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Bill and Hillary Clinton national Airport.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport strives to be an excellent service provider and employer of choice through the expansion of its program Superior Operations Achieve Results


The program establishes a culture throughout the organization that is driven by employee development and execution of overall core pillars of customer service, communication, teamwork, innovation and volunteerism. This initiative, comprised of frontline staff, middle management and senior leaders, is an ongoing approach focused on continuous improvement processes that encourage staff to take ownership of each customers experience.

Clinton National Airport understands that its staff is crucial in die successful operation of chc airport and assurance rhar ir is positioned for future growth. Support of a work-life balance begins at the top of the organization and filters throughout to create a healthier environment for staff.

"To have a healthy airport, we must have healthy employees," said Ron Mathieu, executive director of Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. "Investing into our employees' work-life balance helps us maintain a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining some of the brightest minds in our industry."

Clinton National Airport has adopted several programs to help staff balance personal and professional needs.

The company offers flexible, paid time off tuition reimbursement, preventative health screenings and an employee assistance program offering counseling for the employees and dependents. Employees have access to Jim Dailey Fitness Center at a reduced rate, monthly lunches and dinners hosted by the executive director to discuss any pertinent issues or improvement challenges, weekly staff meetings and scheduled employee reward celebrations.

Clinton National Airport encourages staff to be champions in making wellness decisions through health fairs that include multiple screenings and massages, benefit fairs and a confidential resource to aid with issues that may affect an employees personal or professional life.

The Airport Commission pays up to 90 percent of employee and family insurance premiums, tripled the amount of life insurance provided and covers 100 percent of cost for long- and short-term disability and accidental death and dismemberment.

The airport encourages career advancement through continuing education opportunities and shows its appreciation through awards throughout the year.

Employees and supervisors have a relationship built; on respect and open communication. Staff members understand they are valued and make an important contribution toward the organization's mission.

RON MATHIEU, Executive Director
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Author:Mathieu, Ron
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Date:May 14, 2012
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