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Lights of Mankind

L. Douglas Keeney

Panoramic images of Earth at night illustrate the story of humankind's global spread. Lyons Press, 2012, 282 p., $32.50


Roald Hoffmann Noun 1. Roald Hoffmann - United States chemist (born in Poland) who used quantum mechanics to understand chemical reactions (born in 1937)
 on the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chemistry

Jeffrey Kovac and Michael Weisberg, eds.

A selection of the Nobel laureate's essays reveals his thoughts on everything from the beauty of molecules to teaching strategies. Oxford Univ., 2012, 416 p., $35


The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess

Jeff Wheelwright wheel·wright  
One that builds and repairs wheels.


a person whose job is to make and mend wheels

Noun 1.

A breast-cancer gene is the thread weaving together the history of Sephardic Jews, the Spanish Inquisition and the 1999 death of a Colorado woman. Norton, 2012, 260 p., $26.95


Deep-Sky Wonders

Sue French

Visit the outer reaches of space with 100 celestial tours, arranged according to the best months for viewing each one. Firefly, 2011, 320 p., $39.95


Neither Physics nor Chemistry

Kostas Gavroglu and Ana Simoes

This history of quantum chemistry shows how advances in math and physics have opened new realms of understanding chemistry on the smallest scales. MIT MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology , 2012, 368 p., $40
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Title Annotation:'Lights of Mankind,' 'Roald Hoffmann on the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chemistry,' 'The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess,' 'Deep-Sky Wonders' and 'Neither Physics nor Chemistry'
Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 24, 2012
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