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Blocs demanding Maliki's demotion should acknowledge failure of their ministers - MP.

BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Free Iraqiya MP Alia Nsaif called on political blocs demanding the demotion de·mote  
tr.v. de·mot·ed, de·mot·ing, de·motes
To reduce in grade, rank, or status.

[de- + (pro)mote.
 of Premier Nouri al-Maliki Nouri Kamel Mohammed Hassan al-Maliki (Arabic: نوري كامل المالكي, transliterated Nūrī Kāmil al-Mālikī; born c.  to confess confess v. in criminal law, to voluntarily state that one is guilty of a criminal offense. This admission may be made to a law enforcement officer or in court either prior to or upon arrest, or after the person is charged with a specific crime.  the failure of their ministers, who comprise the present government. Nsaif, in a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq, added "Maliki is not the minister of electricity, health, education or trade, thus if the present government is a failure, then it means that the ministers failed to meet the demands of the Iraqi people". "These ministers belong to the blocs that are demanding withdrawing confidence from Maliki, thus they should extend an apology to the Iraqi people for this disappointment", the statement added. She added "if the blocs refused confessing the failure of their minister, then the attempt is directed against Maliki himself, which has no relation to the interests of the citizens". RM (TS)/SR

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Publication:Aswat al-Iraq (Erbil, Iraq)
Date:Jun 11, 2012
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