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Blue Bunny adds 12 new flavors.

Wells' Dairy, maker of Blue Bunny ice cream and novelties, has announced twelve feature flavors for 2003. Five of the new flavors will be added to Blue Bunny's Critic's Choice line and the rest to its Limited Edition line. Packaged in half-gallon round containers, Critics Choice and Limited Edition flavors are made in limited quantities and made available periodically throughout 2003 in all markets where Blue Bunny ice cream is sold.

The new Blue Bunny Premium Critic's Choice ice cream flavors are: Knee Deep in Chocolate, a blend of chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate fudge and blended with chocolate covered fudge bits; Macadamia macadamia (măk'ədā`mēə), name for the nut of the Macadamia ternifolia, an evergreen tree native to Australia, but cultivated in Hawaii. The nuts, also called Queensland nuts, are eaten roasted or raw.  Mania, a vanilla ice cream with chunks of macadamia cookie dough, crunchy macadamia toffee bits, and buttery caramel; Vanilla Storm, a blend of vanilla ice cream, swirled with chocolate and caramel ribbon, with chocolate caramel cups and peanuts; Completely Nuts, a butter pecan flavored ice cream with a blend of praline pecans, penuche pe·nu·che also pe·nu·chi   or pa·no·cha or pa·no·che
A fudgelike confection of brown sugar, cream or milk, and chopped nuts.

[Variant of panocha.]

Noun 1.
 peanuts, chocolate almonds, and chocolate cashews; and Bourbon Street Sundae, a "classic sweet 'n salty" butter pecan ice cream Butter Pecan ice cream is a flavorful ice cream dish prominent throughout the Southern United States. It consists of vanilla ice cream with a slight butter flavor and roasted pecans. It is manufactured by many major ice cream brands including Breyers and Ben and Jerry's.  blended with chocolate roasted pecan bark and caramel bourbon variegate variegate /var·i·e·gate/ (var´e-i-gat?)
1. marked by variety; diversified.

2. having patchy spots or streaks of different colors.

The New Premium Blue Bunny Limited Edition flavors are: White Fudge Almond Divinity, a combination of buttery ice cream, almond slivers, and white fudge sauce; Triple Chocolate Temptation, a chocolate mousse ice cream layered with swirls of chocolate icing swirls and chunks of chocolate cake pieces; Raspberry Lemon Rhapsody (1) A subscription-based online music service from RealNetworks that gives users unlimited access to a vast library of major and independent label music. Within a single interface, Rhapsody provides access to streaming music, Internet radio and extensive music information and , a vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirl and lemon poppy seed cakes; Chocolate Seduction, a French silk chocolate ice cream, with marshmallow marshmallow /marsh·mal·low/ (mahrsh´mel?o) (-mal?o) a perennial Eurasian herb, Althaea officinalis,  bon bons, chocolate flakes, and thick fudge sauce; Peanut Brittle Persuasion, a mix of caramel flavored ice cream with a caramel swirl and peanut brittle crunch; Gooey See GUI.  Chocolate Caramel, a blend of chocolate ice cream swirled with marshmallow and caramel sauces, topped off with caramel filled chocolate bunnies; and Toffee Temptation, a blend of Homemade Vanilla ice cream, Heath toffee chunks and caramel sauce.
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Publication:Ice Cream Reporter
Date:Mar 20, 2003
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