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Beverage Systems, Inc. trumpets software improvements.

Beverage Systems, Inc. Trumpets Software Improvements

During the 1991 business year, Beverage Systems, Inc. added new features and programs to its Route Distribution System (RDS). These improvements range from a preview spooling feature to an automated driver sales package using hand-held technology.

To start off, the review spooling feature introduced by Beverage Systems is designed to allow the user to take a "preview" look at reports on the screen before deciding to print one or more hard copies. When previewing a report, the user is presented with a 132-column display on his screen which can be reviewed page by page. After previewing the report, the user can tell the computer to print one or more copies of the report or not to print the report at all. If the user is unsure of which report contains the required information, different reports can be previewed and printed. The user can also look only at the bottom line report totals without printing the entire report.

Another new RDS feature is an archived invoices feature. This allows users to print or view invoices which were previously checked in. Recent invoices are kept on-line to allow rapid access. Older invoices are kept on tape, so the information is available no matter how long ago an invoice was checked in. The user may search for an invoice (or invoices) based on any combination of account number, load and date.

RDS also now boasts an on-line help feature, which the company says has been enhanced to provide detailed explanation of various program prompts. This feature is said to be useful in explaining input fields when updating customers and items. To activate on-line help, operators press a function key while the program is prompting. The help text is then displayed.

Other new features have also been added, including an in-store display tracking report, counter sales/dock sales record, nine-digit zip code support and a more flexible report printing feature, which allows users to print in a variety of sort sequences.

The RDS program now includes features that allow sales comparison and analysis, including a report which shows sales by working day of the year and by period. Annual sales trends and forecasting and inventory flow analysis reports are also available, together with enhanced market distribution reports broken out by on- and off-premise licenses and showing sales in actual cases or in 24/12-ounce equivalents.

The new RDS program also includes a number of enhancements, including enhanced sales quota reports, improved brewery/supplier electronic interfaces and better financial package interface.

RDS also includes an optional report writer, which allows the wholesaler to perform on-line inquiries and custom ad-hoc reports. BSI is also currently in the final stages of development of an automated driver sales package using hand-held technology. BSI says that the new package is written specifically for beverage wholesalers and should be available in early 1992.

For more information, contact Beverage Systems, Inc., 4930 Naples Street, San Diego, CA, 92110. Tel: (619) 275-5353.
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Title Annotation:Route Distribution System innovations
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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