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Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab.

Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab

Christine Montroll (Penguin Press, 2007)

For first-year students in medical school, the dissection of a cadaver is an important rite of passage in their quest to become doctors. The author was herself a nervous student, standing outside the anatomy lab on her first day of class, preparing herself for what was to come. When she first met the cadaver, however, she was utterly intrigued by the person the woman once was, humbled by the sacrifice she had made in donating her body to science, fascinated by the strange, unsettling beauty of the human form. She and her fellow students named her Eve. This book is a moving memoir of the relationship between Eve and the first-year medical student who cuts her open, augmented with accounts of some of the history of the study of anatomy.

By Barbara Bourrier-La Croix from the CWHN Expert Review Advisory Committee

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Title Annotation:WHAT WE'RE READING: recommended resources from our library
Author:Bourrier-La Croix, Barbara
Publication:Network (Winnipeg)
Date:Mar 22, 2008
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