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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company             Amount             Event

Raytheon            $146 million       Produce and enhance Rolling
                                         Airframe Missile
Lockheed Martin     Not applicable     Completed review of Space Radar
Qinetiq             Not applicable     Signed MoU to develop hybrid
                                         drive technology
KMW                 9 million [euro]   Upgrade Leguan bridgelaying
CAE                 C$ 5 million       Will acquire India-based
                                         simulation company
Boeing              Not applicable     Opened 'The Portal'
                                         decision-support facility in
Honeywell           Undisclosed        Provide Milacas-FR formation
                                         flying sys. for KC-30
Saab Ventures       Undisclosed        Purchased 60% of IT solution
Raytheon            $ 37 million       Deliver nine HF satcom terminals
Northrop Grumman    Not applicable     Delivered 5000th Mk VII
                                         hand-held laser rangefinder
BAE Systems         $ 183 million      Deliver TWS-II thermal weapon
Aselsan             Undisclosed        Delivered UHF/VHF SDR radios
Revision            Undisclosed        Delivered 4500 ballistic visors
                                         against order for 15,200
Lockheed Martin     $1 million         Support Air Maneuver Battle Lab
Galileo Avionica    Undisclosed        Supply Atos mission systems for
                                         ATR42 MP aircraft
Boeing              $ 2 billion        Manufacture 242 A-10 wing sets
Rockwell Collins    $ 300 million      Supply GPS receivers for
                                         GB-Gram proagramme
KVH                 $ 1.1 million      Supply DSP-3000 fibre optic
Lockheed Martin     Undisclosed        Provide SAR pods for F-15
BAE Systems         $ 54 million       Upgrade Atircm/CMWS multi-band
                                         helicopter lasers
Northrop Grumman    $12.2 million      Continue BMC2 development
Defense Solutions   Undisclosed        Evaluate energy-attenuating
                                         aircraft troop seat

Company                          From Whom

Raytheon                           US Navy
Lockheed Martin               US Air Force
Qinetiq                         Nexxtdrive
KMW                             Norway MoD
CAE                    Macmet Technologies
Boeing                             Qinetiq
Honeywell                 Northrop Grumman
Saab Ventures                   Perform IT
Raytheon                           US Navy
Northrop Grumman                 US forces
BAE Systems                        US Army
Aselsan                              Egypt
Revision                      Canadian DND
Lockheed Martin                    US Army
Galileo Avionica                   Nigeria
Boeing                        US Air Force
Rockwell Collins                   US Army
KVH                   US military customer
Martin        Japan Air Self Defence Force
BAE Systems                        US Army
Northrop Grumman              US Air Force
Defense Solutions                  US Army
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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