Inc.                              Bioenergy RIBOSE
Bioenergy, Inc.                              CORvalen
Bioenergy, Inc.                              CORvalenM
Biothera                                     WGP 3-6
Biothera                                     BetaRight 3-6
Blue California Company                      Biolut
Blue California Company                      GinsenPure
Blue California Company                      NutraberryPure
Blue California Company                      Vitamin2K-All-Trans
Buckton Scott Nutrition                      BetaCote 20VB
Buckton Scott Nutrition                      OptiCare
Burgundy Botanical Extracts                  GRAPEMAX
Burgundy Botanical Extracts                  GUARAMAX
Burgundy Botanical Extracts                  SOYMAX
Burgundy Botanical Extracts                  TEAMAX
Burgundy Botanical Extracts                  YERBAMAX
Capsugel                                     Licaps
Capsugel                                     Vcaps
Cargill Worldwide Acidulants Group           REGENASURE Glucosamine
Carotech Inc                                 Tocomin
Carotech Inc                                 Tocomax
Carotech Inc                                 Tocobeads
Carotech Inc                                 Caromin
Carotech Inc                                 Carosol
Carotech Inc                                 Alp
Cevena Bioproducts                           Viscofiber
Chr. Hansen                                  Probio-Tec
Chr. Hansen                                  BB-12
Chr. Hansen                                  LA-5
Chr. Hansen                                  Cal-Carb
Chr. Hansen                                  Pharm-Carb
Chr. Hansen                                  Nu-
Collagen Nutraceuticals                      Kolla2
Collagen Nutraceuticals                      PureHA
Collagen Nutraceuticals                      Pomegranate Power
Colloides Naturels, Inc.                     Instantgum
Colloides Naturels, Inc.                     Eficacia
Colloides Naturels, Inc.                     Fibregum
Colloides Naturels, Inc.                     Coatingum
Colloides Naturels, Inc.                     Encapci
Creative Compounds                           GuggulEZ100
Creative Compounds                           Citral M
Creative Compounds                           Nitrous Malate
Creative Compounds                           2CM
Creative Compounds                           Isolyn
Cyanotech Corporation                        BioAstin Natural
Cyanotech Corporation                        Spirulina Pacifica
Danisco Sweeteners                           Litesse polydextrose
Danisco Sweeteners                           Xylitol
Danisco Sweeteners                           Lactitol
Danisco Sweeteners                           Xylose
DMV International                            Praventin
DMV International                            Insulink-GF
DMV International                            Peption
DMV International                            Refit
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               TEAVIGO
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               LAFTI
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               ALL-Q
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               Bonistein
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               OPTISHARP
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               ROPUFA
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               CaroCare
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               redivivo
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               ROCOAT
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               PARSOL
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               STAY-C
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.               Amphisol
Eastman Chemical Company                     NuTriene
Embria Health Sciences                       EpiCor
Embria Health Sciences                       eXselen
Enzyme Development                           Enzeco
Enzyme Development                           Multizyme
Enzyme Development                           Enzopharm
Enzymotec                                    CardiaBeat
Enzymotec                                    SharpPS
Enzymotec                                    InFat
Enzymotec                                    Developid
Enzymotec                                    SupraPS
Enzymotec                                    PS-DHA
Exquim S.A.                                  Citrosa
Exquim S.A.                                  Citroflavex DLC
Fenchem Enterprises                          HyaMax (sodium hyaluronate)
Fenchem Enterprises                          TOCOVET (tocopherols)
Fibred-Maryland                              FI-1 Soy Fiber
Frutarom USA, Inc.                           EFLA
Frutarom USA, Inc.                           Botanicare
Frutarom USA, Inc.                           Solarome
Fuji Health Science, Inc.                    AstaREAL
Fuji Health Science, Inc.                    Tocotrol
Garuda International, Inc.                   COWCIUM
Garuda International, Inc.                   LESSTANOL
Garuda International, Inc.                   AZTECA
Garuda International, Inc.                   FOAMEX
Garuda International, Inc.                   PROTI-GERM
GELITA                                       GELITA Gelatine
GELITA                                       GELITA Hydrolysate
Glanbia Nutritionals                         Provon
Glanbia Nutritionals                         CFM
Glanbia Nutritionals                         Prolibra
Glanbia Nutritionals                         TruCal
Glanbia Nutritionals                         Avonlac
Glanbia Nutritionals                         Thermax
Glanbia Nutritionals                         BarFlex; BARPRO
GNT USA                                      EXBERRY (natural colors)
GNT USA                                      Nutrifood
Gourmet Mushrooms                            Cordy-Gen
Gourmet Mushrooms                            Grifo-Gen
Gourmet Mushrooms                            TriMyco-Gen
Gourmet Mushrooms                            Rei-Shi-Gen
Grande Custom Ingredients Group              Grande WPCrisp
Grande Custom Ingredients Group              Grande Ultra
Grande Custom Ingredients Group              Grande Bravo
Herbamed Ltd.                                Ultrasome-CoQ10
Herbamed Ltd.                                Emulsome-CoQ10
Herbamed Ltd.                                Prostacal
Herbamed Ltd.                                O'life
Herbamed Ltd.                                CitruSlim
Herbamed Ltd.                                CitruShape
Huber Engineered Materials                   HuberCal (calcium
Humanetics Corporation                       7-Keto
Humanetics Corporation                       MicroLactin
Humanetics Corporation                       Inzitol
Indena USA                                   Siliphos
Indena USA                                   Mirtoselect
Indena USA                                   Leucoselect
Indena USA                                   Phytosome
Institut Rosell-Lallemand                    LACIDOFIL
Institut Rosell-Lallemand                    PROBIOCAP
Institut Rosell-Lallemand                    LALMIN
InterHealth Nutraceuticals                   Aller-7
InterHealth Nutraceuticals                   Super CitriMax
InterHealth Nutraceuticals                   ChromeMate
InterHealth Nutraceuticals                   OptiBerry
International Fiber                          Solka-Floc
International Fiber                          JustFiber
International Fiber                          NutraFiber
Jungbunzlauer                                ESSICCUM
Jungbunzlauer                                CITROCOAT
Jungbunzlauer                                CITROFOL
Kelatron Corporation                         BioMin (bioactive minerals)
Kelatron Corporation                         K-Pro Min
Kelatron Corporation                         Opti Min
Keratec Ltd.                                 Keratec ProSina
Keratec Ltd.                                 Keratec Pep
Keratec Ltd.                                 Keratec IFP
Keratec Ltd.                                 Keratec
KGK Synergize, Inc.                          Sytrinol
Kyowa Hakko USA Inc.                         Cognizin
Kyowa Hakko USA Inc.                         SoyScience
Linnea U.S. Office                           HMRlignan
Linnea U.S. Office                           Linneassure
Lonza Inc.                                   PepZin GI
Lonza Inc.                                   L-Carnipure
Lycored Natural Products                     Lyc-O-Mato
Marco Hi-Tech                                Reducol
Marco Hi-Tech                                Sunphenon Green Tea
Maxx Performance Inc.                        Maxx Optimized
MB North America                             xanthosteen
MB North America                             nutrifin
National Starch Food Innovation              Hi-maize
National Starch Food Innovation              Novelose
National Starch Food Innovation              Novomega
National Starch Food Innovation              Novation
National Starch Food Innovation              Novation Prima
National Starch Food Innovation              Homecraft
Natunola Health                              Natunola Omega-3 Flax 50
Natunola Health                              Natunola Omega-3 Flax 70
Natural Health Science Inc.                  Pycnogenol
Nebraska Cultures                            Dr. Shahani's
Next Pharmaceuticals                         Relora
Next Pharmaceuticals                         Seditol
Next Pharmaceuticals                         Nexrutine
Next Pharmaceuticals                         Citri-Z
Northland Seed & Grain Corp.                 IP PURE
Nutraceutix                                  BIO-tract
Nutraceutix                                  Live-Bac
Nutraceutix                                  ReHydraid
Nutraceutix                                  ImmunoBiotix
Nutricepts, Inc.                             Alpha Trim-W
Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc.               NT Factor
Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc.               Propax with NT Factor
Oat Ingredients, LLC                         OatWell (oat bran)
Omega Nutrition                              Essential Balance
Omega Nutrition                              Nutri-Flax
Omega Nutrition                              omegaflo (flaxseed)
Orcas International                          Prodozin
Orcas International                          BosPure
Orcas International                          P-Zyme
Orcas International                          ChitoPlus
Orcas International                          Bio-Curcumax
Pacific Rainbow International                Celadrin
PB Leiner (USA)                              Polypro 5000
PB Leiner (USA)                              Polyro 2000
PB Leiner (USA)                              Solugel
PB Leiner (USA)                              Cryogel
Penford Food Ingredients Co.                 Can Tab
PGP International                            PAC-FINE
PGP International                            PAC-FRESH
PGP International                            PAC-GEL
PGP International                            PAC-STAR
PGP International                            PAC-SWEET
Pharmachem Laboratories                      Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer
Pharmachem Laboratories                      Celadrin
Pharmachem Laboratories                      CaroMix
PharmaNutrients                              CLA One
PharmaNutrients                              Absorbitol
Pizzey's Milling & Baking                    SelectGrad
Pizzey's Milling & Baking                    BevGrad
Pizzey's Milling & Baking                    FortiGrad
Pizzey's Milling & Baking                    NutriGrad
Polyphenolics                                MegaNatural
Primex ehf                                   LipoSan Ultra chitosan
Pro-form Laboratories                        Naturslim
Pro-form Laboratories                        Juicemate
Pro-form Laboratories                        First Sip
Proliant Dairy Ingredients                   Proliant
Proliant Health Ingredients                  ImmunoLin
Proliant Health Ingredients                  NutraGammax
Proprietary Nutritionals                     Celadrin
Proprietary Nutritionals                     Cran-Max
Proprietary Nutritionals                     Phase 2
Proprietary Nutritionals                     InoCell
PURAC America, Inc                           PURAC
PURAC America, Inc                           PURACAL
PURAC America, Inc                           PURAMEX
PURAC America, Inc                           PURASAL
PURAC America, Inc                           GLUCONAL
PURAC America, Inc                           GLUCON
RFI Ingredients                              OxyPhyte
RFI Ingredients                              PhytoRich
RFI Ingredients                              Chocamine
RFI Ingredients                              Talin
Seltzer Chemicals                            SNT Mixed Tocopherols 350
Seltzer Chemicals                            Encapsel 85
Seltzer Chemicals                            Selmoist
Sigma-tau HealthScience, Inc.                AminoCarnitines
Sigma-tau HealthScience, Inc.                Biosint Carnitines
Sigma-tau HealthScience, Inc.                LivingTonics
Solae Company, The                           SUPRO (soy protein
Solae Company, The                           RESPONSE; PROCON
Solbar Plant Extracts Ltd.                   Solgen
Solbar Plant Extracts Ltd.                   Nutragen
Solbar Plant Extracts Ltd.                   Solpro
Stepan Company                               NEOBEE
Stepan Company                               WECOBEE
Stepan Company                               DREWPOL
Stepan Company                               DREWMULSE
Sterling Technology                          ColostruMune
Sterling Technology                          ColostrumGold
Sterling Technology                          Tegricel
Sterling Technology                          NurseMate
Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging             Desi Pak
Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging             Aroma-Can
Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging             Sorb-it
Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging             Tri-Sorb
Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging             Handy Acti
Synergy Production Laboratories (SPL)        Synergized
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Peak ATP
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Pureflex
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Ginkgo 24/6/5
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Ostivone
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  MSV 60
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Rusperin C
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Opteava
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Noto-G
Technical Sourcing International, Inc.(TSI)  Phytovone
TIC Gums                                     Nutriloid
Tishcon Corporation                          QGel
Tishcon Corporation                          Gut Buddies
Tishcon Corporation                          Carnigel
Tishcon Corporation                          Tocospan
Tishcon Corporation                          Stay Well
UAS Labs                                     Probioplus DDS
UAS Labs                                     DDS Plus
UAS Labs                                     DDS
UAS Labs                                     DDS-Jr.
Valensa International                        USPlus
Valensa International                        Zanthin
Valensa International                        Cranberol
Valensa International                        AstaCran
Valensa International                        Valerex
Valensa International                        Ama
Wacker Chemical Corp.                        CAVAMAX W6
Wacker Chemical Corp.                        CAVAMAX W7
Wacker Chemical Corp.                        CAVAMAX W8
Wacker Chemical Corp.                        CAVAMAX CoQ10
WILD Flavors, Inc.                           Colors From Nature
WILD Flavors, Inc.                           Resolver Technology
Wilke Resources                              LipoSan Ultra
Wilke Resources                              Chondropure
Wilke Resources                              eXselen
Xenos Nutraceuticals, Inc.                   Corimmune Cordyceps
Yellow Emperor                               Inner Force
Zila Nutraceuticals, Inc.                    Ester-C (calcium ascorbate)
Zila Nutraceuticals, Inc.                    Ester-E (tocopheryl
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