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Best practice leads to benefits across the Seafield Logistics estate.

Seafield Logistics, one of the UK's major third party supply chain, logistics solutions and contract packing specialists, has cut operational costs following the implementation of a Warehouse Management Solution from RedPrairie, a world-leading consumer-driven optimisation Noun 1. optimisation - the act of rendering optimal; "the simultaneous optimization of growth and profitability"; "in an optimization problem we seek values of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized"; "to promote the  company.

The solution has already gone live in two of Seafield Logistics sites, with a third implementation planned for March.

Seafield Logistics has also selected RedPrairie's Duty Management solution to run its bonded warehousing.

Justin Hunt, general manager of key accounts, at Seafield Logistics, said: iThe implementation has led to massive cost reductions, and in the long term we are looking to put in place cross-training cross-training Multiskilling Sports medicine 1. The regular participation in multiple sports–eg, basketball and long-distance running 2. The exercising of muscle groups or participation in a sport differing from than an athlete's primary sport. See Training. , and standardisation Noun 1. standardisation - the condition in which a standard has been successfully established; "standardization of nuts and bolts had saved industry millions of dollars"
 of processes across the company in order to derive these benefits in all our sites.

We selected RedPrairie as they are a good fit with our business. It went out of its way on the initial proposal, and we felt that they understood what we wanted to achieve from the project.

It was also competitive on price and the functionality that the solution offers represented excellent value for money. We wanted a solution that could be rolled out across multi-sites. We wanted to control the ownership, and be able to decentralise v. 1. same as decentralize. Opposite of centralize nt> and concentrate nt>

Verb 1. decentralise - make less central; "After the revolution, food distribution was decentralized"
decentralize, deconcentrate
 skills across IT, so that expertise could be spread across our estate. We were looking to drive down the initial cost of ownership, and importantly, offer improved service and more flexibility to our customers in terms of being able to interface data in and out of the system.

Seafield Logistics previously used a bespoke be·spoke  
Past tense and a past participle of bespeak.

1. Custom-made. Said especially of clothes.

2. Making or selling custom-made clothes: a bespoke tailor.
 system, but this was proving expensive to maintain, with high on-going costs whenever interface development was required for customers.

The first implementation was at the company's Worksop site, which is multi-site and multi-client. A range of operations are carried out at these sites, including full pallet picks, alternative case packing and different types of storage, for example APR APR

See: Annual Percentage Rate
 and bulk.

The second implementation was at Seafield Logistics brand new build warehouse. The project went extremely well.

The next rollout is at Seafield Logistics Northwich site, that will be for a key customer. The project involves building interfaces and real time stock management, and will be driven by SSCC SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code (EAN barcoding)
SSCC Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (religious order)
SSCC Space Station Control Center
SSCC Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking
 functionality, with a go-live planned for March 2009.

Contact Red Prairie prairie

Level or rolling grassland, especially that found in central North America. Decreasing amounts of rainfall, from 40 in. (100 cm) at the forested eastern edge to less than 12 in.
 on tel 01494 486556 or visit
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