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A numerical approach for the solution of nonlinear boundary value problems arising in biology via shifted Jacobi operational matrix. Hashemizadeh, E.; Mahmoodi, F. Report Apr 1, 2014 3057
Simulation of perspective by nonlinear transformations. Gingold, Yotam I.; Gingold, Harry Report Aug 1, 2013 5064
Mathematical models to estimate the mass of leaf and sketch the shape of tree. Wu, Jun; Liu, Yicheng Report Apr 1, 2013 5048
Modelling and analysing the information processing capabilities of simple biological systems. Moskon, Miha; Mraz, Miha Report Sep 1, 2012 7004
A plankton allelopathic model described by a delayed quasilinear parabolic system. Tian, Canrong; Zhu, Peng Report Sep 1, 2012 5477
A three-stage algorithm to make toxicologically relevant activity calls from quantitative high throughput screening data. Shockley, Keith R. Report Aug 1, 2012 8297
Finite element model to study calcium diffusion with excess buffer approximation in fibroblasts cell. Kotwani, Mansha; Adlakha, Neeru; Mehta, M.N. Report Jul 1, 2012 2753
The study of pharmacological efficacy in dry Mulberry Burirum 60 in mild stage of Alzheimer's disease. Srichaikul, Buavaroon Report Jun 30, 2012 3774
The energy of stochastic vibration system of a class of protein base on wavelet. Xia, Xuewen Report Jun 30, 2012 1178
Plants replacing plants: the future of community modeling and research. Myster, Randall W. Report Mar 1, 2012 3452
Spectral analysis of a block-triangular preconditioner for the Bidomain system in electrocardiology. Gerardo-Giorda, Luca; Mirabella, Lucia Report Jan 1, 2012 7273
Segmentation of anatomical structures by connected statistical models. Bukovec, Marko; Likar, Bostjan; Pernus, Franjo Report Jun 1, 2011 5546
Application of the optimal derivative to the study of a ratio-dependent model describing the evolution of HIV in Canada. Benouaz, Tayeb; Lassouani, Fatiha; Bekkouche, Sidi Mohamed Amine; Bohner, Martin Report Jun 1, 2011 2576
Applications of a nonnegatively constrained iterative method with statistically based stopping rules to CT, PET, and SPECT imaging. Bardsley, Johnathan M. Report Jan 1, 2011 4441
Global stability of two-species competing ecological model. Sarma, B. Bhaskara Rama; Ramacharyulu, N.Ch. Pattabhi Report Aug 1, 2010 1128
Stability analysis of two -species competition model with reserve for one species and harvesting both the species at constant rates. Sarma, B. Bhaskara Rama; Pattabhiramacharyulu, N.Ch.; Lalitha, S.V.N.L. Report Aug 1, 2010 1861
Sharks use math to hunt their prey: marine predators cruise the seas using fractal principles. Witze, Alexandra Jul 3, 2010 365
On a model of American cutaneous leishmaniasis. Carreno, Jesus; Lara, Teodoro; Rebaza, Jorge Report Dec 1, 2009 4027
Positive solutions to an elliptic biological model. Chase, Benjamin; Kang, Joon H. Report Aug 1, 2009 2623
On stability of two-species competing ecological model: a real case-study of Daphnia species-a computational approach. Sarma, Bhaskara Rama B.; Pattabhiramacharyulu, N. Ch. Report Aug 1, 2009 1055
New math traces human roots: Americas may have been populated in two waves. Ghose, Tia Jun 21, 2008 329
Do plants know math? (Horticulture). Jun 1, 2003 487
Step in time: exploring the mathematics of synchronously flashing fireflies. Peterson, Ivars Cover Story Aug 31, 1991 2218

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