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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company                  Amount                 Event

Northrop Grumman         Undisclosed            Provide 42 additional
                                                  Litening targeting
BAE Systems              Not applicable         Received Mode 5
                                                  certification for
                                                  IFF products
CAE                      C$ 4.6 million         Agreed to acquire
                                                  core business and
Northrop Grumman         $ 98.7 million         Provide ICBM guidance
                                                  replacement full-rate
Sperry Marine            Undisclosed            Scalable Integrated
                                                  Bridle System
                                                  approved for CG 47
Lockheed Martin          $ 135 million          Continue support for
                                                  terrorism prep.
                                                  emerg response
Tadiran Communications   $ 19.6 million         Provide add-on next-
                                                  gen radio communi-
                                                  cation sys. order
BAE Systems              $ 13.7 million         Supply flight control
                                                  computer kits for
                                                  Korean T/A-50
ITT                      Undisclosed            Agree to build and
                                                  market Smart-S Mk 2
                                                  radar in US
Lockheed Martin          Not applicable         Tested new enhanced
                                                  training grounds
Northrop Grumman         $ 23.6 million         Deliver 275 spare
                                                  laser transceiver
                                                  units for AH-64D
GDC4 Systems             $ 12 million           Contract mods for
                                                  TAIS programme
Northrop Grumman         $ 580 million          Acuquired core
                                                  business and assets
                                                  Essex Corporation
Raytheon                 $ 29 million           Provide support for
                                                  upgraded early
                                                  warning radar
Argon Electronics        $ 5 million            Supply Acadasim
                                                  simulation training
GE Marine                Not applicable         Completed high-power
                                                  testing on LM2500+
Eads                     $ 5.7 million          Expand/modernise Joint
                                                  C4I system
BAE Systems              $ 285 million          Supply thermal weapon
                                                  sights and develop
                                                  new technology
General Dynamics         $ 39.5 million         Contract mod for M865
                                                  120 mm tank training
                                                  tracer rounds
Sikorsky Aircraft        $ 10 million           Acquire 100% stake in
                                                  Polish fixed-wing
Lockheed Martin          $ 654.9 million        Provide support for
                                                  Trident II D5
                                                  ballistic missiles
DCN                      287 million [euro]     Provide five-year
                                                  support to Charles
                                                  de Gaulle

Company                            From Whom

Northrop Grumman                US Air Force
BAE Systems                          4US NSA
CAE                      Kesem International
Northrop Grumman                US Air Force
Sperry Marine                        US Navy
Lockheed Martin                       US CDC
Tadiran Communications                Israel
BAE Systems                      Next Future
ITT                                   Thales
Lockheed Martin                      US Navy
Northrop Grumman                     US Army
GDC4 Systems                         US Army
Northrop Grumman           Sultanate of Oman
Raytheon                              Boeing
Argon Electronics                    US Army
GE Marine                       France/Italy
Eads                       Sultanate of Oman
BAE Systems                          US Army
General Dynamics                     US Army
Sikorsky Aircraft                     Mielec
Lockheed Martin                      US Navy
DCN                              French Navy
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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