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Beer brands evaluated by Financial World.

Financial World magazine recently conducted its annual brand evaluation. The magazine's study evaluated 111 worldwide brands, and ranked them based on sales, profitability and growth potential.

According to Financial World, the world's top three brands are Marlboro cigarettes ($39 billion), Coca-Cola ($33 billion) and Intel ($17 billion).

Several beer brands also made the list, although only A-B's Budweiser brand made the top ten.

Budweiser (ranked number six) was valued at $8.24 billion. The study noted an eight percent decrease in value for Budweiser since last year.

Guinness Stout was the next most valuable beer brand, at $2.73 billion, up 48 percent from last year. Heineken followed at $1.62 billion (down 14.7 percent) and Miller at $1.01 billion. Carlsberg stood at $859 million, and Coors at $173 million.

According to Financial World, the brand evaluation is made using data collected from financial analysts, trade association, financial statements and the companies themselves.

One conclusion the magazine drew was that the private label threat has been over-stated. "In an overcrowded marketplace plagued increasingly by discounted private label competition in the midst of economic stagnation, the race goes increasingly to the brands that are well managed and can differentiate themselves from generics and private labels," said Alexandra Ourusoff, deputy statistics editor.

Financial World magazine was founded in 1902, is published in New York City.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 16, 1993
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