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Bedwear exporters' plea to government.

Bedwear Exporters' Plea to Government

The Pakistan Bedwear Exporters Association welcomed the signing of the memo of understanding in Washington late last month, as it was heartening that bedwear category 360 and 361 will not be charged in 1990 as overshipment, but it will be charged from the group II in 1990. It explained that our quota of category 360 and 361 which is value added item will remain the same but the overshipment would be adjusted against the low valued items.

It was also of great satisfaction that substantial increase in ceiling of man-made fibre apparels to the US would result in increase of our exports of MMF textiles to that country. The Association urged the Government to solve what it said our major problem in category 666 in regard to the question of fibre content in the next round of talks next month. It said that a sizeable quantity of goods of our members were stuck up in the USA Ports as a result further export of bedwear was in doldrums. Besides, the Association said some of the importers were understood planning to go to the courts for injunction for stopping the payments of Letter of Credit to be made to the exporters. The Association urged the caretaker government to solve the pending problems of blend with the US government without delay as this would affect the flow of the textiles to the US.
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Title Annotation:Business Opinion; Pakistan Bedwear Exporters Association
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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