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"supply, installation, commissioning and warranty electrosurgical platform for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery and tissue fusion" of "st.. ivan rilski "ead. Jun 28, 2015 193
'Open conclusion' on bipolar man who died on Thail trip. Jun 26, 2015 414
NeuroRx Announces First Human Trial Results Targeting Sustained Treatment of Bipolar Depression & Suicidality. Jun 24, 2015 861
Burden on Patients: 5 Questions on Access to Mental Health Medicines in Health Exchange Plans. Jun 18, 2015 1219
Richter And Allergan Announce FDA Has Extended The Review Period For Cariprazine To September 2015. Jun 16, 2015 782
Gardening has a positive effect on mental health... Gardening can help both your physical and mental health. Here, Mark Smith speaks to a young woman who has used her outdoor space to combat both bulimia and bipolar disorder. Jun 10, 2015 1270
Gardening has a positive effect on mental health... Gardening can help both your physical and mental health. Here, Mark Smith speaks to a young woman who has used her outdoor space to combat both bulimia and bipolar disorder. Jun 8, 2015 1595
Demi Lovato Gets Vocal About Mental Illness. May 30, 2015 799
Bipolar Missouri Artist Albert P. Carpenter Chosen to Show Polyhedral Art at 2015 Bridges Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Conference news May 14, 2015 349
Bipolar tip prosthesis for partial replacement 41 mm. May 7, 2015 120
Man took his life after saying he was 'failure'. May 7, 2015 422
Antiques dealer took his own life after branding himself a 'failure'. May 7, 2015 209
Bipolar tip prosthesis for partial replacement 39 mm. May 6, 2015 120
Supply of Electro Surgical Unit Withvessel Fusion And Bipolar Resection. May 4, 2015 127
Bipolar tip prosthesis for partial replacement 51 mm. May 3, 2015 120
Bipolar tip prosthesis for partial replacement 49 mm. May 3, 2015 120
Bipolar tip prosthesis for partial replacement 47 mm. May 3, 2015 120
Bipolar tip prosthesis for partial replacement 45 mm. May 3, 2015 120
Bipolar tip prosthesis for partial replacement 43 mm. May 3, 2015 120
Woman who won PS500k was hit by train, inquest told. Apr 29, 2015 518
PS500k Lotto winner died after being hit by train. Apr 29, 2015 491
Bipolar Lotto winner killed on train track. Apr 29, 2015 152
Bipolar Lotto winner killed on train track. Apr 29, 2015 151
Tal Medical Secures $14M Financing Round and Adds Industry Veterans to Team. Apr 21, 2015 756
Tal Medical Secures $14M Financing Round and Adds Industry Veterans to Team. Apr 21, 2015 781
Supply of mono and bipolar diathermy. Apr 16, 2015 267
Blues star BB King in hospital Daily RecoRD Tuesday, TRAIL Lubitz left evidence Jet killer's Skydevil searches KILLER co-pilot Lubitz used the computer sign-on Skydevil to the internet for information on cockpit security manic depression. Lubitz made the in the week before 149 people by passenger plane JEREMY ARMSTRONG reporters@dailyrecord. Apr 8, 2015 209
Jet killer's Skydevil searches. Apr 7, 2015 179
Alps jet crash pilot had the computer log-on Skydevil. Apr 7, 2015 138
Supply of complete assemblies for endoscopic urology, 1 pc colposcope, 4 pcs cordless drills, 1 pc ureterorenoscopes-rigid, flexible cystoscope 2 pieces, 1 piece of optical ureterotomu, 2 pcs bipolar. Apr 2, 2015 206
Asenapine OK'd for pediatric bipolar I. McKnight, Whitney Apr 1, 2015 235
bp (bipolar) Magazine celebrates its 10th Anniversary & salutes World Bipolar Day. Mar 26, 2015 500
Resilience is needed in the recovery journey: Jessie Close has learned to look toward the future. Ashcraft, Lori Interview Mar 22, 2015 881
Supply of complete assemblies for endoscopic urology, 1 pc colposcope, 4 pcs cordless drills, 1 pc ureterorenoscopes-rigid, flexible cystoscope 2 pieces, 1 piece of optical ureterotomu, 2 pcs bipolar. Mar 21, 2015 204
Uncemented multipolar bipolar hemi hip system, consisting of multipolar shell liner internal head and uncemented femoral stem . Mar 18, 2015 211
Uncemented modular bipolar hemiarthroplasty implant. Mar 18, 2015 199
Supply of PET CT Scanner,O.T. Table for Major OT,3D Laproscopy Unit for Major OT,Integrated Bipolar and Ultrasonic Coagulation and Cutting Unit. Mar 17, 2015 113
Buzzworthy. Mar 13, 2015 219
Actavis Receives FDA Approval of SAPHRIS for Pediatric Patients (age 10-17) for Acute Treatment of Manic or Mixed Episodes of Bipolar I Disorder. Mar 13, 2015 2161
Bipolar prosthesis. Mar 3, 2015 101
Pediatric OCD syndrome features abrupt onset: differential diagnosis includes anorexia, Tourette, and bipolar. Zoler, Mitchel L. Mar 1, 2015 693
Procurement Of Bipolar Ultrsonic Coagulation And Cutting Unit. Feb 27, 2015 131
The tools needed to work with the advanced bipolar coagulation generator. Feb 27, 2015 171
Drugs link to mania found by acdemics. Feb 26, 2015 361
Procurement of surgical work- stationcombination of bipolar, monopolar, vessel sealer and saline bi-tur, ultrasonic generator related to surgery. Feb 21, 2015 143
Sasha Voices struggle with depression. Feb 19, 2015 139
Procurement of surgical workstation combination Of bipolar,. Feb 18, 2015 208
HVDC Transmission Market by Technology (LCC & VSC), Configuration (Back to Back, Monopolar, Bipolar, Multi-Terminal), Power Rating (Below 500 MW, 1001 MW-1500, 1501-2000 MW & Above 2000 MW), Application, Component & Geography - Forecast Analysis to 2014 -. Feb 10, 2015 616
MS overrepresented in depression, bipolar disorder. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2015 355
Needs-based gap analysis for service transformation in the Eastern Cape. Sukeri, K.; Alonso-Betancourt, O.; Emsley, R. Report Feb 1, 2015 3890
Designed bipolar acetabular implant purchase. Jan 29, 2015 149
Widow tells of her fears over teacher's treatment; Bipolar patient died in crash after leaving hospital. Jan 28, 2015 564
Actavis and Gedeon Richter Announce FDA Receipt of NDA Resubmission for Cariprazine. Jan 6, 2015 1071
Delivery bipolar pulsed power sources TruPlasma Bipolar 4010 and 4003 TruPlasma Bias magnetron sputtering pulse II. Dec 24, 2014 207
Supply of Electro surgical and monopolar bipolar vessel sealer system. Dec 15, 2014 108
It's not just.. us Sunday Mail columnists [...]; BEHIND THE HEADLINES. Dec 14, 2014 130
Meehl Foundation Announces Release of the Friends and Family Bipolar Survival Guide. Dec 5, 2014 575
Comparison of temperamental features, anxiety, and depression levels between non-cardiac angina and acute coronary syndrome/Non-kardiyak anjina ve akut koroner sendrom hastalarinin mizac ozellikleri, anksiyete ve depresyon duzeylerinin karsilastirilm asi. Gumuser, Fatih; Altinbas, Kursat; Caglar, Ilker Murat; Ungan, Ismail Report Dec 1, 2014 2843
Missed chances to help woman who killed herself; Bipolar sufferer's hanging death. Nov 27, 2014 381
Germany : Infineon Offers Application Optimized Bipolar Power Modules Introducing Cost-Effective Solder Bond Modules. Nov 26, 2014 425
HVDC Converter Station Market by Type (Monopolar, Bi-Polar, Back to Back, and Multi-Terminal), by Technology (Line Commutated Current Sourced Converters and Voltage Source Converters), by Application and by Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019. Nov 19, 2014 486
Actavis Announces FDA Acceptance of sNDA for SAPHRIS (asenapine) for the Treatment of Bipolar I Disorder in Pediatric Patients. Nov 13, 2014 2011
POSTPARTUM BID: Improving prediction of the triggering of bipolar disorder episodes by childbirth. Nov 12, 2014 307
Woman loses 30-year battle against bipolar. Nov 6, 2014 493
Transition Therapeutics Reports Findings from Bipolar Disorder Phase 2 Study. Nov 4, 2014 1148
Bipolar resectoscope with the video system and semiautomatic biochemical analyzer purchase. Oct 30, 2014 135
Abilify is the Most Commonly Prescribed Antipsychotic Drug Among Newly Diagnosed Bipolar Disorder Patients in the United States. Oct 23, 2014 773
Man attacked OAP with meat cleaver. Oct 21, 2014 456
Meehl Foundation's Debra Meehl to Present Informative, Interactive Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder Workshop at Amen Clinic in Atlanta. Oct 20, 2014 658
Bipolar UK Support Groups; Noticeboard. Oct 16, 2014 115
Do You Know the Symptoms? Oct. 5-11 is Mental Illness Awareness Week; NAMI Calls for Public Education. Oct 2, 2014 875
Japan : Toshiba Launches Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver with Maximum Rating of 50V and 2A. Oct 1, 2014 311
Unseen Disorder - Cyclothymia. Sep 27, 2014 807
Exchange Plans, Medicaid Expansion Will Boost Access to Drugs for Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. Sep 3, 2014 653
Sensoril Found to Support Cognitive Function in Bipolar Subjects. Sep 1, 2014 139
Lithium, quetiapine equal rivals in Bipolar CHOICE. McKnight, Whitney Sep 1, 2014 2857
Dissociation mediates ketamine's antidepressive effects. McKnight, Whitney Sep 1, 2014 434
Are uric acid levels different from healthy subjects in bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia?: Relationship between clinical improvement and episode severity in male patients/Urik asit duzeyleri iki uclu bozukluk ve sizofrenide saglikli bireylerden farkli midir?: Erkek cinsiyette klinik iyilesme ve donem siddeti ile iliskisi. Gultekin, Bulent Kadri; Kesebir, Sermin; Gul Kabak, Sevgi; Ergun, Ferzan Fikret; Tatlidil Yaylaci, E Report Sep 1, 2014 2484
Comparison of sexual function and hormonal parameters between mood stabilizer treatment modalities in bipolar disorder/Iki uclu bozuklukta duygudurum duzenleyici tedavi modaliteleri arasinda cinsel islev ve hormonal degiskenlerin karsilastirilmasi. Kesebir, Sermin; Toprak, Burak; Baykaran, Burak; Hariri, Aytul; Bilici, Mustafa Report Sep 1, 2014 4008
Affective temperament profiles of overactive bladder patients/Asiri aktif mesane hastalarinin afektif mizac ozellikleri. Saribacak, Ali; Altinbas, Kursat; Yilmaz, Hasan; Ozkan, Alp; Ozkan, Levend; Oral, Timucin Report Sep 1, 2014 3198
Demi Lovato Shares Bipolar Disorder Part Of Who She Is, Nothing To Be Ashamed Of. Aug 23, 2014 384
Suicide Is Not the Answer: Meehl Foundation Offers Effective Treatment Program for Those Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Aug 20, 2014 653
LETTERS IN THE EDITOR'S MAILBAG. Letter to the editor Aug 16, 2014 1145
Robin Williams Suspected of Taking Life Because of Bipolar Disorder, Circuits in the Brain Make Patients Take Risks. Aug 13, 2014 320
HVDC Converter Station Market by Type (Monopolar, Bi-Polar, Back to Back, and Multi-Terminal), by Technology (Line Commutated Current Sourced Converters and Voltage Source Converters), by Application and by Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019. Aug 4, 2014 2641
Where there is no psychiatrist: a mental health programme in Sierra Leone. Alonso, P.; Price, B.; Conteh, A.R.; Valle, C.; Turay, P.E.; Paton, L.; Turay, J.A. Report Aug 1, 2014 5270
Cognitive performance in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and their first-degree relatives. Tran, M.; Patterson, J.V. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 274
InnoPharma Announces Launch of Olanzapine for Injection, 10mg/vial in Canada. Jul 30, 2014 415
Late father's will forged by daughter who stole thousands. Jul 23, 2014 681
A cross-sectional study of factors affecting seasonality in bipolar disorder. Mittal, P.K.; Mehta, S.; Solanki, R.K.; Swami, M.K.; Meena, P.S. Report Jul 1, 2014 1687
Kleine-Levin syndrome as a neuropsychiatric presentation: a case report and review. Lachman, A. Clinical report Jul 1, 2014 2226
Lurasidone monotherapy improves quality of life in bipolar I depression: reduced scores on the MADRS and CGI seen within 6 weeks. McKnight, Whitney Clinical report Jul 1, 2014 709
The forgotten dimension: work culture in plant turnaround maintenance of a Malaysian Petrochemical Company. Ghazali, Zulkipli; Halib, Mohammed; Shamim, Amjad Jul 1, 2014 4197
A clinical study comparing BIVAP saline vaporization of the prostate with bipolar TURP in patients with prostate volume 30 to 80 mL: Early complications, physiological changes and postoperative follow-up outcomes. Aydogdu, Ozgu; Karakose, Ayhan; Atesci, Yusuf Ziya Report Jul 1, 2014 3014
Bipolar rants make relationship with daughter-in-law difficult. Jun 27, 2014 459
'A darkness that can swallow up your life' As part of a series of articles from Time to Change Wales, Jayne Lutwyche describes her experience of living with bipolar disorder. Jun 23, 2014 768
Goetz-Sota, Germaine. Manic-Depressive Dynamics and Dramaturgy in the Life of Graham Greene: An Author's Battle with the Devil Within. Edwards, Brian Book review Jun 22, 2014 1849
Accused had not shown signs of bipolar disorder. Jun 12, 2014 492
Growing up with ADHD, bipolar sister has taken its toll. Jun 10, 2014 468
India : AUROBINDO receives USFDA approval to market psychiatric drug. Jun 6, 2014 229
India,United States : US FDA grants approval to AUROBINDO PHARMA for Divalproex production. Jun 4, 2014 152
Comorbidity of adult attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in bipolar patients: prevalence, sociodemographic and clinical correlates/Yetiskin bipolar bozuklukta eriskin dikkat eksikligi ve hiperaktivite bozuklugu: siklik, sosyodemografik ve klinik iliskiler. Berkol, Tonguc Demir; Yargic, Ilhan; Ozyildirim, Ilker; Yazici, Olcay Report Jun 1, 2014 5104
Families in psychiatry: ask four questions to address stigma. Mednick, Amy; Bassirnia, Anahita Jun 1, 2014 1655
Three key subdimensions of mania identified, validated. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 1, 2014 492
Bipolar Disorder, third edition. Book review Jun 1, 2014 114
Property for bipolar forceps videosurgery. Sealing vessels for 1 to 7 mm. May 31, 2014 141
Welsh bipolar programme wins award for innovation; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. May 29, 2014 471
Vital health Coping with agoraphobia. May 28, 2014 301
Mylan Launches Generic Zyprexa Zydis Tablets. May 14, 2014 471
Generator service lease for sealing and cutting glass with simultaneous mechanical energy and power bipolar. May 13, 2014 125
Smartphone App Predicts Bipolar Mood Swings. May 9, 2014 460
Bipolar Disorder, third edition. Brief article May 1, 2014 129
NASW Welcomes Presenter Debra Meehl on May 1, 2014 in Charleston, West Virginia Civic Center. May 1, 2014 476
Brent Bozell's Triumphs. Fantini, Alvino-Mario Book review May 1, 2014 1656
Asenapine may be beneficial in older bipolar patients. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report May 1, 2014 468
Speech comprehension worse in bipolar mania. Bock, Mike May 1, 2014 298
High medication burden persists in bipolar disorder. Karon, Amy May 1, 2014 294
Suicide at higher altitudes linked to bipolar disorder. Karon, Amy May 1, 2014 401
Watch for alcohol misuse in bipolar disorder. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2014 596
Trust can charge for disabled man's care. Apr 30, 2014 181
Supply Of Bipolar Stepper Motor Microstep Driver Model No: E5042 Or Its Equivalent. Apr 29, 2014 165
Bipolar battle in Tirupati. Apr 23, 2014 361
Canadian Bipolar Disorder Study Reinforces Methodology of the Meehl Foundation DBT Program. Apr 18, 2014 661
I thought that I had no-one to turn to... That's why I tried to take my own life; SON OF WARWICKSHIRE CRICKET LEGEND ALVIN KALLICHARRAN:. Apr 4, 2014 402
Reserpine for the treatment of refractory mania. Eloff, I.; Esterhuysen, W. Case study Apr 1, 2014 1118
Treatment decisions complex in perinatal bipolar. Blum, Karen Apr 1, 2014 544
Depression more troublesome than mania in bipolar disorder. Brunk, Doug Apr 1, 2014 721
First stem cell research paves way for new treatments for bipolar disorder. Mar 26, 2014 284
Supply Of Bipolar Stepper Motor. Mar 20, 2014 199
Dad asked me to run the business ...then took his own life. Company overview Mar 19, 2014 537
Hypomania less than 4 days? Don't rule'out bipolar II disorder. Otto, M. Alexander Mar 15, 2014 570
Alexza Announces the U.S. Commercial Launch of ADASUVE by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Mar 3, 2014 2456
International High School Essay Contest. Mar 3, 2014 396
Chris Brown's undiagnosed PTSD and bipolar disorder extends rehab stay for two months. Mar 1, 2014 137
Try CBT for psychosis, bipolar, uncomplicated anxiety. Worcester, Sharon Mar 1, 2014 1177
Hypomania less than 4 days does not rule out bipolar II. Otto, M. Alexander Mar 1, 2014 515
White matter abnormalities found in bipolar i patients. Rajaraman, Madhu Mar 1, 2014 585
Autobiographical memory overgeneralized in bipolar I. Blum, Karen Mar 1, 2014 605
Increased functional connectivity found in bipolar patients. Otto, Alexander M. Mar 1, 2014 567
Alterations of lipid-lipoprotein and leptin in bipolar disorder associated with clinic process/bipolar bozuklukta klinik surec ile iliskili lipit-lipoprotein ve leptin degisimleri. Bulbul, Feridun; Eryigit, Aysegul Giray; Erbagci, A. Binnur; Selek, Salih; Savas, Haluk Report Mar 1, 2014 2838
Our good, (g)old lithium. Oral, Timucin Editorial Mar 1, 2014 849
Receipt of employment services among Veterans Health Administration users with psychiatric diagnoses. Abraham, Kristen M.; Ganoczy, Dara; Yosef, Matheos; Resnick, Sandra G.; Zivin, Kara Report Mar 1, 2014 9509
Help Is On Hand for Family Members of People with Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and/or Depression. Feb 25, 2014 576
Cord for bipolar vitrectomia.unidad. (j-0279) (outpatient surgery). Feb 22, 2014 101
Hip replacement components for femoral neck fracture and acetabular implant adapted for bipolar purchase. Feb 20, 2014 155
Hoarding as a mortal sin. Brouwer, Joachim Essay Feb 1, 2014 1412
Data on adults guide therapy for pediatric bipolar disorder. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 1, 2014 1156
Asenapine is an option for some. Feb 1, 2014 941
Drama 'Infinitely Polar' about director's troubled youth. Herndon, Jessica Jan 30, 2014 678
Meehl Foundation Offers Free SPECT Image for Bipolar Disorder Treatment. Jan 28, 2014 636
Bipolar scanning high voltage power supply. Jan 17, 2014 158
Mood stabilizer + antipsychotic can prevent bipolar relapse. Moon, Mary Ann Jan 1, 2014 439
Jennifer Lawrence took `American Hustle` role to be cast opposite Christian Bale. Dec 30, 2013 112
Antidepressants may not be effective in treating bipolar disorder. Dec 25, 2013 205
Brit's bipolar hell; I'm not cut out for music industry claims pop star in documentary. Dec 24, 2013 258
Bruno backs 'brave' Trott to win battle; CRICKET. Dec 2, 2013 198
Remember your first bipolar patient? Bell, Carl C. Dec 1, 2013 560
Headache in teens with bipolar disorder undertreated. Miller, Naseem S. Dec 1, 2013 358
Lurasidone OK'd for treating bipolar depression. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2013 588
Armodafinil shows bipolar depression efficacy. Zoler, Mitchel L. Dec 1, 2013 517
TMS brings remission in small bipolar depression study. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2013 389
New diagnosis fits one-third of bipolar teens. Boschert, Sherry Dec 1, 2013 596
Cariprazine performs well for mania in 16-week trial. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2013 445
Mixd-state bipolar episodes reconceptualized. Rajaraman, Madhu Dec 1, 2013 500
Social cognition insight in schizophrenia, not bipolar. Haelle, Tara Dec 1, 2013 463
Shrink RAP news: Perhaps it's time to rethink bipolarity. Miller, Dinah Dec 1, 2013 669
Blognosis: DSM-5 and relabeling of 'problematic children'. Zoler, Mitchel L. Conference notes Dec 1, 2013 421
Commentary: patients' caregivers deserve our attention. Galynker, Igor; Briggs, Jessica Dec 1, 2013 785
Commentary: atypicals during pregnancy: what do we know? Cohen, Lee S. Dec 1, 2013 1120
Case report: eating disorder as an episode heralding in bipolar. Khoshnu, Esha Dec 1, 2013 1270
THE media on my mind: mental illness on big, small screens. Greenberg, Harvey Roy Dec 1, 2013 1038
Late-life onset mania after varenicline use: a case report/Vareniklin kullanimi sonrasi ileri yas baslangicli mani: bir olgu sunumu. Akpinar, Abdullah; Unal, Gulin Ozdamar; Atay, Inci Meltem; Gundogar, Duru; Ozcankaya, Ramazan Clinical report Dec 1, 2013 1832
Year-long tour has been simply murder; Actress Lysette Anthony is touring in a murder mystery. She tells Roz Laws about juicing, single parenthood and being selfish on stage. Nov 21, 2013 869
Encourage brother to seek medical treatment for bipolar wife. Nov 19, 2013 471
Armodafinil shows efficacy in bipolar depression. Zoler, Mitchel L. Nov 15, 2013 574
'Jaws' star Richard Dreyfuss opens up about struggle with bipolar disorder. Nov 12, 2013 155
Polls 2014 go bipolar. Nov 1, 2013 840
Lamotrigine is One of the Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs Among Newly Diagnosed Bipolar Disorder Patients in the United States. Oct 23, 2013 683
Facilitating Wellness from Childhood throughout Adulthood. Oct 18, 2013 836
Latuda Has the Greatest Commercial Potential Among New Agents Entering the Bipolar Disorder Drug Market Through 2022. Oct 14, 2013 700
DOCTORS TELL SINEAD: YOU'RE NOT BIPOLAR; Star vows to get off 'debilitating' drugs. Oct 7, 2013 460
Amanda Bynes Moved to Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Speciality Facility in Malibu. Oct 3, 2013 378
Smoking during pregnancy may raise bipolar disorder risk in kids. Oct 2, 2013 229
TV star Bynes is diagnosed with bipolar. Oct 2, 2013 115
Amanda Bynes formally diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder. Oct 2, 2013 200
Viscous dissipation in plastic pipe extrusion. Kolitawong, Chanyut; Giacomin, A. Jeffrey; Nontakaew, Udomkiat Oct 1, 2013 6035
Healing with homeopathy: sensational results using the sensation method of homeopathy for bipolar disorder. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Column Oct 1, 2013 3337
Atomic weights confirm bipolar model of oscillations in a chain system. Ries, Andreas Oct 1, 2013 5222
Blood marker may predict suicide: activity of gene could help doctors assess risk. Sanders, Laura Sep 21, 2013 332
Go online to monitor your mental health. Sep 18, 2013 639
Andrew's sky dive in mum's memory. Sep 17, 2013 566
Go online to monitor your mental health. Sep 16, 2013 639
The case for optimism amid gloom for India. Sep 12, 2013 1110
Bipolar takes over your life, but you can fight it ... I don't want others to suffer; Former world heavyweight champion opens his heart. Interview Sep 10, 2013 1613
SINEAD: I SCARE PEOPLE BECAUSE I'M BIPOLAR; Star now in a better place. Sep 2, 2013 308
Catherine Zeta Jones Is Not The Only One, Other Celebs Who Suffered From BiPolar Disorder [SLIDESHOW]. Sep 2, 2013 428
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: atypical antipsychotics. Cohen, Lee S. Sep 1, 2013 1121
Zeta and Michael split up; Family say marriage has been over for months. Aug 29, 2013 305
Hitler `took cocktail of medication to make him Nazi superman`. Aug 24, 2013 184
Patients can beat bipolar on the web. Aug 19, 2013 131
Sol.especial uapq nre 410 and 413 - washing brush instrumental, bipolar forceps insert. Aug 8, 2013 105
Expert commentary: 'hidden' bipolar disorder patients. Galynker, Igor; Briggs, Jessica Aug 1, 2013 894
Commentary: families of bipolar patients deserve attention. Galynker, Igor; Briggs, Jessica Aug 1, 2013 843
Bipolar disorder. Colin, F. Aug 1, 2013 4980
Lithium greatly reduces suicide risk: study. Jul 26, 2013 308
When will I get my dad back? Pick of The Day. Jul 23, 2013 273
Frank faces his toughest fight. Jul 23, 2013 828
TODAY'S TV. Jul 23, 2013 335
When will I get my dad back? Pick of The Day RACHEL BRUNO: MY DAD AND ME (9pm BBC3). Jul 23, 2013 264
TODAY'S TV. Jul 23, 2013 335
Frank Bruno Bipolar Sufferer: Dad Begged Us Not to Let the Doctors Take Him Away. Jul 23, 2013 557
Lithium greatly reduces suicide risk: study. Jul 19, 2013 212
AACC Annual Meeting Breaking Science Includes New Tests to Detect Life-Threatening Prostate Cancer, New Cystic Fibrosis Tests That Can Be Measured at the Point of Care, and New Ways to Determine the Safety of Drugs Used to Treat Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. Jul 18, 2013 1053
Bipolar care for Zeta. Jul 15, 2013 215
Bipolar cord p / vitrectomy of 3mt. 73cm.unidad. (femg) (outpatient surgery). Jul 13, 2013 107
Boxing champion Bruno's daughter to release film on father's fight with depression. Jul 5, 2013 194
Lithium greatly reduces suicide risk: study. Jul 2, 2013 308
From wounds to wisdom. Kumar, Vasavi Jul 1, 2013 874
TMS may bring remission in bipolar depression. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2013 383
Lurasidone approved for treating bipolar depression. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2013 597
Why laughter is the best medicine; real life stories When Jocelyn Duncan was eventually diagnosed as bipolar, she decided she wanted d to treat the condition with her mind, not medication. She tellls ABBIE WIGHTWICK why she, and others like her, are haviing the last laugh. Jun 26, 2013 1246
Killer fact is men don't wait for anxiety to go; Why more males are killing themselves than women. Jun 22, 2013 492
Disruptive mood dysregulation diagnosis fits third of 'bipolar' teens. Boschert, Sherry Jun 1, 2013 573
Clinical guide to depression and bipolar disorder; findings from the Collaborative Depression Study. Book review Jun 1, 2013 155
NAMI Family-to-Family Education Added to National Registry of Evidence-Based Mental Health Programs. May 28, 2013 591
Artprice: Hong Kong, with its Bipolar Market, has Become the Epicentre of the art Market. May 28, 2013 978
Proud husband reveals Catherine's 'raring to go' after bipolar treatment; DOUGLAS HAPPY WITH FAMILY LIFE AS HE PROMOTES 'BEST ROLE EVER'. May 22, 2013 762
Catherine Zeta-Jones completes treatment for bipolar II disorder. May 21, 2013 224
Bipolar Woman Asks High Court for Abortion Decision. May 21, 2013 295
Court told Arbabsiar is bipolar. May 17, 2013 453
Ups and downs of 'bipolar' Magpies; Harper rues club's extremes. May 17, 2013 718
Flu in pregnancy may quadruple child's risk for bipolar disorder. Brief article May 13, 2013 126
Celebrity Clinic; Vital health. May 8, 2013 296
Catherine praised for bringing attention to bipolar. May 5, 2013 262
Zeta: I'm in rehab again; STAR TACKLES BIPOLAR 'ISSUES'. May 1, 2013 581
Zeta: I'm in rehab again; STAR TACKLES BIPOLAR 'ISSUES'. May 1, 2013 581
CATH: I'm in rehab again; Star tackles bipolar illness. May 1, 2013 469
Catherine checks in for more bipolar therapy. May 1, 2013 217
DMDD diagnosis will apply to only some with rages. Otto, M. Alexander May 1, 2013 476
Catherine Zeta-Jones checks into rehab for bipolar disorder. Apr 30, 2013 125
Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones to get treatment for bipolar... Apr 30, 2013 293
Living With Bipolar Disorder: New Education Program by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Kicks Off Mental Health Awareness Month. Apr 30, 2013 438
Poor substitute; LETTERS. Apr 21, 2013 219
Reintegration & Welcome Back Awards Recognize Excellence in Mental Health. Apr 8, 2013 1812
Physicians should find DSM-5 more 'user-friendly'. Brunk, Doug Apr 1, 2013 1292
Neurological and psychiatric diseases and their unique cognitive profiles: implications for nursing practice and research. Vance, David E.; Dodson, Joan E.; Watkins, Jason; Kennedy, Bridgett H.; Keltner, Norman L. Clinical report Mar 31, 2013 8453
The Homeless In Florida Give Citrus County Sheriffs Office An Award For Compassion And Understanding. Mar 26, 2013 481
Charmer 'loved being centre of attention'. Mar 23, 2013 749
Should provide monopolar output for cut, coagulation & blend, should have bipolar cut and coagulation in multiple levels with automatic bipolar coagulation etc. Mar 11, 2013 102
BOGUS VICAR FACES JAIL FOR PS30k FRAUD; Con man stole thousands from city charities. Mar 5, 2013 462
Shift in thinking encouraged on bipolar, schizophrenia. Otto, M. Alexander Mar 1, 2013 641
Increased prolactin concentrations in a patient with bipolar disorder. Schmidt, Matthew; Sofronescu, Alina; Short, Baron; Nahas, Ziad; Zhu, Yusheng Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 3130
An investigation of the three factor model of personality and its relationships with clinical characteristics in major mood disorders/Major duygudurum bozukluklarinda kisiligin uc boyutlu degerlendirilmesi ve klinik ozelliklerle iliskisi. Ekinci, Okan; Ekinci, Asli Report Mar 1, 2013 6590
Carrie Fisher's 'Trashed' Cruise Performance Was Due To Bipolar Disorder, Not Booze: Publicist. Feb 28, 2013 848
Star Wars' Carrie Fisher hospitalised after bipolar disorder flares up on cruise ship. Feb 27, 2013 151
Carrie Fisher Drunk? Video Of Her 'Trashed And Incoherent' Cruise Performance Circulates [VIDEOS]. Feb 22, 2013 558
Artprice Partners With Artron, China's Leading Art Market Information Processor, in a Now Bipolar Global Art Market. Feb 21, 2013 1289
Alexza Receives Marketing Authorization for ADASUVE (Staccato Loxapine) in the European Union. Feb 21, 2013 1500
Alexza Receives Marketing Authorization for ADASUVE (Staccato Loxapine) in the European Union. Feb 21, 2013 1520
Ernest Hemingway's granddaughter recalls family history of alcoholism and suicide. Feb 15, 2013 632
Robert De Niro breaks down while discussing bipolar disorder. Feb 6, 2013 157
Olympic bottle thrower tagged. Feb 5, 2013 227
Community order for Olympic bottle thrower. Feb 4, 2013 298
Don't overreach for subthreshold bipolar disorder dx: expert advises using conservative criteria to diagnose BP-NOS in general clinics. Boschert, Sherry Feb 1, 2013 983
Teva Reports Top-Line Results from Second Phase III Study of Armodafinil (NUVIGIL[R]) in Patients with Major Depression Associated with Bipolar 1 Disorder. Clinical report Jan 23, 2013 1530
MONDAY. Jan 19, 2013 163
Chicago City Council Approves $22.5 Million Settlement in Tragic Christina Eilman Case. Jan 17, 2013 1311
Bolt bottle-thrower is spared jail sentence. Jan 12, 2013 177
Mitochondrial modulators for bipolar disorder: a pathophysiologically informed paradigm for new drug development. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 196
TV Claire I feel for bipolar sufferers. Dec 23, 2012 262
Research and Markets: Global Bipolar Disorders Drug Pipeline Capsule - 2012 Update. Dec 20, 2012 437
Bipolar Disorder Risk Could Be Spotted In Brain Scans. Dec 18, 2012 573
Brain scans could predict bipolar disorder risk long before onset. Dec 17, 2012 307
The CHMP Delivers a Positive Opinion Recommending Grant of Marketing Authorization for ADASUVE (Staccato Loxapine) in the European Union. Dec 14, 2012 1292
Industry's Smallest Bipolar, Beyond-the-Rails ADCs from Maxim Integrated Have an Internal Reference and Save Designers at Least 88% Board Space. Dec 12, 2012 805
Cath: I am not bipolar poster girl. Dec 9, 2012 145
ZETA: I'M NOT A BIPOLAR PIN-UP; Star tired of discussing it. Dec 9, 2012 512
I'm sick of talking about my bipolar disorder, says Catherine Zeta-Jones. Dec 8, 2012 313
Bipolar Catherine Zeta Jones Says She Is 'Sick' Of Talking About Disorder. Dec 7, 2012 387
Catherine Zeta-Jones: I'm Sick of Talking about My Bipolar. Dec 7, 2012 319
Forest Laboratories, Inc. to Present Cariprazine Results from a Phase 3 Trial and Two Pharmacology Studies at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) Annual Meeting. Dec 3, 2012 609
Reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the burden assessment scale/Hastalik yuku degerlendirme olcegi'nin Turkce surumunun guvenilirlik ve gecerliligi. Aydemir, Omer; Dikici, Didem Suculluoglu; Akdeniz, Fatma; Kalayci, Fatma Report Dec 1, 2012 2787
Integrative medicine. Clinical report Dec 1, 2012 677
Forest Laboratories Submits New Drug Application for Cariprazine for the Treatment of Both Schizophrenia and Manic or Mixed Episodes Associated with Bipolar I Disorder. Clinical report Nov 28, 2012 782
Catherine Zeta Jones' bipolar disorder strengthened marriage to Michael Douglas. Nov 14, 2012 321
Detroit Public Television Undertakes Groundbreaking New Documentary on Entrepreneurs and Bipolar Disorder. Nov 14, 2012 821
Research and Markets: Global Bipolar Disorder Epidemiology and Patient Flow Analysis - 2012. Clinical report Nov 13, 2012 300
Investment and our bipolar administration. Nov 11, 2012 504
Bipolar pregnancy dangers reassessed. Medical condition overview Nov 9, 2012 139
Research and Markets: Global Bipolar Depression Epidemiology and Patient Flow Analysis - 2012. Clinical report Nov 6, 2012 407
International Bipolar Foundation Acquires National Bipolar Foundation. Nov 2, 2012 424

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