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Beer Institute adjourns in Washington.

Members stress positive reinforcement of product

Beer Institute adjourns in Washington

Stressing the need to inform the public of the positive attributes of beer and the beer industry, affiliates of the Beer Institute adjourned on June 27 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C for its Third Annual Membership Meeting.

Speakers at this year's meeting included James Sanders, president of the trade group; outgoing chairman of the group and president and chairman of the board of Anheuser-Busch Cos., Inc. August A. Busch III; Leonard J. Goldstein, president, Miller Brewing Co; and Richard A. Gephardt, majority leader, U.S. House of Representatives.

Although each presenter addressed issues in a unique way, the subject matter varied little: bring home the importance of beer and the beer industry to Mr. and Mrs. America.

In an attempt to help obtain this goal, the Beer Institute will begin an advertising campaign promoting the "beverage of moderation."

The public education advertising campaign, entitled "Why We Do It," is intended to "help coalsece the wide range of programs offered by the brewing companies under one thematic umbrella," Sanders stated.

Busch sets tone

The tone of the meeting was set when Busch took the podium. Emphasizing that "nothing is inherently wrong with our product" Busch methodically went through the differences between the alcohol industry and the illegal drug trade that is now rampant in this nation.

Among the points made: beer is legal and has health benefits when taken in moderation, whereas the drug industry is illegal and drugs carry no beneficial characteristics no matter the dosage or frequency; beer is produced legally and the industry employs a great number of workers and pays a large amount of taxes, the drug industry does not pay taxes; and lastly the industry does not promote abuse but responsible consumption.

In relation to this final point, Busch spoke of his company's new Department of Consumer Awareness and Education which will have the dual responsibility of building positive consumer consumption trends and to build public awareness and support of these programs.

Sanders speaks

Sanders also spoke of his group's concern toward the anti-alcohol faction in this nation, and the need to publicize the charitable contributions the industry makes.

"The anti-alcohol lobby is a sophisticated well-organized and educated group," Sanders said. "Their leadership is focused on the strategy of controlling the availability of alcohol beverages.

"They do it with the technique of advocating tax increases," he added, "prices and by reducing consumption."

The Beer Institute president said his group advocates education against abuse, "We don't want customers who abuse our product."

Other speakers at the event were Philip Katz, vice president, research services, Beer Institute; Jeff Becker, director, alcohol issues, and Gary Nateman, vice president and general counsel.

PHOTO : MAJORITY LEADER, U. S. House of Representatives, Richard Gephardt addressed the members of

PHOTO : the Beer Institute at the group's recent meeting while August A. Busch III listens.

PHOTO : LEONARD GOLDSTEIN, new chairman of the Beer Institute, discusses ways in which the

PHOTO : industry can advertise the positive social and economic values of beer while officers

PHOTO : August A. Busch III and Jim Sanders listen.
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Title Annotation:3rd Annual Membership Meeting
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 3, 1989
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