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Board elects officers.

Officers were elected by the AMT See vPro.  board of directors at its organizational meeting held in Miami. Roxann Clifton, MT, was elected President; Mary Burden, MT, was elected Vice President; Jeffrey Lavender lavender, common name for any plant of the genus Lavandula, herbs or shrubby plants of the family Labiatae (mint family), most of which are native to the Mediterranean region but naturalized elsewhere. The true lavender (L. , MT, was elected Secretary; and Everett Bloodworth, MT, elected Treasurer.

President Roxann Clifton, MT, Sayre, OK (see bio information in adjacent column)

Vice-President Mary Burden, MT, Moore, OK, has been a member of AMT for 37 years. She is a past president, vice president and secretary of the Oklahoma state society. Honors include Distinguished Achievement, Exceptional Merit, Pillar, Silver Service, President's Award, Technologist of the Year, and state Member of the Year.


Secretary Jeffrey Lavender, MT, Kalkaska, MI, has been a member of AMT for 22 years. He is a past secretary/treasurer of the AMTIE Board of Trustees. He also served on the Oklahoma state society board as secretary, and Texas state society as treasurer. Honors include Distinguished Achievement, Exceptional Merit, Pillar, and O.C. "Skip" Skinner Skin┬Ěner , B(urrhus) F(rederick) 1904-1990.

American psychologist. A leading behaviorist, Skinner influenced the fields of psychology and education with his theories of stimulus-response behavior.
 Uniformed Services Award.

Treasurer Everett Bloodworth, MT, Benton, KY (see bio information in adjacent column)
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Title Annotation:The 2011-2012 AMT Board of Directors
Publication:AMT Events
Date:Sep 1, 2011
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