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BrainPlay: start at the beginning and see how far you can go, thinking of good answers from your own head.

Have you ever named anyone or anything?

Why do we fold clothes?

Make a sound as if you feel excited. Sad. Angry. Relaxed.

Name three animals with whiskers.

What silly sock designs could you create?

When do you use two hands to do something? When do you use one?


What can't you build out of sand?


Look around. Where do you see a square shape? An oval? A cylinder?

If you were a cat, would you rather live in a home or outside? Why?

Name something that you chew. Is there anything you eat that you don't chew?

What might you expect to see on a windy day?

Can one person make a difference if no one else joins in? Why or why not?


Art by Erin Mauterer.

How is climbing a tree like climbing stairs? How is it different?

Besides keys, what might a person have on a keychain?

"I live in Bloomfield," said Dolores.

"Is that near me? I live in Berkeley Heights," said Cindy. Why might Cindy not know whether Bloomfield is near her?

How do you act when you feel impatient?

Imagine making a map of your home. What would you include if the map were for a fire drill? For a visiting friend? For a painter coming to paint your home?


Name some things that you often see in groups of two or more.

When you drop a marble, how can you predict where it will go?

Why don't people usually display photos on ceilings or floors?

How could you make a ring that would fit everyone?

How do people learn right from wrong? What are taxes for?

Name a place where there are creatures you can't see.

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Date:May 25, 2012
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