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Bob Black of Exxon retires.


News from the oldest tele-communications association, ENTELEC (Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association): R.S. "Bob" Black retired.

Bill GAry, executive editor of ENTELEC News and a past president of the association, wrote about Bob:.

"A legendary figure in our industry and our Association has retired. Capping

an illustrious career of 35 years in petroleum telecommunications with Exxon and its predecessor companies, Bob Black retired on April 1, 1990. Those who know Bob, whether slightly or extremely well, recognize that one of the outstanding leaders in our industry has stepped down. Few among us are as widely known--much less as highly respected--as Bob Black.

"Throughout his long career, Bob has beleived in the importance of being involved in relevant industry associations. This is illustrated by his work on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and PIE/ENTELEC. A partial list of his roles in these groups reflects his commitment of energy, time and effort: PIEA-ENTELEC--Director, 1976> Second VP, 1978-79> First VP, 1979-80 President, 1980-81. API-VP, Land Mobile Communications Council, 1975> Aviation Committee, 1969-74> Alaska Committee, 1969-79> Refining Committee, 1968-69> Radio Communication Committee, 1970-86> Coordinating Committee on Telecommunications, 1981-86 (Co-Chairman, 1982-83> Chairma, 1984-85).

"In other roles, Bob has served on the Board of Advisors of Mary Hardin-Baylor College, and the Board of Directors of the Special Industrial Radio Services Association (SIRSA). He received a Certificate of Appreciation for services to the City of Houston in 1983.

"During his long career Bob has received numerous other forms of recognition. In 1971 he was elected a Member of the Radio Club of America, whose mebers have included Edwin Armstrong, Dr. Allen B. DuMont, Paul Godley, Dr. Louis Hazeltine, Raymond Heising, Joseph E. Keller, Fred M. Link, Gen. David Sarnoff and JohnL. reinartz. Bob Black was also elected a Fellow of the Club in 1976.

"In the mid-1970s our predecessor organization, the Petroleum Industry Electrical Association (PIEA) encountered serious problems. Bob played a particularly pivotal role in the affairs of the PIEA at a critical junstion. In 1978, following recommendations of Black and his committee, the Association's mebership reluctantly voted to adopt major changes, but only after Black presented a firmly stated scenario in which he described uncompromising alternatives. In 1984, as recognition of these and his other contributions, Bob received the first ENTELEC DIRECTORS AWARD."

Movers & Shakers

The Chicago Industrial Communications Association (CICA) 1990-1991 officers and directors are:

President Vince Donahue Jr., Benten, Schneider & Associates, Lisle, III.: Vice-President Ruth Soskin-Nesher, Chicago Board of Tradef Secretary John Gacek, Bear Stearns & Co., Chicago> Treasurer Mike Moisen, Helene Curtis Inc., Chicago> Director/Membership Donna Turcany, American Medical Association, Chicago> Director/Publicity Robert Ersery, Chicagof Director (Past President) Lois J. Wander, AT&SF Railway Co., Lemont, Ill.> Director Charles L. Garrison, Chicago Board of Options Exchange.

Note: Lois Wander is also chairing this year's Midwest Telecommunications Conference, Oct. 18-21, which CICA is hosting at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Ill.

The NEAX 2400 IMS Users Group just came off what proved to be its most successful Atlanta conference to date, under the leadership of Kathy Spola of CPC International (she's now past president).

The group's new board of directors are:

President Bill Cleveland, University of Iowa> Jim Dinin, Mutal of Omaha> Alma Fandal, University of Colorado Health Science Center> Prince Dyess, Scripps Clinic> Dave Phillips, Associated Grocers> Lee Bewley, GAF Corp.> Dan Mulholland, Lane Council of Govts.> Ilona Musen, Paramount Communications.

Jewett At TCA

I was browsing through TCA's 28th (Spet. 24-27 in San Diego) Annual Conference Registration Brochure and noted the following:

Feature Session--Entrepreneurial Telecommunications, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 8:30-9:15 a.M., presented by James E. Jewett, Ph.D., of Telco Research Corp.: To respond to an increasingly tough marketplace, corporations are encouraging greater quality, flexibility, innovation, and customer responsiveness... encouraging a more entrepreneurial style of management. In this provocative presentation, Dr. Jewett highlights practical steps you can take to strengthen your company's competitiveness--and advance your career--by practicing "entrepreneurial telecommunications."

If you have not heard Jim Jewett talk, I encourage you to go and listen to this most timely session. Better yet, invite him to speak at your association's monthly program meeting or annual conference.

I say timely because your survival as a telecommunications manager depends on changing, if you have not already done so, to being a practitioner of what Jewett calls "entrepreneurial telecommunications."

There have been a few heads of their corporation's telecommunications who anticipated this signal of change and made it happen.

Bob Bennis is a good example (see my column of May 1989). Briefly, bob was responsible for developing and forming a separate business enterprise within Westinghouse not only to provide the telecommunication needs of the corporation but to sell services to the outside world.

It is not too late to start such an "enterprise" within your own company or organization.
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Author:Underwood, Roger
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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