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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company                    Amount       Event

DRS Technologies       $ 3.8 million    Provide Tempest network servers
Gripen International   Undisclosed      Leasing agreement for 24 Gripen
STN Atlas              Not applicable   Future flight simulator
Airbus Military        Undisclosed      Received go-ahead for 196 A400M
Harris                 $ 200 million    Supply Falcon II HF subsystems
                                        for Bowman
FBM Babcock Marine     Undisclosed      To supply six 27-metre Aircrew
                                        Training Vessels
Boston Dynamics        $ 2.4 million    Develop software tools for
                                        virtual prototyping
Northrop Grumman       $ 15.7 million   Provide 106 LN-92 aircraft INS
Thales Underwater      160 million      Dutch/Belgium MCM fleet upgrade
Vosper Thornycroft     Not applicable   Handed over last Sundown class
Hagglunds Vehicle      SEK 53 million   Trial and deliver DSEP tracked
Eads Casa              Undisclosed      Maintenance contract for Nato
Grintek                Not applicable   Acquired 55 per cent of Grintek
Flir Systems           12 million       Supply new Star-Q multisensor
                       [euro]           imaging systems
Lockheed Martin        Undisclosed      Modernise Baltnet air
                                        surveillance network
Eads Casa              Undisclosed      Delivered last upgraded C-130
Northrop Grumman       $ 1.3 million    Produce M22 & M24
                                        laser-protected binoculars
Lockheed Martin        $ 80 million     Produce 111 Army Tacams Block
                                        IA missiles

Company                              From Whom

DRS Technologies                 US Government
Gripen International            Czech Republic
STN Atlas                      Link Simulation
Airbus Military                          Occar
Harris                        General Dynamics
FBM Babcock Marine          SMIT International
Boston Dynamics                        US Army
Northrop Grumman                       US Navy
Thales Underwater                   Tripartite
Vosper Thornycroft                  Royal Navy
Hagglunds Vehicle                       Sweden
Eads Casa              International Aerospace
Grintek                           Eads Ewation
Flir Systems                   Royal Air Force
Lockheed Martin                         Latvia
Eads Casa                    Spanish Air Force
Northrop Grumman                       US Army
Lockheed Martin              Republic of Korea
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Feb 1, 2002
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