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Biochrom 30 amino acid analyzer applications.

The Biochrom 30 is the world-leading dedicated amino acid analyzer, ideal for the busy industrial QC lab running 24/7. The Ninhydrin detection/ion exchange chromatography method is totally compliant with EU commission directive 98/64/EC and AOAC method for the determination of free and total amino acid content in food and feedstuffs.

Both the instrument and the method are robust, easy-to-use and economical to run. The column has a long life, is acid and base resistant and fully compatible with possible high concentrations of salts. It can be fully regenerated and re-optimized, enabling years of usage, controlling costs and minimizing waste. A wide range of sample types can be run and thanks to the online post-column derivatization of the amino acids with Ninhydrin, the precision on peak area is better than 1.5% RSD.

The peak separation is >95% on common amino acids profile (up to 45 amino acids in a single run with Lithium systems), including Taurine, Ornithine, oxidized amino acids such as Cysteic acid and Methionine Sulfone, and hydroxylated amino acids such as Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine. There is a choice of two buffer systems available, both totally optimized for food and feedstuff analysis including an accelerated buffer system for high sample throughput labs.

Short methods are available for specific applications such as Lysine or Taurine content and there is a range of accessories to analyze Polyamines. Technical and scientific support is available worldwide from a dedicated amino acid analysis support team.

Contact Biochrom on tel 01223 423723 or visit
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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