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Celebrity "Science" ramps up climate hysteria for UN summit. Jasper, William F. Oct 5, 2015 1403
Fighting for New England's future. Sep 22, 2015 950
Campaign updates. Oct 1, 2014 1235
Can you taste the righteousness? Mar 14, 2014 353
New leaders initiative: meet the 2013 Brower Youth Awards winners. Shores, Meredith Sep 19, 2013 1194
Dear EarthTalk: what is the "Monsanto Protection Act" and why are environmentalists so upset about it? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Doug Apr 28, 2013 617
Rebecca Turner, senior director of programs and policy. Brief article Mar 22, 2013 251
Urban living legend. Gray, Katti Dec 20, 2012 780
Ol man Nonno: Sarah Johnson introduces the Little Veggie Patch Co. Johnson, Sarah Jul 1, 2012 451
World of wonder. Mark, Jason Editorial Jun 9, 2012 524
Earth Island Journal: finding solutions to protect the planet. (spyhopping:. Smith, Gar Organization overview Jun 9, 2012 714
Objectivity is the greatest threat to the limited states today. An excerpt from Encounters with the Archdruid. McPhee, John Reprint Jun 9, 2012 3320
Green dragon: a suspicious and powerful government. Home to incredible biodiversity and the world's biggest polluters. A citizenry struggling to define its notion of civil society. Despite these challenges, the environment movement in China is gaining momentum. Ives, Mike Jun 9, 2012 3404
GreenHome bloggers: Michel Green and Cameron Tout. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 165
Whale watcher. Belli, Brita Jan 1, 2012 400
Defender of the seas: Captain Paul Watson travels the world to challenge illegal whaling and fishing, and whale wars captures the action. Belli, Brita Cover story Jan 1, 2012 4001
Climate reality presenters' Christmas wish list. Nov 1, 2011 426
A man saved by Wilderness. Glover, Jim Jun 22, 2011 990
Project survival media: say it loud. Choy, Ellen Jun 22, 2011 931
Center for safe energy: lessons in ecotourism. Prager, Melissa Brief article Jun 22, 2011 191
Trees and the forest: story and trustori in quaker Faith and Practice. Pierson, Robert Report Jun 1, 2011 4557
A force of nature: often the most inspiring stories are those closest to home. Barbara Baird invites Micah Demmert onto her incredible property and shares her passion for life. Demmert, Micah May 1, 2011 704
Can you help save the earth? Meet five young people who saw problems--and set out to fix them. Harvey, Mary Apr 18, 2011 839
Environmentalists divided on role of nuclear power for world's energy needs. Heffern, Rich Apr 1, 2011 786
Don't blame Canada. Mark, Jason Editorial Mar 22, 2011 524
Bridging the Gulf. Ali, Azam Mar 1, 2011 440
Schooled in hope. Danomira, Dina Brief article Mar 1, 2011 344
The breakthrough that wasn't: at a climate change conference in Cancun, negotiators agreed to meet again. That's pretty much all they agreed on. Bailey, Ronald Column Feb 24, 2011 1137
Adventure in the Amazon: man walks the entire Amazon River to call attention to the rain forest's plight. Walters, Jennifer Marino Jan 24, 2011 1594
Big blue groundswell: currently less than 5% of Australian waters are highly protected. ACF's Healthy Ocean's Campaigner Chris Smyth looks at the swell of support to protect more. Smyth, Chris Jan 1, 2011 878
Talkin' 'bout my generation: can a new group of young environmental leaders reinvigorate green's grassroots spirit? Mark, Jason Cover story Dec 21, 2010 5131
An ill wind Blowing? Utility company executives supposedly stall wind-farm development because they're in cahoots with Big Coal and uranium suppliers, but are the accusations accurate? Hiserodt, Ed Nov 8, 2010 2890
Against the grain: President Obama wants us to support ethanol. How about we do something better for the American farmer? Rogers, Heather Nov 1, 2010 5280
Mikisew Cree activist garners international attention. Thompson, Isha Aug 1, 2010 605
Life in a ball. Pound, Kara Brief article Jul 1, 2010 212
This Tree Counts! Nature enthusiast and children's author Alison Ashley Formento is encouraging today's youth to appreciate what trees have to offer. McVicar, Sarah Jun 22, 2010 852
The new environmental activists. MacDonald, Christine May 1, 2010 3921
Youth resist offshore drilling. Belli, Brita Brief article Apr 5, 2010 210
Despite disappointment, climate summit marks high point for activist movement. Mar 1, 2010 480
Questioning the games: green groups take the Olympics to task. Belli, Brita Feb 15, 2010 469
Climate "teacup tempest"? When the released e-mails of some of the world's most respected climate alarmists showed that they were manipulating data, environmentalists tried to downplay the deceit. Jasper, William F. Jan 4, 2010 2498
Bill Gates points out the human cost of radical environmentalism. Brief article Nov 9, 2009 242
Engineering 'better than tax on climate'. Sep 27, 2009 416
Branch action news. Pinkel, Georgia Sep 22, 2009 1294
Across the sea, too close to home. Suzara, Aileen Sep 22, 2009 728
Getting into hot water: evangelicals and global warming. Phillips, Benjamin B. Report Sep 22, 2009 7822
Is this the end of coal? Momentum is building to block new coal-fired power plants and end mountaintop removal mining. Is there enough political will to make the break? MacDonald, Christine Essay Sep 1, 2009 3497
Ken Hechler, 94, a former U.S. representative and West Virginia secretary of state, was one of 29 people arrested in June for protesting mountaintop removal mining at the Massey Energy-owned Goals Coal Company's processing plant in southern West Virginia. Berger, Rose Marie; Choi, Jeannie Brief article Sep 1, 2009 81
Sounding the alarm bell: the next step for the climate change movement. McKibben, Bill Viewpoint essay May 1, 2009 1128
Ready, set, Earth Day: greenies share their E-day plans. Howard, Brian Apr 13, 2009 1032
Verbatim. Clarke, Kevin Brief article Apr 1, 2009 146
Weight & switch: a Massachusetts teenager educates anglers about the unforeseen consequences from lead fishing weights. Levit, Joe Mar 16, 2009 470
Strengthening the vital Transition Towns movement. Trainer, Ted Jan 1, 2009 3658
Evangelicals' green leader forced to resign. Brief article Dec 26, 2008 165
Last word from... Graeme Sherriff. Sherriff, Graeme Oct 1, 2008 766
Baikal watch: Siberia is not a (nuclear) wasteland. Cook, Gary Sep 22, 2008 1092
The declining value of life. Wedekind, Jennifer Brief article Sep 1, 2008 256
Personal pledges: a CLF supporter "walks the walk" through clean energy. Brief article Jun 22, 2008 323
Greens bash new White House climate plan. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Apr 21, 2008 307
CLF Staff in the spotlight: how do you stay green? Jan 1, 2008 427
Everyone has a story. Webb, Audrey Jan 1, 2008 663
Colin & Julie Crawford-Smith: ACF supporters, Colin and Julie, look back on the campaign to make GreenPower a genuine option for energy consumers. Davis, Jodie Jan 1, 2008 673
Stone's throw. Kovarik, Bill Sep 22, 2007 2055
Everyone has a story. Webb, Audrey Sep 22, 2007 626
It's kid, kid world: they use their share of electricity, water fossil fuels--and a lot of them have developed the nasty habit of breathing air. Borgman, Lori Sep 1, 2007 555
Reconnecting nature. Sampson, John Aug 1, 2007 993
David Suzuki talks sustainability. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 100
From the editor. Clarke, Chris Editorial Sep 22, 2006 522
The missing energy policy. May 5, 2006 658
Power plan worries environmentalists. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 225
Compassionate conservation: a real answer to high oil prices. Howard, Brian C. Jan 1, 2006 862
Ecological suffering and hope. Abercrombie, Sharon Dec 16, 2005 1288
A race to reclaim forests: timber-managed land is up for sale, and forest communities are scrambling to maintain pristine environments and their way of life. Little, Jane Braxton Sep 22, 2005 2346
Brian Halweil: think globally, eat locally. Halweil, Brian Column Sep 1, 2005 699
Oil boycott. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 124
The phantom solution: Alan Roberts explains the danger of pursuing nuclear power when it will fail to meet both environmental and energy needs. Roberts, Alan Aug 1, 2005 5453
Chinese villagers protest local environmental damage. Chafe, Zoe Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 284
It's the sprawl, y'all: why suburbs-on-steroids are wearing out their welcome. Polter, Julie May 1, 2005 1686
Trashing the greens: reports of environmentalism's "death" may be exaggerated. Motavalli, Jim May 1, 2005 4586
ACF presidency meets hot science: Margaret Ambrose finds that science somewhat unexpectedly becomes a whole lot more interesting when new ACF President, Professor Ian Lowe, is talking about it. Ambrose, Margaret Feb 1, 2005 646
Hiding the bad gas. Birch, Simon Jan 1, 2005 450
Damming Tiger Gorge: Chinese environmentalists try to protect a natural wonder. Shufro, Cathy Jan 1, 2005 1078
High noon for prairie dogs. Vogel, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 205
Love Canal "clean-up"? Scheer, Roddy Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 162
Has the bald eagle landed? Environmentalists are split on delisting America's national symbol. Scheer, Roddy Nov 1, 2004 650
Past winners: environmentalists. Nov 1, 2004 2635
Environmental career brings many challenges. Taillon, Joan Nov 1, 2004 664
Kenyan wins Nobel Peace Prize. Ryan, Antonia Oct 22, 2004 1547
Navy shuts down long protested communication sites. Winter, Joe Oct 15, 2004 335
The power and the passion: the curtain has finally fallen on Peter Garrett's presidency of ACF. We take a step back to recall his stirring leadership and also to bid him well in his next incarnation as a politician. Fredericks, Rebecca Aug 1, 2004 1209
Blistering ambition: peace pilgrim, and long-time ACF volunteer Nick Pastalatzis is truly walking the talk--from Roxby Downs to Hiroshima! Ambrose, Margie Aug 1, 2004 669
"Gaia guru" flips, embraces nuclear power. Brief Article Jun 14, 2004 309
Don't get mad, get elected! A conversation with Kenyan activist Wangari Maathai. Interview May 1, 2004 1582
Gretchen's own backyard. Ambrose, Margie Dec 1, 2003 531
Little green man: Luke Milross is not from outer space, he's an Earthkid! Ambrose, Margie Oct 1, 2003 666
Working for a new ocean ethos: ocean activism on the shorelines. Interview Sep 1, 2003 2279
Just what the documenter ordered: Keith Bradby didn't make his highly acclaimed documentary, A Million Acres a Year, for his own artistic fulfilment. Ambrose, Margie Aug 1, 2003 624
West Nile virus: a public health crisis. (Science & Technology)(Cover Story). Logomasini, Angela Cover Story Jul 1, 2003 2745
Voices. Kupfer, David Excerpt Jun 22, 2003 656
A new partnership between CSIRO and EcoFutures is an exciting development for building a more sustainable society in Australia. Olson, Molly Harriss Editorial Apr 1, 2003 325
A mother Grizzly from Marblehead: the ursine image is an apt one. Clean air and water advocate Lori Ehrlich has no fangs and snarl, but she's fiercely effective in defending the health of her offspring--and the grateful citizens of Boston's North Shore. Capone, Lisa Mar 22, 2003 2786
From the editor. Clarke, Chris Mar 22, 2003 537
Rubbernecking the commons. (Note From a Worldwatcher). Ayres, Ed Mar 1, 2003 1614
Solidarity in the woods: redwood summer and alliances among radical ecology and timber workers. . Shantz, Jeffrey Dec 1, 2002 7413
In Fiji, a new approach to the restoration of coral reefs draws notice: Marine scientist Austin Bowden-Kerby, inspired by Baha'i principles on the relationship between humanity and nature, heads the innovative and successful Coral Gardens Initiative, which promotes a high level of community participation in the management of natural resources. (Environment). Oct 1, 2002 2475
Brower Blasts Yosemite Plan. Smith, Gar Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 427
Saving Energy, Oil and Your Aching Feet. VOZZELLA, CHRISTINA Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 780
EARTH DAY THEN AND NOW. Bailey, Ronald May 1, 2000 7306
`Hey, I'm not a greenie.'. BLAKE, TREVOR Dec 1, 1999 550
CHRIS MYERS. MOTAVALLI, JIM Interview Sep 1, 1999 2280
Self-consciousness and the future of the earth. Ayres, Ed Mar 1, 1999 1649
Green at the grassroots: women form the frontlines of environmental activism. Miller, Stuart Jan 1, 1997 820
Reforming elections: two green views. Motavalli, Jim Cover Story Sep 1, 1996 1048
Company men: the shadow greens. Silverstein, Ken Jun 1, 1996 868
The great divide: 12 environmental and animal rights leaders talk about what separates them - and what can bring them together. Jan 1, 1996 5004
Paul Watson. Dillingham, Maud Nov 1, 1995 574
Why forest gridlock? Sampson, Neil Mar 1, 1995 1996
Britain's two cultures - a third look. Syer, Geoffrey Aug 1, 1992 3758

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