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Bowhunters ... nock up! The new crop of arrows is stronger, straighter and designed to hunt.

Today's high-tech arrows are designed to be stronger and more accurate than ever before. Whether you're chasing big-boned moose or sharp-eyed pronghorn pronghorn or prongbuck, hoofed herbivorous mammal, Antilocapra americana, of the W United States and N Mexico. Although it is often called the American, or prong-horned, antelope, it does not belong to the true antelope family of Africa , there's an arrow specifically designed just for that hunt. There are a few important attributes to consider when choosing your arrows; spine and spine consistency, grains per inch (gpi), straightness and weight tolerances. Spine is probably the most important An arrow must soak up as much energy as possible for efficient delivery to your target, and when an arrow is underspined, it's not only unsafe but a waste of that energy. Always refer to an arrow selection chart when deciding what size of shaft/spine of arrow to shoot. Also, at a minimum, be sure your arrows have at least an overall mass weight (point included) of 5 grains per pound of draw weight. For example, for a 65-pound bow, you need an arrow weighing at least 325 grains. And for bowhunting Bowhunting is the practice of taking game animals by archery. Technique
In contrast to a rifle hunter, who may shoot effectively from ranges in excess of 200 yards (about 180 m), archers will usually restrict shots to 45 yards or less, depending on factors such as
, there's no such thing as too heavy! Sure, we can gain more speed with a lighter shaft, but when shooting fixed-blade broadheads, tuning becomes more critical--and heavier arrows tune more easily.

For 2009, Petersen's BOWHUNTING is pleased to offer this arrow shaft selection guide. From lightweight shafts providing sizzling siz·zle  
intr.v. siz·zled, siz·zling, siz·zles
1. To make the hissing sound characteristic of frying fat.

2. To seethe with anger or indignation.

 speed to heavy hitters intended to tackle the largest of game, bowhunters have options. Our goal is to highlight the newest, latest and greatest hunting arrows. Please refer to the graph on pages 62 and 64 for an extensive list of hunting arrows.


Whether you're looking for a high-end hunting arrow or your kid's first carbon shaft, Beman (; 801-539-1400) has just what you need. One of Beman's most popular series of shafts is the MFX MFX Metzler Fund Xchange
MFX Multi Effects
MFX Midi Effects
 Carbon arrows, which includes the Hidden Insert Technology (HIT) equipped MFX Team Realtree and MFX Classic. These micro-diameter carbon arrows are said to increase penetration and minimize wind drift thanks to slim diameters and HIT insert system, which provides better shaft and arrow matching because the broadhead's shank shank (shangk)
1. leg (1).

2. crus ( 2).

The part of the human leg between the knee and ankle.
 is aligned directly against the inside diameter Inside diameter is the diameter of the addendum circle of an internal gear.1

1. ANSI/AGMA 1012-G05, "Gear Nomenclature, Definition of Terms with Symbols".
 of the shaft. The Classic is finished in rustic, Photofusion wood-grain finish, while the MFX Team Realtree sports a camo-crested Team Realtree logo. New for '09, the Classic includes brass HIT Break-Off Inserts that allow you to reduce total arrow weight by 25 grains.



Beman's ICS (1) (Internet Connection Sharing) A Windows feature that enables two or more computers to share one Internet connection. First introduced in Windows 98 Second Edition, sharing is accomplished with network address translation (NAT), which is the common method.  Hunter, Hunter Elite and Hunter Camo shafts are popular among bowhunters. The Elite comes with both ViBrake Inserts and Nocks and has a straightness of .001 inches. The Hunter and Hunter Camo have straightness values of .003 inches and come with ViBrake Inserts and standard nocks. ViBrake Inserts and Nocks utilize LimbSaver NAVCOM NAVCOM Navigation Communication
NAVCOM Navigation Competition
NAVCOM Navigator Communicator
NAVCOM Noise and Vibration Control
 IV material and work to dampen vibration and improve broadhead flight. They can be purchased separately and fit most standard-diameter carbon arrows. For hunters pulling less poundage, Beman's ICS Hunter Junior is offered. Compatible with bows set up to 40 pounds, the one-size-fits-all arrow comes with 3-inch fletching fletch·ing  
The feathers on an arrow.
. Yet another offering is the ICS Bowhunter, an affordable arrow at just $59 a dozen.

Burt Coyote/Lumenok

Enter the newest arrow company on the market, Burt Coyote (; 309-358-1602), aka Lumenok. Known for producing lighted nocks, Lumenok is breaking onto to the arrow shaft scene with the Lumen-Arrow. Made in North America North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere.  from high-quality carbon composite fibers, the 100-percent carbon Lumen-Arrow has a smooth, polished finish and is available as a bare shaft or with Bohning 2-inch Blazers The Blazers (in some cases, short for Trail Blazers) is the name of several professional and collegiate sports teams:
  • The Portland Trail Blazers are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association.
. And as the name implies, every Lumen-Arrow comes with a lighted arrow nock nock  
1. The groove at either end of a bow for holding the bowstring.

2. The notch in the end of an arrow that fits on the bowstring.

tr.v. nocked, nock·ing, nocks
 in either red or green. Each nock has been specially fitted to ensure optimal performance. Lumen-Arrows come in three sizes: 45/60 (8.1 gpi), 60/75 (8.8 gpi) and 75/90 (9.9 gpi).


Carbon Express

Using only the highest grades of carbon fiber for each shaft and a computerized manufacturing process that ensures all shafts in a set have the same spine tolerance, Carbon Express (; 800-241-4833) arrows are a brand favorite among bowhunters. Carbon Express (CX) feels arrows with consistent spines ensure tighter groups and consistent accuracy. To achieve this, CX laser sorts its premium hunting shafts to be sure spines are all the same--guaranteed. To improve downrange down·range  
adv. & adj.
In a direction away from the launch site and along the flight line of a missile test range: landed a thousand miles downrange; the downrange target area. 
 accuracy, CX's Built-in Weight Forward technology shifts more weight to the front of the shaft, which reduces oscillation Oscillation

Any effect that varies in a back-and-forth or reciprocating manner. Examples of oscillation include the variations of pressure in a sound wave and the fluctuations in a mathematical function whose value repeatedly alternates above and below some
 and aids in accuracy and penetration. This technology, along with BuffTuff, which adds weight and strength to the front of the arrow, and BuffTuff Plus, a carbon fiber that makes CX arrows stiffer and lighter in the back, lends increased accuracy to -bowhunting setups. This technology can be found in the Aramid-KV, Maxima Hunter, Terminator (1) A character that ends a string of alphanumeric characters.

(2) A hardware component that is connected to the last peripheral device in a series or the last node in a network.
 Lite Hunter and Rebel Hunter. The Aramid-KV includes additional high-tech arrow building technology. The top-of-the-line Aramid-KV is made with a layer of Kevlar, a synthetic fiber Noun 1. synthetic fiber - fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes
man-made fiber

fiber, fibre - a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn

acrylic, acrylic fiber - polymerized from acrylonitrile
 that's five times stronger than steel. Combined with the BullDog bulldog, breed of thick-set nonsporting dog developed in the British Isles many centuries ago. It stands from 13 to 15 in. (33–38.1 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 40 to 50 lb (18.1–22.7 kg).  Nock Collar (a nock protector protector /pro·tec·tor/ (-tek´ter) a substance in a catalyst that prolongs the rate of activity in the latter.  available on the Aramid-KV, Maxima Hunter and Maxima), you get bone-crushing arrow shafts.





Other notable hunting shafts from CX include the wood-grain finished Heritage, which has the look of cedar and is perfect for those toting old school stick and string bows. You also have the lightweight Terminator Lite Select, an affordable shaft designed for speed. In 2009, CX introduced the 6071-T9 alloy aluminum arrow, which has tunable TCS (Transportation Control System) A widely used integrated information system for railroad transportation developed by the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was later implemented by Union Pacific when the companies merged.  nocks and comes fletched with 5-inch vanes. For youth, check out the Predator II, available in two sizes, one good for 30-40 pounds, the other 20-50 pounds. And for the bird shooters, or those looking to have a little fun, there is the Flu-Flu, a carbon composite shaft fletched with six, 4.5-inch feathers.

Carbon Tech

Another big name in the carbon arrow market, Carbon Tech (; 916-641-8088) offers arrows designed specifically for bowhunters; with names such as the CT Rhino, CT Panther panther, name commonly applied to the leopard, especially to a black leopard. It is also used locally to designate various other cats including the jaguar and the puma. , CT Cheetah, CT Whitetail and CT Hippo. The Panther is the newest shaft, with a tapered ta·per  
1. A small or very slender candle.

2. A long wax-coated wick used to light candles or gas lamps.

3. A source of feeble light.

 design and arrow construction that makes it heavier on the front end. This offers improved accuracy and spine control. Panther shafts can be spine tuned; increase spine by cutting from the nock end or decrease spine by cutting from the insert end. Nocks and inserts fit regardless of where you cut.

For those looking to get the most speed possible, the CT Cheetah and Cheetah 3-D are the perfect lightweight hunting arrows, flattening trajectory Trajectory

The curve described by a body moving through space, as of a meteor through the atmosphere, a planet around the Sun, a projectile fired from a gun, or a rocket in flight.
 and increasing your margin for error. All Carbon Tech arrows, with the exception of the Panther, are offered in a more expensive .0015-inch straight-ness shaft or standard .005-inch shaft.

Easton Archery archery, sport of shooting with bow and arrow, an important military and hunting skill before the introduction of gunpowder. England's Charles II fostered archery as sport, establishing in 1673 the world's oldest continuous archery tournament, the Ancient Scorton  

One of the most talked about arrows in 2009 will be Easton's (; 801-539-1400) A/C/C Pro Hunting Series shafts. These aluminum/carbon hybrids have been optimized for hunting and are built so that a high-strength carbon fiber is bonded to a precision 7075-alloy core. Easton's A/C/Cs also boast excellent broadhead flight thanks to the HP insert and the speed of SuperLite Alloy/Carbon. The result is one tough, accurate arrow.

* Specification don't apply, couldn't be found or weren't provided by

   ARROW MODEL                  INCH (GPI)    (IN INCHES)   TOLERANCE


       MFX TEAM  300, 340,      11.7, 10.4,    +/- .003     +/- 2
       REALTREE  400, 500       9.6, 8.9                    GRAINS

    MFX CLASSIC  340, 400,      11.2, 10.4,    +/- .003     +/- 2
                 500            9.7                         GRAINS

     ICS HUNTER  300, 340,      9.5, 9.3,      +/- .001     +/- 2
          ELITE  400, 500       8.4, 7.3                    GRAINS

       ICS CAMO  300, 340,      10.1,10.0,     +/- .003     +/- 2
         HUNTER  400, 500       9.1, 8.0                    GRAINS

     ICS HUNTER  Up To 40       7.3                *          *
         JUNIOR  lbs.


    LUMEN-ARROW  45/60, 60/75,  8.1, 8.8,      +/- .003     +/- .5
                 75/90          9.9                         GRAINS


      ARAMID-KV  250, 350       8.9, 9.8       +/- .0025    +/- 1

  MAXIMA HUNTER  250, 350       8.0, 8.9       +/- .0025    +/- 1

MATHEWS EDITION  150, 250,      6.3, 7.3,      +/- .0025    +/- 1
         MAXIMA  350            8.2                         GRAIN

TERMINATOR LITE  4560, 6075     8.2, 9.1       +/- .0025    +/- 1
         HUNTER                                             GRAIN

       HERITAGE  90, 150, 250,  9.4, 10.0,     +/- .005     +/- 2
                 350            11.0, 12.0                  GRAINS

    PREDATOR II  2040, 3050     7.7, 8.3           *          *


     CT PANTHER  40/80          8.4 (front     +/- .005      *
                                cut), 8.7
                                8.5 (back

 CT CHEETAH 3-D  25/50, 35/60,  5.3, 6.1,      +/- .0015      *
                 45/70, 55/80   6.4, 7.9

   CT WHITETAIL  25/45, 35/55,  5.9, 6.9,      +/- .0015     *
             XP  40/65, 65/80   7.9, 9.5


      A/C/C PRO  300, 340,      10.4, 9.7,     +/- .002     +/- .5
 HUNTING SERIES  390, 440       8.9, 8.4                    GRAIN

     FULL METAL  300, 340,      12.0, 11.3,    +/- .002     +/- 2
   JACKET (FMJ)  400, 500       10.2, 9.1                   GRAINS

  FMJ DANGEROUS  250, 300       17.2, 15.5     +/- .002     +/- 2
           GAME                                             GRAINS

   AXIS N-FUSED  300, 340,      11.5, 10.3     +/- .003     +/- 2

         CARBON  400, 500       9.8, 8.9

ST EPIC N-FUSED  300, 340,      10.0, 9.5,     +/- .003     +/- 2
         CARBON  400, 500,      8.6 7.3, 6.4                GRAINS

       FLATLINE  340, 400,      8.2, 7.4,      +/- .003     +/- 2
                 500            6.5                         GRAINS

XX75 SUPER SLAM  300,310,340,       *          +/- .001     +/- 1
        DIGITAL  360, 380,                                  PERCENT
                 390, 400,
                 420, 460,

    EASTON AXIS  Up To 45                      +/- .003     +/- 2
         JUNIOR  lbs.                                       GRAINS

       GOLD TIP

     PRO HUNTER  3555, 5575,    7.4-8.2,       +/- .001     +/- .5
                 7595           8.2-8.6,                    GRAIN

      XT HUNTER  3555, 5575,    7.4-8.2,       +/- .003     +/- 2
                 7595           8.2-8.6,                    GRAINS

     EXPEDITION  3555, 5575,    7.4-8.2,       +/- .006     +/- 2
         HUNTER  7595           8,2-8.6,                    GRAINS

Easton's small diameter, thick walled Axis Full Metal Jackets (FMJs) should also be a top choice among hunters this year. For 2009, they added the Full Metal Jacket Noun 1. full metal jacket - a lead bullet that is covered with a jacket of a harder metal (usually copper)
bullet, slug - a projectile that is fired from a gun
 Dangerous Game, which will be popular for those looking for added weight and kinetic energy. Two sizes are available, a 250 and 300 shaft, weighing 17.2 gpi and 15.5 gpi, respectively. The Dangerous Game FMJ FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FMJ Facility Management Journal
 also uses the new HIT Break-Off insert. Regular FMJs are offered in two finishes, Gun-Metal Black and Camo. Also new for 2009 is the Flatline. Available in three sizes--340, 400 and 500; weighing 8.2, 7.4, and 6.5 gpi respectively--the Flatline shafts were designed for speed thanks to new Microlite nock and insert. The Microlite Speed System reduces overall arrow weight by up to 16.5 grains and is said to boost velocity by five or more feet per second.

For the aluminum shooters out there, Easton offers its XX75 Gamegetter in their popular carbon hunting arrow sizes and a XX78 Super Slam Digital, also available in Easton's popular carbon hunting sizes. However, the shafts have a straightness value of .001 inches. For youth and women hunters, Easton offers two great shafts: the Axis Junior, for bows up to 40 pounds, and the ST Epic Jr., for bows up to 45 pounds.



Gold Tip

One hundred-percent carbon construction allows Gold Tip (; 800-551-0541) to maintain perfect strength-to-weight ratio on their Premium Hunting Arrows. What does this mean? Gold tip can build a lightweight, heavy-duty arrow that was ultimately designed for hunting. In the Hunting Series line, they offer three models: the Pro Hunter, XT Hunter and Expedition Hunter, with straightness values of .001-, .003- and .006-inch respectively. The Pro Hunter, meanwhile, offers a weight tolerance of 0.5 grain, and the XT and Expedition both are built to come in at 2 grains. Each model is available with a black, Realtree APG APG Assists Per Game (basketball)
APG Assists Per Game (hockey statistic)
APG Aberdeen Proving Ground
APG Automated Password Generator
APG Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering
, Crested or Mossy moss·y  
adj. moss·i·er, moss·i·est
1. Covered with moss or something like moss: mossy banks.

2. Resembling moss.

3. Old-fashioned; antiquated.
 Oak Treestand camo finish. The camo versions do have a heavier gpi rating. Gold Tip also offers great hunting arrows in their Specialty Arrow line including the Traditional .003 and .006, Big Game, Carbon Aluminum Arrow (CAA Caa

See CCC.
) and Ted Nugent Signature.


For those bowhunters looking for a little extra punch, and hunters who prefer heavy arrows, check out Alaska Bowhunting Supply's (www.; 206-453-3821) GrizzlyStiks, which are full-length, tapered shafts. Depending on type of bow used, arrow length and tip weight, they also offer one of the widest spine ranges available in a carbon arrow. GrizzlyStiks are available in three models, the Sitka (40-55 pound range), Alaskan (50-65 pound range) and Safari (60-100 pound range) and help hunters build arrows at 10 grains of arrow weight per pound of draw weight. These arrows are constructed from multi-directional woven carbon and weigh less towards the nock end of the shaft. This design allows the shaft to straighten out more quickly when it accelerates (stabilization and accuracy) and decelerates (impacting target), resulting in increased penetration. Thanks to a tapered design, GrizzlyStiks have built-in Extreme Forward of Center (EFOC) technology they say increases penetration 15 percent. GrizzlyStiks are widest at the point directly behind the head, which they claim results in fewer shaft failures.


1. pale soft exudative pork.

2. portosystemic encephalopathy.
 Carbon Force Arrows

Radial X Weave technology is the backing behind PSE's (; 520-884-9065) bone-crushing Carbon Force Radial X Weave arrows. Available in bare shafts, or with the choice between 4-inch fletchings or Bohning's Blazers, Carbon Force arrows come in four models: PRO, Predator, STL (STereoLithography) A 3D printing file format created by 3D Systems for its stereolithography system. Also supported by many numerical control, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing machines, STL provides the surface geometry of the item in triangles.  Hunter and Black Mamba Noun 1. black mamba - a highly venomous southern African mamba dreaded because of its quickness and readiness to bite
Dendroaspis augusticeps

mamba - arboreal snake of central and southern Africa whose bite is often fatal
. Depending on the shaft, they also are available in up to four sizes: 100, 200, 300 and 400. Heavier gpi arrows can be found in the 300 and 400 models, with the STL Hunter 400 shaft hitting 9.2 gpi and Black Mamba at 10.5 gpi with the included kinetic energy tube. The 100, 200 and 300 shafts weigh in at 6.6, 7.5 and 8.8 gpi respectively. PSE's Radial X Weave Pro features a straightness value of .001-inch and a weight tolerance of 1 grain. For those shooting less than 50 pounds, PSE offers the Desperado shaft in lengths of 26, 28 and 30 inches.



Trophy Ridge Arrows

Trophy Ridge, a division under Bear Archery Products (; 800-694-9494), offers four arrows Four Arrows, or Don Trent Jacobs (1946 – ) is a university professor and writer whose work has focused on indigenous worldviews, wellness and counter-hegemonic education. : the Crush, Blast, Hailfire and Wrath. To make a strong arrow hunters would appreciate, Trophy Ridge took a seamless, woven carbon arrow and increased the thickness of the shaft wall. To further boost durability, they designed an over-the-shaft insert, which they say increases shaft integrity--avoiding mushrooming at the leading edge. These two features, along with a slim diameter, aid in penetration. Also important to the design are trustworthy Beiter nocks that help improve accuracy and Silent Slide Coating, an arrow finish that provides quiet performance. The high-end Crush shaft separates itself from the pack with a straightness value of .0008-inch--one of the straightest shafts available.

* Specofocatopms don't apply, couldn't the found or weren't provided by

             MODEL             PER INCH     (IN INCHES)       TOLERANCE


           ALASKAN  40-55          *         +/- .005             5
                    POUND                                       GRAINS

             SITKA  50-65          *         +/- .005            5
                    POUND                                       GRAINS

            SAFARI  60-100         *         +/- .005            5
                    POUND                                       GRAINS


  CARBON FORCE PRO  100, 200,  6.6, 7.5,     +/- .001            1
                    300        8.6                              GRAIN

  CARBON FORCE STL  100, 200,  6.6, 7.5,     +/- .006            5
            HUNTER  300, 400   8.6, 9.2                        GRAINS

CARBON FORCE BLACK  400        9.2 (10.5     +/- .003            5
             MAMBA             gpi with                        GRAINS

      CARBON FORCE  Up to 50       *            *                *
         DESPERADO  Ibs.


             CRUSH  300, 350,  11, 9, 8,     +/- .008           .1
                    400, 550   7                               GRAIN

             BLAST  300, 350,  11, 9, 8,     +/- .002          .2.5
                    400, 550   7                               GRAINS

          HAILFIRE  300, 350,  11, 9, 8,     +/- .004           +/-
                    400, 550   7                               GRAINS

             WRATH  300, 350,  11, 9, 8,     +/- .006           +/-
                    400, 550   7                               .2.5


                                             +/- .001 (V1),    +/-
            VFORCE  300, 350,  9.9, 8.8      +/- .003 (V3),    5-3
                    400, 500,  8.1, 7.2      +/- .006 (V6),   GRAINS
                    600        6.6

         VFORCE HV  300, 350,  6.9, 6.4,     SAME AS VFORCE    .3
                    400, 500,  6.1                            GRAINS

        NANO FORCE  350,400,   7.1, 6.3,     SAME AS VFORCE    .5
                    500, 600   5.5, 4.9                       GRAINS

         VFORCE JR  One Size   7.2           +/- .006          .3

Victory Archery

Victory Archery (; 866-934-6565) surged onto the scene a couple years ago with some fantastic arrows. The 100-percent carbon design adds to the overall durability and a smooth, polished finish provides quiet shooting and easy arrow removal. The VForce and VForce HV line of hunting shafts will cover a wide variety of bow-hunters, while the new Nano Force, with its slim diameter construction, will be a big hit not only in the field but on the shooting line as well. All Victory hunting shafts come in three straightness values: V1 (.001), V3 (.003) and V6 (.006). For youngsters, Victory offers the VForce Junior, an arrow weighing 7.2 gpi with a .500 spine. For those archers looking to add a little color to their setup, the VForce Pink is offered--pink finished VForce--with a percentage of sales proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

RELATED ARTICLE: Illuminated Flight

Lighted nocks have become highly popular among bowhunters. Here are some of the top models:

Easton Tracer: Featuring 90-hour battery life, microchip-controlled flash mode and permanent on/off function, Tracer nocks include a magnetically-activated auto switch. To activate, install the included magnet on your bow's riser and place the nock within a half inch of the magnet. Nock your arrow, and immediately after an arrow is shot and passes the riser, the magnetic system instantly powers up the lighted nock. It's that easy. Available in green or orange with Easton's popular H, X and S nocks.


Firenock ( G Series: Available in six LED colors and five styles, Firenock's G Series nocks have a G Switch. In order for illumination to occur, an arrow must be shot and reach a minimum G-force of 65. These lightweight units have two modes--a beacon light (flashing) and continuous--and will stay lit from 18-48 hours depending on mode and battery used.

G5 ( G-Force: Available in two models to fit most hunting shafts, and with a replaceable battery, the 38-grain G-Force Lighted Nock has a high-output red LED and two lighting modes. The G-Force automatically turns on after being shot and reaching a minimum G-force level. The red light remains lit for six seconds to help track arrow flight and then switches to a battery saving flash mode. G-Force batteries have a 24-plus hour run time and to turn them off, simply tap the nock three times squarely on its end.

Lumenok: Burt Coyote's Lumenoks are one of the most popular lighted nocks on the market. Available in two colors (orange and green) and compatible with all aluminum or carbon arrows using ICS components, Lumenoks turn on once your arrow is shot and stay on until you turn them off. A simple circuit requiring contact with the conductive conductive

having the quality of readily conducting electric current.

conductive flooring
flooring or floor covering made specially conductive to electrical current, usually by the inclusion of copper wiring that is earthed
 material in an arrow is the power behind this nock system. Lumenoks run off of a 3-volt lithium battery Lithium batteries are primary batteries that have lithium metal or lithium compounds as an anode. Depending on the design and chemical compounds used lithium cells can produce voltages from 1.5V to about 3V, twice the voltage of an ordinary zinc-carbon battery or alkaline cell.  and stay lit for 40 hours.
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