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Berghoff bock enters super-premium group.

Berghoff Bock enters super-premium group

The traditional marking of the fall and winter season occurred in Monroe, WI recently as the Berghoff-Huber Brewing Co., Ltd. released the first Berghoff-Huber bock beer of the season for shipment to markets all over the Midwest.

"We began our bock beer production in late summer so that our Berghoff and Huber bock beers could be slowly lagered for an extended period of time," said Fred Huber, president, Berhoff-Huber Brewing Co. "This way, we achieve that creamy smoothness that our bock beer is famous for."

The first bock beer of the season included Berghoff Bock, the company's newest entry into the premium brand category, and Huber Bock, a long-time Wisconsin favorite.

According to Huber, bock beer is traditionally a holiday brew that is particularly popular in the late winter months.

"However, over the years, we've found that there is a strong consumer demand for our bock beers all the way from October to late spring," Huber explained. "For this reason, we brew our bock earlier than most other breweries who make this specialty beer."

PHOTO : BERGHOFF BOCK joins Berghoff Regular and Berghoff Dark as part of the Berghoff-Huber

PHOTO : Brewing Co.'s flagship premium beer offering. The traditional winter season bock is

PHOTO : already available throughout the Midwest.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 13, 1989
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