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Boat was all at sea.

STRANDED fishermen were rescued when their boat ran out of fuel off the coast of Northumberland.

The men were rescued after the trawler was left motionless fifteen miles out to sea, east off Amble amble

a slower, non-racing version of pace gait in horses.

broken amble
has many characteristics of the amble but there are four beats to the gait with each foot contacting the ground independently. Called also single-foot.

Tynemouth RNLI's allweather lifeboat was called out at 6.40am on Thursday after the skipper skipper: see butterfly.

Any of some 3,000 lepidopteran species (family Hesperiidae) named for their fast (up to 20 mph, or 30 kph), darting flight.
 of the fishing boat Dorothy May called for help.

The vessel's engine had simply stopped running when matters were complicated by an electrical fault.

The RNLI RNLI (in Britain) Royal National Lifeboat Institution

RNLI n abbr (BRIT) (= Royal National Lifeboat Institution) → organización benéfica que proporciona un servicio de lanchas de socorro

 all-weather lifeboat Spirit of Northumberland with six volunteer crew sped 22 miles to intercept the vessel, quickly locating her fifteen miles east of the Northumberland port.

A tow rope was swiftly attached to the stricken trawler and the RNLI lifeboat took her back to North Shields fish quay North Shields Fish Quay a fishing port located close to the mouth of the River Tyne, in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, North East England, eight miles east of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.  at a towing speed of six knots, in a journey lasting over four hours.

Adrian Don, a spokesman for Tynemouth RNLI station, said: "It seems as if the Dorothy May had used fuel at a far faster rate than her skipper had anticipated.

"Unfortunately, an electrical fault meant her batteries weren''t charging so when she lost her engine she also lost electrical power, making her radio useless.

"Thankfully the skipper managed to make a mobile phone call to alert rescuers to his position, and had he not done so it could have taken a very long time before anyone realised he was in trouble, and a long time to locate the vessel."
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2009
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