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Boulevard Brewing offers Irish Ale.

Kansas City's Boulevard Brewing Co. Irish Ale is once again available. The brewery's specialty brew is produced only during the spring.

"We may be jumping the gun a little bit to produce our springtime beer in January, but Irish Ale is just so good we couldn't wait any longer," said John McDonald, Boulevard's president.

This spring marks the third year of brewing Irish Ale, McDonald added. "Each year we fine-tune the recipe, and this year's version is great; it has a full-bodied, toasty flavor and a rich, deep color," he noted.

The red-hued ale is currently available in both bottles and at draught accounts. "We emphasize the superior taste and quality of true draught beer," McDonald explained, "but we also know it's important to have our fresh beers in bottles so they can be enjoyed at home and in establishments that don't serve draught beer."

Irish Ale is patterned after the traditional red ales once favored in Ireland. While most Irish now drinker darker ales, several American brewers have attempted to revive the red ale.

"We include Irish Ale in our brewing schedule as a salute to spring, and also in celebration of St. Patrick's Day," McDonald said. "We will continue to brew Irish Ale through March."
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Title Annotation:beer product available only during spring
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 10, 1992
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