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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company                   Amount

North Grumman             Not Applicable

CAE                       C$ 4 billion
GD-AIS                    $ 252 million
RAE Systems               Not applicable
MBDA                      Undisclosed
Gulfstream                $ 473 million
EDO Corp.                 $ 17.5 million
Curtiss-Wright            $ 61.8 million
Rolls-Royce Defense       $ 51 million
McDonnell Douglas         $ 48.8 million
Armor Holdings            $ 110.5 million
Bofors Defence            $ 97.6 million
BAE Systems               Undisclosed
Austral/DMS               $ 550 million
General Dynamics Ca       $ 6.1 million
BAE Systems               $ 20 million
Raytheon Canada           $ 41.7 million
Nanaimo Shipyards         $ 5.3 million
Magellan Aerospace        C$ 0.9 million
Boeing                    Not Applicable
Sikorsky                  $ 49.9 million
US  Air Force             Not Applicable

Company                   Event

North Grumman             Named partner on US FCS programme

CAE                       Build future air sim &training programmes
GD-AIS                    Provide information support services
RAE Systems               5000 mile test mark for hybrid diesel/elect
                          tactical truck
MBDA                      Teamed on Small Diameter Bomb Program
Gulfstream                Supply four G550 jets for CAEW platforms
EDO Corp.                 Provide EOD systems and equipment
Curtiss-Wright            Next-gen JP-5 fuel valve systems for Nimitz
Rolls-Royce Defense       Supply power-by-the-hour support for 175
McDonnell Douglas         Contract modification for option on three
Armor Holdings            Acquire all common stock, liabilities and
Bofors Defence            Systems develop. & demo phase of Excalibur
BAE Systems               Assist in design/development of Littoral
                          Combat Ship
Austral/DMS               Build and support replacement patrol boats
General Dynamics Ca       Develop/evaluation of MMVV vehicle
BAE Systems               Provide stems for C-130J and C-5
Raytheon Canada           Repair/overhaul/upgrade Phalanx CIWS
Nanaimo Shipyards         Scheduled drydocking/maintenance of HMCS
Magellan Aerospace        Perform new work on GE/Rolls-Royce F136 JSF
Boeing                    Unveiling of upraded F/A-18 Hornet
Sikorsky                  Engineering support for H-60 helicopter
US  Air Force             Providing F-16 pilots with high-energy
                          weapon training

Company                          From Whom

North Grumman                  Boeing/SAIC

CAE                                US Navy
GD-AIS                    US Air Force IWC
RAE Systems                        US Army
MBDA                                Boeing
Gulfstream                          Israel
EDO Corp.                          US Navy
Curtiss-Wright                     US Navy
Rolls-Royce Defense           US Air Force
McDonnell Douglas                  US Navy
Armor Holdings                      Simula
Bofors Defence                    Raytheon
BAE Systems                        US Navy
Austral/DMS                Australian Navy
General Dynamics Ca                 Canada
BAE Systems                   US Air Force
Raytheon Canada                Canada Navy
Nanaimo Shipyards                   Canada
Magellan Aerospace             Rolls-Royce
Boeing                 Australia/US forces
Sikorsky                           US Army
US Air Force                  US Air Force
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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