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Big Brother: Becki: My story; I'm no slapper..I've only slept with 5 men -My last boyfriend left me broken-hearted -Family rejected me but I'll win them over.


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 COX TV Correspondent

BIG Brother babe Becki Seddiki told last night how she has only ever slept with FIVE men - and claims her outrageous flirting is just a front.

The 33-year-old beauty was painted as a sex-crazed vixen vixen

female fox.
 in the show, but in real life she says she's just an ordinary girl looking for love.

Yesterday, she told how she was sorry for having to plant the Judas kiss a deceitful and treacherous kiss.
an act appearing to be an act of friendship, which is in fact harmful to the recipient.

See also: Judas Judas
 on Michelle - and can't wait to see her new friend outside the house.

"I think she's lovely and just hope she can forgive me for nominating her - I can't wait to go shopping with her," she said.

Becki was booted out on Friday night to boos and jeers jeer  
v. jeered, jeer·ing, jeers

To speak or shout derisively; mock.
To abuse vocally; taunt: jeered the speaker off the stage.
 from the audience - the worst in the show's five-year history.

Her Muslim family refused to meet her and have disowned her due to her saucy sauc·y  
adj. sauc·i·er, sauc·i·est
a. Impertinent or disrespectful.

b. Impertinent in an entertaining way; impossible to repress or control.

 antics - including flashing her surgically enhanced 34DD boobs, licking jam from Michelle's breasts, and pretending to perform oral sex on a cucumber.

But Moroccan-born Becki says she is a faithful, loving girlfriend who has NEVER had a one-night stand and has had just five long-term boyfriends.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, Becki also told how she:

IS DEVASTATED dev·as·tate  
tr.v. dev·as·tat·ed, dev·as·tat·ing, dev·as·tates
1. To lay waste; destroy.

2. To overwhelm; confound; stun: was devastated by the rude remark.
 her family has disowned her

IS NOT bisexual, but has kissed girls

LIKES to spice up her love life with kinky kink·y  
adj. kink·i·er, kink·i·est
1. Tightly twisted or curled: kinky hair.


WAS left heartbroken after the man she thought she'd marry cheated on her

WOULD have snogged Jason - but only if HE made the first move.

She said: "I can count the number of lovers I've had on one hand, there have only been five and they've all been long-term relationships.

"I didn't even lose my virginity until I was 19, but I love sex. And I am a flirt - I flirt with everyone, regardless of whether I fancy them or not, because that's my way of getting on with people.

"But it's all a facade. Deep down, I believe you should only have sex in a long-term relationship with someone you love. I've never had a one-night stand, it's not my style.

"I've snogged a couple of girls, but I'm not bisexual. It was partly alcohol intoxication intoxication, condition of body tissue affected by a poisonous substance. Poisonous materials, or toxins, are to be found in heavy metals such as lead and mercury, in drugs, in chemicals such as alcohol and carbon tetrachloride, in gases such as carbon monoxide, and , partly curiosity - everyone's a bit bisexual.

"I was painted a certain way - the Big Brother bosses wanted me to sex the place up. But I want people to know I'm not driven by sex - I'm driven by love."

The only housemates Becki plans to stay in touch with are Nadia and Michelle - ironic, given that Becki gave Michelle the 'Judas kiss' that led to her being nominated for eviction The removal of a tenant from possession of premises in which he or she resides or has a property interest done by a landlord either by reentry upon the premises or through a court action. .

"I had to base the person I kissed on who was least open to me, and that was Michelle," she said. "But afterwards, we became really good friends. I'd love to see her and Nadia when they come out of the house. They're great girls."

Becki also spoke of her sadness after learning her parents - Ahmed, 80, and Fatima, 68 - had disowned her when they found about her appearance in the Channel 4 show.

Last night, she vowed to make up with them, but is still determined to live out her dream of becoming a pop star.

"I'm devastated that I've caused them so much hurt," she said. But she said she felt betrayed after finding out her own brother, Sidi, was touting stories around which she claims are false.

Sidi is also understood to have claimed Becki's Muslim relatives in Morocco are baying for her blood because she went on the show.

"I'm not taking these so-called death threats seriously," she added. "I never intended to hurt them or bring shame on the family.

"I am different to them, I always have been. I've had to respect their enforced rules - no boys, for example - and so I've had to lash out to strike out wildly or furiously; also used figuratively.

See also: Lash

"It's a really difficult time for me and my family at the moment, but I've never put them through this much pain before." Becki did not tell her parents she was entering the Big Brother house and they only found out when reporters knocked on their doors and turned their TV on.

"I wasn't sure how they'd react," she said. "I knew they wouldn't be completely happy about what they'd see.

"In a way it's a relief to be myself at last, although I know it must be very shocking for them - particularly the sex stuff. They have pretty strict views on sex before marriage and so on, so I feel bad for them about that."

Becki hopes to make it up with her family, but realises it will be a slow, painful process.

"I think that will take months, maybe even a year," she said. "It's obviously a very sore point for them. I'm not going to contact them yet, they need to cool off. But I hope they see this article and realise I still love them." Becki has been single for a year since breaking up with her last boyfriend, a fitness instructor who she prefers not to name.

She had thought the boyfriend of two years was "the one", but he left her broken-hearted after having a five-month affair.

"I found out he'd been unfaithful to me when his girlfriend phoned me up out of the blue," she said. "I was devastated. It was a real shock and it's done me some serious damage. But now I"m open to love, if it comes along in the right way. It would be nice to be with someone."

And if Becki does meet Mr Right, the lucky boy is in for a treat. She giggled: "I'm open-minded about sex, I'm a Cosmo-reading, Sex and the City sort of a girl. I'll try furry handcuffs from Ann Summers and stuff like that.

"I like things like that to add a bit of interest to my sex life - dressing up or vibrators, all that sort of thing." But Becki said she would NOT have bedded housemate house·mate  
One who shares a house with another.

Noun 1. housemate - someone who resides in the same house with you
 Jason Cowan, despite their constant flirting and spanking spanking Pediatrics Corporal punishment, usually of children, in which the buttocks, are pummeled, swatted, or otherwise struck. See Corporal punishment Sexology Slapping, usually of the buttocks as a part of sexuoerotic activity. Cf Sadomasochism.  him during a night of fun in the house.

"Jason was typical for the look of the person I would normally fancy, but I wasn't attracted to him," she said.

"For me to be attracted to a guy, they need to be a little more communicative. They need to know how to use language properly.

"I possibly would have kissed him if he'd tried to, but Jason admitted to me he never approaches women first. He hasn't had a girlfriend for five years because he isn't confident enough to approach girls."

Meanwhile, Becki feels she was made a scapegoat by Big Brother.

She said: "They pigeonholed me as this vixen who was going to go in and shake things up. It was a difficult situation." The booing and jeering when Becki came out of the house continued throughout her live interview with presenter Davina McCall, with audience members shouting words like "Judas" and "minger".

But defiant Becki last night insisted: "The audience booing didn't bother me because it's a pantomime. The editing's creative - I had to fit a caricature of this sex-obsessed bitch."

She added: "I wanted to go on Big Brother partly because I thought it would be fun, and partly as a platform for my music.

"If going on the show has risked my family's wrath and my relationships with people, that's a shame, but I'm glad I did it because, hopefully, it will help me fulfil my dreams.

"I've had an amazing experience - and I'd do it all again."


BIG FLIRT: But Becki says she just lived up to an image; UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: Becki licks Michelle's boobs, checks on the BB sausages and cuddles Michelle after her eviction was announced
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 11, 2004
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